Interactive theatre creators Coney have been responsible for some truly modern, innovative and clever stuff, so I always prick up my ears when I hear they've got something new in the pipeline.

Next week they'll begin a run of one of their latest theatrical experiences, 'Remote', over at Camden People's Theatre. To find out more about the show, and chat a bit about the company, I spoke to executive producer Becki Haines. Read the interview here.

'Remote' is on at Camden People's Theatre from 19-30 Apr. See this page here for details and to book.

Stuart Goldsmith – comedian, podcaster, former street performer – first came to our attention, as many comedy acts do, with his Edinburgh Festival shows. He's impressed our reviewers, and everyone else's, too, with his clever, well constructed comedy sets, and built a devoted following for his podcast interviews.

Next week, he heads to the Soho Theatre for two dates of his first ever UK tour. I put some questions to Stuart, to find out more about this show, and his career in general. Read the interview here.

Stuart Goldsmith performs 'An Hour' at Soho Theatre from 21-23 Apr. See the venue website here to book your tickets.

I'm fascinated by the sound of 'Confluence', musician Adrian Lever's multi-genred performance blending improvised piano with multi media art forms, all inspired by common themes.

He's a very busy man, by the sound of things, but luckily for me, managed to find time for a chat. I put some questions to Adrian, to learn about the show, his career, and the nature of improvised music. Read the interview here.

'Confluence' is on at The Cello Factory from 16-17 Apr. See this page here for details and booking info.

The latest production scheduled to open over at Tristan Bates Theatre is Chips Hardy's 'Blue On Blue', a piece about a wounded army veteran who is living in a small flat with his highly strung nephew, which features among its small cast an actual wounded army veteran.

To find out more about the play I spoke to the director, all round creative and film-maker Harry Burton. Read the interview here.

'Blue On Blue' is on at Tristan Bates Theatre from 19 Apr-14 May. See this page here for details and to book.

FRIDAY 15 APRIL 2016 >>

Physical Justice | Stratford Circus Arts Centre | 15-16 Apr
It's described as "rebellious dance from London's most provocative choreographers", and I am not sure I can sell this any better than that one sentence. Political, cutting edge and thought-provoking, East London Dance's weekend event includes four separate performances tied together by the poetry of Caleb Femi, as well as workshops and dicussions. See this page here for info and to book tickets.

Darknet | Southwark Playhouse | 14 Apr-7 May
I am a bit intrigued by the dark web and things like data transparency but I never have time to read up on it all. Maybe going to see this show will shed some light on it all for me. Yet even if it didn't, the play sounds extremely compelling and pretty topical. Plus, it's from an established team, writer Rose Lewenstein and director Russell Benson. Follow this link here to book your tickets.

The Man In The Woman's Shoes | Tricycle Theatre | 4-23 Apr (pictured)
I'm a bit late with this one, really, and I am quite sure how I missed it. But I did. Still, better late than never. Mikel Murfi's one man show about a cobbler's journey to and from work may sound like it's based on pretty dull subject matter, but the response it's got has been pretty much universally positive, with critics and audience members throwing out phrases like "tour de force", "modern classic" and "total magic". I'd book as soon as humanly possible if I were you. Go here, now.


Mummy | Tristan Bates Theatre | 15-16 Apr
I keep trying to work out who award winning creative Amy Gwilliam reminds me of. I think it might be January Jones, but it also might just be Amy Gwilliam. She is the writer and performer behind this show, which is on as part of TBTs festival of solo performances, First 2016, and is a funny but no doubt also poignant play about a young woman dealing with loss. See the venue website here to book your tickets.

Confluence | The Cello Factory | 16-17 Apr (pictured)
The brainchild of musician Adrian Lever, 'Confluence' is a fusion of solo improvised piano and multi-media visual arts which draws its inspiration from the waterways and coastlines of East Anglia, where the artists hail from. There's an opportunity to view the artworks ahead of the performance element, but I think absorbing the full combination will be a real treat. See this page here for booking info.

Double Bill - Pinta by Zero Gravity & WHS and Wiredo by Hanna Moisala | Jackson's Lane | 15-16 Apr
This offering is part of the previously tipped Circusfest 2016 festival, and, as the title clearly suggests, this is a double bill. They are both one person performances: the first focuses on vertical rope acrobatics, and is performed by aerial acrobat Salla Hakanpää, the second, from Hanna Moisala, uses tightwire, and draws on the Japanese art of Kinbaku. Follow this link here for info and to book.

SUNDAY 17 APRIL 2016 >>

Light Up | Roundhouse | 16-17 Apr
Aaaaand it's yet another recommendation (I think I have done three altogether) for something that's on as part of Circusfest events. I feel really worried that you all think that circus is just clowns and ringmasters and stuff, and so I think it's important you take advantage of all these opportunities to immerse yourself in the genre. This one comes from a talented bunch of youngsters (I must be old now that I have started saying 'youngsters') and combines circus with spoken word, parkour and 'digital wizardry'. See the venue website here for info.

Grass | ArtsDepot | 17 Apr
One for the kids, this, but you know, that's a good thing, because it's Sunday. As you might expect, it takes grass as a starting point and encourages children to explore its little inhabitants – worms, slugs, snails, ants. Dancing, insect facts, puppetry and projection – sounds like just the sort of thing that my dear daughter would have loved when she was a little younger. It looks like it might be selling out pretty quickly, though, so get your skates on. Here's your link.

