Those of you who haven't yet been fortunate enough to catch German stand up Michael Mittermeier in action will get that chance when he heads to Soho Theatre this month for a run of his critically acclaimed show 'Das Blackout'.

He's pretty well known in his native country, and has been making waves over in the US of late, so I thought I'd better put some questions to him now, before he gets too famous and important to talk to me. Read the interview here.

Michael Mittermeier performs 'Das Blackout' at Soho Theatre from 11-17 Apr. See the venue website here for more info and to book tickets.

When our reviewer saw highly regarded theatre troupe The Wardrobe Ensemble's 2015 Edinburgh show '1972 - The Future Of Sex', she was blown away by the play, awarding it it full marks and praising its sparkling script.

Naturally, when I heard the production was headed Shoreditch Town Hall-wards, I was keen to chat to the group about it. I spoke to the company's Tom Brennan, who furnished me with some more detail about the piece. Read the interview here.

The Wardrobe Ensemble's '1972: The Future of Sex' is on at Shoreditch Town Hall from 12-23 Apr. For more information and to book tickets, see the venue website here.

I'm beyond keen to see 'The Passion Of Lady Vendredi', coming up shortly at Soho Theatre, because, well, it sounds totally brilliant. It has a really interesting premise, yet is the kind of thing that's hard to categorise, falling somewhere between performance art, musical, theatre and gig.

To find out more about the show, I had a quick chat with its creator, Nwando Ebizie. Read the interview here.

'The Passion Of Lady Vendredi' is on at Soho Theatre from 12-30 Apr. Follow this link here to find out more and book your tickets.

You read the Goosebumps books when you were younger, didn't you? You might even have read them relatively recently, if you're not bound by that whole 'kids' books are for kids' rule. Either way, wouldn't you relish the chance to attend a live, immersive, interactive performance, based on those RL Stine novels...?

You would? Well, you're in luck, because, as you might already know,  it's happening right now over at The Vaults. To find out more about 'Goosebumps Alive', I put some questions to the director, experienced immersive creator Tom Salamon. Read the interview here.

'Goosebumps Alive' is on at The Vaults from 6 Apr-4 Sep. See this page here for more info and to book.

FRIDAY 8 APRIL 2016 >>

Scenes From 68* Years | Arcola Theatre | 6-30 Apr
Palestinian-Irish playwright Hannah Khalil tells stories of life in Palestine, now and then; you might expect something a bit on the serious side but according to the blurb it's told with what sounds like a fairly heavy dose of black humour, and offers an alternative view of life in the area – family, daily life, rather than the events generally portrayed on the media. Performed by a cast of six in the UK, and one who skypes it in from Palestine. See the venue website here for more info.

Jena Friedman - American C*nt | Soho Theatre | 8-9 Apr
Well, it's that time in the electoral cycle when we all suddenly take more of an interest in US politics, so probably a great time to see a US comedian and filmmaker who specialises in that whole politics thing. The rather dark and acerbic Jena Friedman, who has worked on 'The Daily Show' and 'Letterman' as well as featuring in publications like Newsweek and The Wall Street Journal, heads to Soho Theatre for her London debut. See this page here to book your tickets.

The Beanfield | Battersea Arts Centre | 5-21 Apr (pictured)
This historical re-enactment of The Battle Of The Beanfield – the violent encounter that took place between Wiltshire police and travellers on their way to set up the Stonehenge Free Festival back in 1985 – is part of the previously mentioned A Nation's Theatre Festival, and offers a blend of new writing and documentary footage. A politically charged piece about an incident that's been described as "an act of organised bullying", this play won much acclaim at the Edinburgh Fringe last summer. See this page here for more info.


Crafting At Ally Pally | Alexandra Palace | 9-10 Apr
Whoooooo hooooooo! Craft stuff of all kinds makes its way to Alexandra Palace this weekend for the Crafting At Ally Pally event. I don't know quite why I'm so excited, because I am not able to attend. I should instead be eaten up with jealousy because of all you lucky crafters who will in fact be able to go and browse thousands of craft products from myriad UK sellers. Wah. Here you go, go and get your tickets for craft heaven from online and TV craft stuff retailer Hochanda, this page here

Radioman | Old Red Lion Theatre | 5-30 Apr (pictured)
This is one of those times where I confess that I don't actually quite know what to expect from a show, but I really would like to see it, and so think that you all ought to want to see it too. I believe it's storytelling accompanied by music and a recorded soundscape, and it sounds to me like it will be deeply atmospheric, nostalgic, and touching. See this page here for clarification, information, and to book.

Subterranean Saturday | Conway Hall | 9 Apr
I am fairly drooling at the thought of this afternoon event comprising three talks focusing on the world beneath our feet: subjects for discussion are urban legends of the tube, the folklore surrounding the secret tunnels of England and 'the occult underground'. All sounds thrillingly intriguing to me, and I want to know more. See this page here for info.

SUNDAY 10 APRIL 2016 >>

The Sugar Coated Bullets Of The Bourgeoisie | Arcola Theatre | 7-30 Apr (pictured)
An epic-sounding piece from acclaimed politically-inclined playwright Anders Lustgarten, examining over the course of sixty years the impact of different waves of revolution and change on a village in China. See the venue website here for more info and to book your tickets.

In Our Hands | New Diorama | 10-11 Apr
Just two dates at the New Diorama for this play from emerging (yet award winning) producers Smoking Apples. The company tell the story of a very successful trawler fisherman's whose life is affected by changes to the fishing industry, using their established blend of visual imagery and puppetry. See this page here for all the details.

