I love magic realism. So much so that pretty much any time I choose a book for my book group, they end up reading something that falls into that category. So of course I pricked up my ears when I heard that the autumn season at Ovalhouse, has a magic realism element at its core.

Keen to find out more about the season, which goes under the name 'Fabulism', I put a few questions to the venue theatre director, Rachel Briscoe. And you can read the interview here.

For more information on the Fabulism season, which runs until late November, see this page here.

Leeds based artist and performer Selina Thompson is known for her playful and interactive works, which focus on the politics of identity, and how they define bodies, lives and environments. Much of her recent output has revolved around food, the body and dieting, but her latest show, 'Dark and Lovely', is all about hair.

It sounds fascinating, revealing and informative, and the moment I heard about it, I wanted to know more. I put some questions to Selina, about the content and aims of the piece. And you can read the interview here.

'Dark and Lovely' is on at Ovalhouse from 8-17 Oct. See this page here for more info and to book tickets.
Shame and Scandal | Albany Deptford | 9-10 Oct
This is a comedy drama about an affluent Jamaican family, and is based on the lyrics of 'Shame and Scandal', the much covered song popularised by the The Wailers; it looks great, because it's got a super cast, and the play is by acclaimed novelist Alex Wheatle. To find out more about the show and to book tickets, see this page here.

A House Repeated | Battersea Arts Centre | 7-24 Oct
Did you read those 'choose your own adventure' books when you were a child? I know I did (my daughter still does), and if you did too, then you might find this show interesting. You might even find it interesting even if you had no interest in the said adventure books, but it is inspired by those, as well as by early computer games, and offers an immersive, interactive performance. Sounds ace, doesn't it? More info and tickets here.

Barenaked Ladies | indigo at the O2 | 9 Oct

When it became clear to me that Barenaked Ladies are currently touring the uk, my brain started seemingly endlessly turning over a number of their classic tracks. The fact that so much of their music makes me feel deeply nostalgic is probably a testament to how old I am getting, but I will cough to it, anyway - this lot helped create the soundtrack to some of the most misspent hours of my youth. Funny, clever and catchy stuff, if by any chance you're not aware of them. More info from right about here.

King Creosote | Barbican | 10 Oct
Talented Fifer Kenny Anderson, better known as King Creosote, heads to the Barbican this week, for a show that I am immensely cross that I can't make it to. Please, therefore, go in my place and enjoy. If you've hitherto not been exposed to the folky, indie sound of this brilliant, Mercury-nominated singer-songwriter, you're missing a treat. So look him up, have a listen, and take in this gig. Info and tickets from this page here.

Paradise Lost (Lies Unopened Beside Me) | The Place | 9-10 Oct (pictured)
Earlier this year, we spoke to Ben Duke of Lost Dog Dance about his one man 'Paradise Lost', and we thought then that it sounded extremely promising. Since we published that Q&A the show, which incorporates theatre, dance and spoken word,  has gone on to receive much critical acclaim, so it seems we were right. See the venue website here for more info and tickets.

The First Man | Jermyn Street | 6-31 Oct

This production of renowned US playwright Eugene O'Neill's 1922 piece 'The First Man' looks promising, and, despite its age, this is the first time it's ever been staged in the UK. Focusing on a married anthropologist couple who have tragically lost their children, it tackles questions of evolution versus creationism, and of man's place in the world. Interestingly, it almost coincides with the Old Vic's production of O'Neill's 'The Hairy Ape', which covers similar themes, so you might want to add that to your diary of upcoming events, too. See more info about 'The First Man' here.

Snow Child | The Albany | 11 Oct
Here's one for the young people in your life, which is probably exactly what you need on a dull October Sunday like this one might be (the forecast looks a bit moody, but you can't really tell so far ahead, can you?). This looks lovely; written by skilled screenwriter and playwright Emma Reeve inspired by Arthur Ransome's adaptation of 'The Little Daughter Of The Snow', it's sounds like a frosty, magical, musical treat. See this page here for more info and to book tickets.

Amy Howerska: Sasspot | Museum of Comedy | 11 Oct (pictured)

I heard lots and lots of people saying highly positive things about Amy Howerska at this year's Edinburgh Fringe, and they were the lots and lots of people that I definitely, definitely, trust. Especially with regard to having an opinion on good comedy acts. "Sasspot contains stories of death, skydivers and Swansea", reads the blurb, which was guaranteed to draw me in. Even if I hadn't heard all those lots and lots of people saying positive things. Info and tickets from right about here.

Tomorrow's Feminists Today | Camden People's Theatre | 11 Oct
This is a little strand of three shows, all running today, all focusing on, and created by, teenage girls. You can buy tickets for just one of the shows, or you can see all three at a discount. They all sound brilliant, and important: it's easy, I think, for those older feminists, with a voice in a national newspaper perhaps, to give out their opinions from the comfort of their laptop without necessarily knowing what's going on out there in the real world; it's vital to listen to the experiences and perspectives of the young. See this link here for more info and tickets.
The Cherry Orchard | Conway Hall | 12 October
One performance only, courtesy of The Conway Collective, of what's described as a unique performance of the Chekhov classic, specially re-imagined for Conway Hall; it has a huge cast, promises to completely transform the venue, and it sounds like the audience will be getting involved too. See this page here for more info and tickets.

