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Caro Moses
Editor, ThreeWeeks Edinburgh and ThisWeek London
Kid Carpet hasn't been to the Fringe before, but we have been fans of his for years, having tracked his work as a musician and entertainer outside of this here Edinburgh bubble. So as soon as we heard he was headed to Summerhall this summer, we knew we had to set aside the time to see his show, a theatrical collaboration with fellow creative Vic Llewellyn.

It's a really interesting-sounding project, so we also decided to set aside the time for a chat to get to the bottom of what 'The Castle Builder' is all about. Read the interview here.

'The Castle Builder' is on at Summerhall from 3-28 Aug.

Jinx Yeo is very much an Edinburgh newcomer, and is headed over to Scotland all the way from Singapore, the first person from that specific area of the world, I'm assured, to stage a comedy show at the Edinburgh Festival.

To celebrate his inaugural Fringe experience, we thought we'd let him tell us a bit about his favourite Asian comedians, so that you will know, now and in the future, exactly which Asian acts to keep your eyes peeled for when traversing the comedy festivals of the world. Read Jinx's exclusive column here.

Jinx Yeo performs ‘A+ Underachiever’ at Laughing Horse @ Southside from 4-28 Aug
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The latest new work to head over to the Old Red Lion Theatre is 'The Past Is A Tattooed Sailor', a fictionalised account of historical events concerning the family of its writer, Simon Blow. It's set in a long gone world of wealth, glamour and eccentric characters.

To find out more about the play, and what inspired him to tell this story, I spoke to Simon ahead of the upcoming run. Read the interview here.

'The Past Is A Tattooed Sailor' is on at The Old Red Lion Theatre from 2-28 Aug. See the venue website here for more info and to book.

FRIDAY 29 JULY 2016 >>

Celebration, Florida | Canada Water Culture Space | 29-30 Jul
We're always interested in work by Greg Wohead (and in fact we interviewed him not so long ago about his Elvis-related show 'Comeback Special') and this performance sounds just as intriguing as his previous outings. Exploring the themes of surrogacy – "a stand-in to replace a person you miss, a re-creation of an experience you can't stop thinking about, nostalgia for a place that never existed" – the show sees Wohead speaking to the audience via a pair of performers who will know almost nothing about the show before they walk on-stage. If you're piqued, have a look at this page here.

Extravaganza Macabre | Battersea Arts Centre | 26 Jul-26 Aug
I'm a sucker for anything with 'extravaganza' in the title. And a sucker for anything with 'macabre' in the title also, come to think of it. And this is described as "A Tale of Villainy & Valour in Victorian London". Fabulous. And it's to be performed at Battersea Arts Centre's new open-air courtyard theatre. Can this get any better? No, you're right, it can't. Head right this way to book your tickets.

Torch | New Diorama | 29 Jul (pictured)
I'd already heard about this one on the Edinburgh grapevine before I realised it was doing this preview at New Diorama, and I expect it to be one of the more successful shows up north in August. It's from acclaimed up and coming playwright Phoebe Eclair-Powell, and it stars Jess Mabel Jones, who you might have seen in the much loved and acclaimed 'Backstage In Biscuitland'. It's a play that explores what it means to be a woman, and has been created by an all female team, which is what I like to hear. See the venue website here for info.

SATURDAY 30 JULY 2016 >>

Giants and Lolly Adefope | Battersea Arts Centre | 30 Jul
A double bill of hot edfringe preview action for you here, featuring acclaimed up and comer Lolly Adefope with her second hour of character comedy, and sketch comedy troupe Giants, for whom expectations are pretty high, despite their newcomer status. For more info and to book, step right this way.

David O'Doherty et al | National Maritime Museum | 30 Jul
Argh, almost completely forgot to remind you all to head to the Greenwich Comedy Festival this week, and now it's almost over. I hope you remembered it by yourself, but if not, rectify the situation by heading over there ASAP to see the great line-up of acts performing today. David O'Doherty is top-billed but the rest are also awesome – Rob Delaney, Richard Herring and Ed Gamble. See this link here for info.

The Tempest For Young People With Autism | Southbank Centre | 29-31 July (pictured)
This is a specially-produced staging of the Shakespeare play tailored to the needs of young people with autism, specifically those aged ten and upwards. Only a small number of viewers can be admitted (though each can be accompanied by two adults) and it sounds as though they are able to interact with the performers. Great that stuff like this happens, frankly. See the venue website here for more info.

SUNDAY 31 JULY 2016 >>

Sooz Kempner – A Bit Of A Character | Museum Of Comedy | 31 Jul (pictured)
Rather good comedian Sooz Kempner is the purveyor of today's edfringe preview offering of her third Edinburgh solo show, another collection of four characters, one of whom is definitely not based on her estranged father. Expect much fun, original songs and incredible singing. Book your tickets here.

Lazy Town Live | Artsdepot | 31 Jul
I have to be honest, 'Lazy Town' gives me the absolute creeps, and I've actively discouraged my offspring from ever watching it when I was present, but, hey, it's the summer holidays, and your kids need distracting. Plus I bet this live version is more fun than the TV show, it promises to be "non-stop, interactive and energetic", and it's presented by a very reputable bunch. Head this way for more info.