To Kill A Machine | King's Head Theatre | 7-23 Apr
I think there's quite a thirst for any cultural offering dealing with the life of Alan Turing out there, so no doubt you'll all be interested to hear that this play about the wartime cryptanalyst by Catrin Fflur Huws is headed to the King's Head Theatre this week. The blurb promises a powerful piece which, as well as telling Turing's story, questions the meaning of humanity and the importance of freedom. Follow this link here to book.

MONDAY 11 APRIL 2016 >>

Michael Mittermeier - Das Blackout | Soho Theatre | 11-17 Apr (pictured)
Highly acclaimed German stand-up comedian Michael Mittermeier returns to the UK following a successful foray to American shores last year. He's performing an updated version of a show that's already won him much praise from the critics and a whole lot of love from the general public. Find more info and book your tickets here.

Monday Night Music - URI | Wilton's Music Hall | 11 Apr
The latest act to take part in Wilton's free Monday Night Music sessions is indie-folk-rockster URI, originally from Tel Aviv, now resident in London. He cites the likes of Bon Iver, Bjork, Elliot Smith and Nick Drake as influences, which might give you a vague idea of what to expect. Or you could listen to the track that's available to you on this page here.

Fairy Tales For Grown-Ups | Soho Theatre | 11 Apr
The latest show from storytelling outfit the Crick Crack Club comes from the group's renowned leader, Ben Haggerty. 'The Blacksmith At The Bridge Of Bones' is described as a "dark and full-blooded story of power, knowledge and alchemy, exploring that enduring relationship between a teacher and an apprentice", and will be told, I have no doubt, with Haggerty's customary skill and charm. See the venue website here for all the info.

TUESDAY 12 APRIL 2016 >>

Sceno | Jackson's Lane | 12-13 Apr (pictured)
This new Finnish show created by Sakari Männistö showcases acrobatic movement, strongman tricks and juggling in its examination of the beauty of human capability – the things we can do, and the things that we fail to do. It's part of the ongoing CircusFest 2016, so you might also want to take a look at what else is on, but to book your tickets for this particular show, click this link here.

Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On | Capstan House | 12-23 Apr
Highly respected amateur theatre group Sedos present a fascinating-sounding immersive production taking Shakespeare's final play 'The Tempest' as their jumping off point. It's set on a lost and forgotten island, features the back-to-life character of Shakespeare himself, and is to be staged in a building in Docklands. See this page here for lots more info, and to book tickets.

Low Level Panic | Bread and Roses Theatre | 12-30 Apr
It would seem that Clare McIntyre's award winning 1988 play examining the objectification, fear and challenges that young women face on a daily basis is even more relevant than it was back in the eighties, which is not just sad, it's angry-making. So, a timely revival of this warm, dark comedy. Follow this link to the venue website for details.


1972 - The Future Of Sex | Shoreditch Town Hall | 12-23 Apr
This show from the award-winning and much praised Wardrobe Ensemble was a huge success in Edinburgh last summer, and made a huge impact on our own reviewer who declared it to be "blissful, colourful, multi-sensory magic". The show explores sex, gender, and the changes historical context can make to sexual identity. See this page here to book your tickets.

The Passion Of Lady Vendredi | Soho Theatre | 12-30 Apr
This looks amazing, so don't miss it. Lady Vendredi – the alter-ego of performance artists Nwando Ebizie – is a "mythopoetic super heroine and vodou priestess popstar from another dimension" who stars in this piece exploring themes of freedom and control, personal gods and demons, censorship and intimacy. It's a musical theatre production featuring tracks from a new EP, to be launched alongside these performances, which has been supported by the likes of Four Tet and Gilles Peterson. See the venue website here for more info and to book.

Martha McBrier - Pigeon Puncher | Museum Of Comedy | 13 Apr (pictured)
Glaswegian comedian Martha McBrier brings the critically-loved treat that is 'Pigeon Puncher' to London this week, for one night only, so get your skates on and book your tickets. A warm, charismatic and funny storyteller, she will charm you with her bizarre  and hilarious anecdotes –  about accidentally killing her friend's budgie, for example... See this page here for details.


The Barry Wise Tour Of Soho | Soho Square | various dates, Apr
This promenade performance through the streets of Soho has already won acclaim for its blend of immersive theatre, hilarious comedy and razor sharp improvisation. Brought to you by the combined talents of Oliver Britton and Charles Shetcliffe, who offer an exhilarating adventure through the Dean Street area... hip flask of rum and coke optional, book your tickets here.

Patrick Monahan - The Disco Years | Leicester Square Theatre | 14-18 Apr (pictured)
Very, very much a TW favourite, is Patrick Monahan. Our reviewers always love him, and in the end, we grew so fond of him, we gave him an award, just for existing. And here he is, performing in London, with his brand new show 'The Disco Years'. It will be brilliant, because he is brilliant. Go here for info and to book.

Wendy Hoose | Soho Theatre | 12 Apr-7 May
You might well think this might be quite rude, judging from the publicity images and the blurb, but in fact it's clever, well constructed and it's been a bit of a hit up north (yes, at the Edinburgh Fringe). Well regarded Scottish theatre companies Birds of Paradise and Random Accomplice are behind this tale of two young people looking for love in all the wrong places. See the venue website here for more info and to book.
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