A Wolf In Snakeskin Shoes | Tricycle Theatre | 8 Oct-14 Nov (pictured)
Ah, 'Tartuffe'. Back in the day, I could understand this French play. Now my command of the language is a little rusty. So it's a good thing that 'A Wolf In Snakeskin Shoes', a fresh take on Moliere's classic, is in English. Created by award winning playwright Marcus Gardley, it moves the action to a world of fast food tycoons and megachurches, and involves a big glut of talent; familiar TV and West End faces Sharon D Taylor and Lucian Msamati are in the cast, and it's directed by Tricycle's acclaimed artistic director Indhu Rubasingham. See the venue website here for more info and tickets.

Map Of Me | Half Moon Young People's Theatre | 12-17 Oct
This looks like a timely piece for teenagers to absorb, focusing as it does on an emotional story of migration, telling the tale of a young girl fleeing war in her home country. Exploring the effect that such displacement can have on children, it's based on the real life stories of young asylum seekers, and features the considerable talents of Azfa Awad and Rosemary Harris. More info and tickets here.

Playground | Old Red Lion | 13 Oct-7 Nov
You might remember (or you might not) that we did a Q&A not long ago with Peter Hamilton, regarding the production of his acclaimed play, 'Bridlington'. His latest piece 'Playground' reunites the playwright with 'Bridlington' director Ken McClymont, and though it sounds kind of gruesome, it also sounds quite promising. See this page here for info and tickets.

Jessie Cave - I Loved Her | Soho Theatre | 13-17 Oct (pictured)
If you're a fan of those there Harry Potter films you will recognise Jessie Cave from her turn as Lavender Brown, but believe me, you can forget all that right, and start recognising her talents as a live comedy performer instead. This set is vivid, whimsical, and delivered via the medium of stand-up story-telling, shadow puppetry and masks. It's very rare for me to say this, but really - not to be missed. See the venue website here for more info and tickets.

Hannibal Buress - The Comedy Camisado Tour | The Forum | 13 Oct
This US stand up has an impeccable and increasingly starry comedy CV, so if you've not heard of him yet, then something is quite clearly very wrong. He's been a writer on Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock, he's been nominated for an Emmy, and he's done stand up on a host of Comedy Central shows. Oh, and there was that Bill Cosby routine, of course. Anyway, go see him. He's good. Details here.

Song Of Riots | Battersea Arts Centre | 13-17 Oct
This is a multi-media piece incorporating dance, music, poetry, acting and video projection, focusing on two young men from very different backgrounds - one comes from the inner city, the other from a fairy tale land. It's a coming of age story that attempts to explore how boys mature, how they step across the gap into adulthood, and it sounds pretty compelling. See this page here for more info.

Abraham Cruzvillegas - Empty Lot | Tate Modern | 13 Oct-3 Apr

Well, you've got plenty of time to take in this exhibition, no need to all rush over there today; but this is Day 2, and you might as well get in there early. Mexican conceptual artist Abraham Cruzvillegas is providing the inaugural Hyundai Commission, a new series of annual site-specific commissions at Tate Modern, and that's about all I can tell you really, because details are sketchy, though there's some speculation that a big load of soil will be involved. See this page here for not-much-more info.

Emma Sidi - Character Breakdown | Pleasance Islington | 14 Oct-17 Oct (pictured)

This is, I believe, Emma Sidi's first solo show, but it's already received lots of positive reviews and glowing plaudits, plus... I don't know... I just have a feeling that she's going to go far. Great characters, great characterisation, great writing and a great performance. Find out more about the show, and book tickets, right about here.
16 Singers | The Albany | 15-16 Oct
This show has a very specific target audience, so unless you have access to a very small child then maybe go straight onto the next tip: this show has been specially crafted for babies aged 0-18months, and their carers, and puts together movement, rhythm and song to capture the attention of these tiny tots. I think it sounds lovely. And if you miss the Albany performances, there are also performances at ArtsDepot and Stratford Circus later in the month. More info here, book tickets here.

Kieran Hodgson: Lance | Soho Theatre | 13-17 Oct (pictured)

Kieran Hodgson has been around for a while, doing loads of good comedy and appearing on TV and radio, but I feel as though this show marks a bit of a breakthrough, what with it getting a comedy award nomination at the Edinburgh Fringe this year and everything. The Lance of the title is disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong, and it's he that forms the theme of this set, which, I pretty much guarantee you, will be very good. See this page here for more info and tickets.

Massive Dad | Pleasance Islington | 15-18 Oct
We are big fans of Massive Dad, here at TW Towers. In fact, one of our Edinburgh reviewers penned this exact sentence about one of their shows: "Their deconstructionist sketches are a creative tour-de-force, as thread-bare and yet as elegantly and elaborately crafted as the Bayeux Tapestry" And if you're not won over by that assessment, I am honestly not sure what to say. Quick, quick. Get your tickets. Right about here.
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