We've long been aware, here at TW Towers, of the existence of Owen Roberts, James McNicholas and Ciarán Dowd, aka comedy sketch trio Beasts. Their latest show prompted a more than glowing review from one of our discerning writers when she saw it in the summer, so I was pleased to hear it's headed for a short run at the Soho Theatre.

So, on your behalf, I put some questions to the troupe, to find out a bit more about Beasts, and some information about the show. And you can read the interview here.

As they just pointed out, Beasts are on at Soho Theatre from 25-30 Jan. For more information, and to book your ticket, see this page here.

'i know all the secrets in my world', which heads to Watford next week to start a UK tour, sounds amazing. "A play about what happens when speaking is impossible", it's presented by national touring theatre company tiata fahodzi, and it was created by the group's artistic director, Natalie Ibu.

To find out more about the play, and the company behind it, I put some questions to Natalie, ahead of the imminent dates. And you can read the interview here.

'i know all the secrets in my world' is on at West Herts College Watford from 27-30 Jan. See the Watford Palace Theatre website here for more info and to book. The show returns to London in March, see the Albany website here for information on those dates.


Jeepers Creepers | Leicester Square Theatre | 20 Jan-20 Feb
This is a play about late comedy writer and performer Marty Feldman, written by Robert Ross and directed by Terry Jones. Yes, that Terry Jones, off Monty Python. So I can't help thinking this will be pretty good and especially of interest if you're the type that's into all the classic TV comedy. More info and ticket bookery here.

Five Finger Exercise | Print Room | 18 Jan-13 Feb

If you're not aware of it, 'Five Finger Exercise' is one of Peter Shaffer's earliest successful works, which helped establish him as the world class playwright he's generally accepted to be. It tells the story of a young German who takes up a tutoring position in a British household, and by his presence reveals just how dysfunctional the family is. See this page here for more info and to book.

Doppeldänger - scratch | Battersea Arts Centre | 22-23 Jan (pictured)

Just a short and sweet-sounding one, this, from BAC's programme of works in development, lasting just forty five minutes, and the price is pay-what-you-can. And I am intrigued by the idea of it - live music, gothic storytelling, and an exploration of the whole doppelgänger thing, as performed and devised by "real life doppelgängers". See this page here for all the info.


Pierre Tappon/Joel and Pete, with Inky Cloak/The Company | The Place | 23 Jan
Resolution, the UK's biggest festival for the work of emerging dance artists, is underway, and this is one of the many different events you can partake of. It's the event's twenty-seventh year, and in 2016 it features a whopping 78 companies. Those involved with this event all look amazing and original, but I honestly had a hard time choosing which event to recommend to you. So, as well as looking at all the info on this particular evening of entertainment, you should also check out everything else that's happening here.

The Saturday Night Show | The Invisible Dot | 23 Jan
Lots of great nights coming up in The Invisible Dot's Saturday Night Strand, and this is one of them, featuring as it the generally-established-as-being-very-good as well as all-over-your-tv-screens Sarah Pascoe, and TW favourite Mae Martin. Plus Jack Barry, who I am not massively familiar with, but lots of people have told me how good he is. See this page here for more info on this, and other upcoming shows.

The Death Of Social Housing | Camden People's Theatre | 23 Jan (pictured)

Part of CPT's previously mentioned and tipped Whose London Is It Anyway festival, which I keep going back to, because it all looks so interesting. This is a workshop led by very interesting and clever artist Richard DeDomenici, which will culminate with a funeral cortege to mark the effects of gentrification in East London. See this page here for all you need to know.


Festival Of The Spoken Nerd - Just For Graphs | The People's Palace | 24 Jan (pictured)
I love Festival of The Spoken Nerd, they are funny and clever and scientific and, er, graphic. And what's more, they made us some of our own graphs during the Edinburgh Festival this summer. So of course I want to rush along and see them at this one off appearance at The People's Palace. They are ace. To not miss them, follow this link here.

You Tweet My Face Space | Theatre N16 | 24-28 Jan
Given that you all live out so much of your lives via social media these days I thought you might also like to go and see a play about it, especially one with this vaguely amusing title. The content also promises to be amusing - it's described as a "satirical comedy", and it sounds like lots of time and energy has gone into the development of it. See this link here to book your tickets.

The Lighthouse | The Space | 9-31 Jan

Argh, this began earlier in the month and I almost missed it! And it sounds really good and I want to see it! Especially as it's all icy and snowy and Christmassy and I kind of want to claw back what elements I can of Christmas because I am missing it, even though it's my birthday next week and I have plenty to look forward to. Anyway, here it is, the story of two very different, lost people, frozen at the edge of the world... info and tickets here.