OMG Keats! 16 Monumental Mash-up | Keats House | 31 Jul
Hurrah, an open air event, hopefully the weather will hold (and, as the organisers point out, you are more than welcome to bring a blanket). This co-production from Jackson's Lane and Keats House is a Heritage Lottery project, and presents a mixture – or, as it's called, mash-up – of young people's responses to Keats in the form of contemporary spoken word, poetry, theatre, circus, music, and dance pieces. Free, but you need to book, so see this page here.


Curses | Camden People's Theatre | 1-3 Aug
Hurrah, the Camden Fringe has begun, and that means lots of great stuff upcoming. This is my first choice, I think, from the bounty that's on offer and it sounds fun: "Fab and Evie have less than an hour to save the world. Fab is cursed with knowing the future but never being believed, and this time he has predicted the Apocalypse. But if they can break the curse, maybe the world won't have to end after all". Agree with me? Get your information here.

Zoe Coombs-Marr – Trigger Warning | Soho Theatre | 1-2 Aug (pictured)
The award winning Zoe Coombs Marr was much praised for last year's first outing as alter-ego Dave, and now she's back with a second instalment, so that's rather good news, isn't it? After dealing with the fallout from the first show, Dave's gone all Gaulier, so serious clowning and mime is on the cards. Excellent. See the venue website here for details.

Ya'akobi and Leidental | Etcetera Theatre | 1-5 Aug
It looks like this is a Camden Fringe show too, though I didn't actually realise that when I selected it, so that just shows you how alluring Camden Fringe is. This one is by the late great Israeli dramatist Hanoch Levin, translated by Shir Freibach, so you can count on the writing to be good, and it's a "grotesque comedy", in which a pair of best friends put their relationship to the test when they end up in pursuit of one woman. See this page here for info.


When Harlem Met Kenya | Cockpit Theatre | 2 Aug
your latest instalment from Camden Fringe is an original play developed from a poem called 'Harlem', written and directed by award winning creative Jahmar Ngozi. "Set in the Harlem Renaissance, a beautiful African girl causes a stir in the city and captures the heart of a poet. As creative characters of the community co-exist New York springs to life with music, poetry and ideas!" I think that sounds lovely, and I expect you do to, so head this way for details.

Finger In The Pie's Wunderfinger | London Wonderground | 2+16 Aug (pictured)
You've got two nights only to see this fabulously anarchic and unpredictable late night cabaret show, which promises disarmingly sexy mimes and grotesque surreal madness from a host of badly behaved acts led by legend of the scene, Baby Lame. For more info and to book see the London Wonderground website here.

Untranslatable | The Space | 2-13 Aug
This sounds like it will be a very analytical piece: the intimate examination of a relationship between two people, a portrait of love and the depiction of the small but significant moments that occur between lovers, asking the question "what are the things that keep us together and what are the things that tear us apart?" See this page here for more.


The Collector | The Vaults Theatre | 2-28 Aug
This adaptation of the John Fowles novel of the same name makes its way to the atmospheric Vaults Theatre this week (we are contractually obliged to refer to The Vaults as 'atmospheric') boasting a cast with some significant TV appearances on their CVs. The play tells the story of a lonely butterfly collector who becomes obsessed with a beautiful art student, and is a tense psychological thriller. For more info see this page here.

Worst Case Scenario | Cockpit Theatre | 3-6 Aug (pictured)
Our latest choice from the veritable banquet currently on offer courtesy of Camden Fringe is 'Worst Case Scenario, a comedy devised by a company of world performance students at the East15 Acting School in 2015. It sounds like it has an odd, dream-like narrative, as the fate of the last surviving dodo is decided by a community of animals – and that seems fascinating. Head this way for more detail.

Rory Scovel | The Invisible Dot | 1-4 Aug
US comedian Rory Scovel makes his UK debut at The Invisible Dot this week, and I reckon he is a talent definitely worth checking out, as he's been the subject of much praise and acclaim in his home country, and has clocked up a number of significant support gigs and TV appearances. Quick, book your tickets here, before you can't afford him any more.


Spitting Image | King's Head Theatre | 2-27 Aug
This revival of Colin Spencer's 1968 satire of bigotry and biology promises to reimagine the play for a "whole new generation". It tells the story of pregnant Gary, having a baby with his long term lover Tom, coping with this 'miracle' and the uproar it's caused. Will it tear the couple apart? Book some tickets if you want to find out, see this page here to do so.

Before It Starts | Camden People's Theatre | 4-7 Aug (pictured)
Inspired by true stories about bullying, this sounds like a fairly bold and unflinching look at its subject matter – the story of a schoolgirl dealing with her own "controversial" sexuality and the response it elicits from her peers – but one that's also tempered with physical theatre, comedy and wit. It's another show that's part of that there ongoing Camden Fringe, see the venue website here for all the details.

Josie Long and Elf Lyons | Cutty Sark Studio Theatre | 4 Aug
Cutty Sark has embarked on its second pre-Edinburgh comedy fest, and this is one listing that very much caught my eye, because we have been Josie Long fans pretty much since pre-historic times, and although we haven't known Elf Lyons for as long, we have been very impressed by her output in recent times and possessed of the opinion that she really does have that "something". Head this way for more info.
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