John & Fiona York - Four Hands, One Piano | King's Place | 17 Apr (pictured)
I am rather fond of seeing people duet on the piano. Not sure why. Perhaps it seems unusual because pianists often seem like slightly isolated creatures, sitting apart from the rest of the orchestra all the time. Anyway, on this occasion, we may enjoy the combined talents of John and Fiona York, appearing as part of the London Chamber Music Sundays line up, who will perform some Holst, Schubert and Ravel favourites. See this page here for details and to book.

MONDAY 18 APRIL 2016 >>

Your Ever Loving | Theatre N16 | 18 Apr-5 May (pictured)
Theatre N16 always has great looking stuff coming up and this show is no exception. This play from journalist, writer and Royal Court Writers' Group alumnus Martin McNamara examines the story Paul Hill and the Guildford four, famously wrongly convicted of involvement in the Guildford and Woolwich bombings. 'Your Ever Loving' uses as its source, a series of letters Paul Hill sent to his mother and other family members during the course of his imprisonment. Book your tickets here.

Theatre In The Pound | Cockpit Theatre | 18 Apr
If you haven't been along to one of Cockpit Theatre's regular evening devoted to short pieces of new writing, then it's probably about time you did. It's a not for profit event offering a platform for artists to develop their work and gain useful support and freedom, and (as indicated by the title) it will only cost you the measly sum of one of your earth pounds to attend. See the venue website here for more info.

Hector Vs The Future Episodes 1+2 | Etcetera Theatre | 18 Apr
According to the blurb, 'Hector Vs The Future' is a "brand new radio-style podcast sitcom" to be recorded in the presence of a live audience (which will obviously include you, should you choose to go). It's set in a museum of obsolete technology, which is threatened with closure because of the Uptodateum across the road. Sounds funny and promising, yes, but the thing that fills me with confidence is the fact that this is from a very talented team, headed by Casual Violence star James Hamilton. You want to follow this link here.

TUESDAY 19 APRIL 2016 >>

Shakespeare 400 | National Theatre | 19-22 Apr
There are loads of events celebrating the bard this year, it being the 400th anniversary of the bard's shuffling off the mortal coil (see what I did there?) and this is one of them, the National Theatre's four day programme of events, talks and discussions. If you are a Shakespeare aficionado, or if you want to learn more about him, I'm sure there's something here for you. Follow this link here for info on what's happening.

Remote | Camden People's Theatre | 19-30 Apr
The very excellent Coney, a theatre ensemble which specialises in interactive theatre that effectively engages with its audiences, head to CPT this week with a new piece about the future, freedom of choice, and whether we actually have freedom of choice. Never miss anything this lot do, if you can help it. Go here to book your tickets.

Phil Jerrod - Neanderthal | Soho Theatre | 19-20 Apr (pictured)
'Neanderthal' was Phil Jerrod's first hour long show, and received oodles of critical praise when he first debuted it back in 2014, and performed it up at EdFringe last summer. He's got a big beard, but don't make the mistake of thinking that he is all beard. He is clearly at least 79% wit, intelligence, passion, and cynicism. Expect reasoned, ranty diatribes about the state of British society. My kind of comedian. See this page here.


I Am Thomas - A Brutal Comedy With Songs | Wilton's Music Hall | 20-30 Apr (pictured)
This piece has a great pedigree – it's a collaboration from award winning poet Simon Armitage, Told by an Idiot, National Theatre Scotland, and Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh – and it's had great reviews, too, so I think this is very much a safe bet. The show sheds light on the story of Thomas Aikenhead, the last person in Britain to be hanged for blasphemy, but it's far from a straightforward narrative. See this page here to find out more.

Shakespeare In Shoreditch | various venues | 20-30 Apr
Remember yesterday, when I said that there are loads of Shakespeare related events taking place this year because of the anniversary of the playwright's passing (yeah, thought I'd better not go for that whole 'mortal coil' thing again)? Well, here's another, though to be completely accurate, this is a returning bardyfest, which had its first outing back in 2014 with the aim to "straddle the 450th anniversary of Shakespeare's birth and the 400th anniversary of his death". This instalment sees the staging of four new plays inspired by storms, Shoreditch and Shakey. Have a look here for more info.

Mozart & Salieri | Phoenix Artist Club | 20-23 Apr
Anyone for lunchtime opera? I think it's a great time to digest it, and I reckon this will be a great, immersive production of Rimsky-Korsakov's rarely performed 'Mozart & Salieri', which is based on Alexander Pushkin's play of the same name, which charts the legend that Salieri offed Mozart because he was jealous. Get thee to this page here for all the info and to book.


Stuart Goldsmith - An Hour | Soho Theatre | 21-23 Apr (pictured)
The very excellent Stuart Goldsmith brings this much acclaimed stand up set to the Soho Theatre as part of his first ever proper UK tour, which is rather pleasing, because we are serious fans of the comedian here at TWHQ. He's an Edinburgh veteran of long standing, and many of our reviewers have fallen for his extremely sharp wit, and of course his rather good and successful podcast series 'The Comedian's Comedian'. Go here for all the details.

Elegy | Donmar Warehouse | 21 Apr-18 Jun
This new play from award winning writer Nick Payne (of 'Constellations' fame) is set in a near future where medical science has advanced to the point where lives can be significantly extended. This exploration of a world "where the brain is no longer a mystery to us" focuses on three women who have had to choose between love and survival. Sounds intriguing. See the venue website here for all the gen.

The Three Musketeers | The Proud Archivist | 21-24 Apr
This seems ambitious, but I expect it will work out well – four actors playing thirty roles, two hours of swashbucklery, romance and politics, with a healthy dash of restoration comedy. It's a classic tale , brought to you by a capable young company, Cyphers, so I think you can expect this to be great. See the group's website here for more info and this page here to book tickets.
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