Found & Lost | Corinthia Hotel London | 25 Jan-3 Feb (pictured)
Oooh, this sounds exciting. It's a promenade opera - or 'opera installation' - performed in a number of different spaces of a hotel, for an audience of just twelve. It's been developed by composer Emily Hall, and combines specially recorded pieces with live choral singing; it also sounds like much drama will unfold as you follow it round the venue. I want to go! For more info see this page here.

Letting The Light In | Stratford Library | 25 Jan-4 March
This evening sees the start of this fascinating exhibition, a collaboration from Bethlem Gallery, Daily Life Ltd and Outside In. It's a display of the work of thirty five different artists, all of whom have personal experience of mental health issues, and who have created some extraordinary works to illuminate our understanding of said issues. See this page here for more info.

Beasts - Live DVD | Soho Theatre | 25-30 Jan

Ah, the lovely Beasts. Yes, they are lovely AND they are Beasts. And they are heading to the Soho Theatre with the show that earned them much critical acclaim (not least from us) in Edinburgh in the summer. I've a feeling this may be the last such time you can see this particular show, and it really does sound belting, so make sure you don't miss this opportunity. Info and tickets from right about here.


John Robins - Speakeasy | Soho Theatre | 26 Jan-6 Feb (pictured)
John Robins has been gathering five star reviews from our writers up in Edinburgh for years, even back when lots of other publications were, for some utterly inexplicable reason, ignoring him. Thank god for us, eh? And thank god for John Robins. Don't miss your opportunity to see this consummate comedian performing last year's Fringe offering. Here's the link you need.

Springtime For Henry (And Barbara) | Wilton's Music Hall | 26-27 Jan

I can't help thinking this sounds kind of crazy but brilliant - a "fictitious lost musical reconstructed in fragments" about British sculptors Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth. It's the work of two highly acclaimed practitioners - artist Mel Brimfield and composer Gwyneth Herbert - and features a starry cast. More info and ticketry here.

Mafia? | Pleasance Islington | 26-30 Jan
A troupe that, like the aforementioned John Robins, have a fairly long history of eliciting glowing reviews from our Edinburgh team, is Sleeping Trees. They are actually bringing two hilarious and well formed shows to the Pleasance this month, 'Mafia?' is (obviously) one, and 'Western' is the other. And the moral of the story is this: you should definitely see both. See this page here for all the info.


The Story Beast | Soho Theatre | 27-30 Jan (pictured)
John Henry Falle, of well loved sketchsters Beta Males, is the performer behind this well received show, a riot of folkloric, myth-styled storytelling. "Behold his rattle-bag of demented tales, terrifying ritual and unrelenting Anglo-Saxon lolz..." proclaims the show blurb. So, a bit different. But also funny. Get your booking on here.

i know all the secrets in my world | West Herts College Watford | 27-30 Jan
A co-production of Watford Palace Theatre and African theatre ensemble tiata fahodzi, 'i know all the secrets in my world' is a tale of love and bereavement, the story of a father and son coming to terms with the loss of a wife and mother. We've spoken to the writer and director of this piece and I think it will be brilliant. Plus, if you can't make it to Watford, make a date in your diary for early March, when it heads to the Albany following a UK tour. Info and tickets here.

Kite | Soho Theatre | 26 Jan-6 Feb

This sounds like it will be a stunning bit of theatre from well established company The Wrong Crowd. I mean, it involves kites, and everyone loves those, don't they? In this show, one comes to life, and brings hope and adventure to a lonely, stifled little girl. It's a play without words, involving music, dance and puppetry, and it's also suitable for older children (7+) so, a nice thing to see en famille. See this page here for info and to book.


Tenebrae Consort | King's Place | 28 Jan
This critically acclaimed vocal ensemble are the opening act of the weekend-long 2016 London A Cappella Festival, and will be a definite highlight. There's other stuff going on too, though, and I think you should check it all out - as well as concerts, there are workshops and stuff for kids. So, book your tickets for Tenebrae Consort here (you could also order their imminent new album, if you fancy it), and get more info on the whole festival here.

The Restoration Of Nell Gwynn | Park Theatre | 26 Jan-20 Feb (pictured)
This comical, musical piece promises to reinterpret 'national treasure' Nell Gwynn, to offer a celebration of female resilience rather than a judgement of the choices she made to survive. Also has a great cast. See this page here for info and to book.

The Tell Tale Heart | The Glory | 25 Jan-5 Feb
Edgar Allen Poe's classic horror story is given a makeover in this one man show starring acclaimed comedian and drag artist Johnny Woo. The gothic tale turns techno and contemporary, set against the backdrop of addiction, paranoia, and the darker elements of gay existence in modern day London. For more info and ticket links see this page here.
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