Hello everybody! September is upon us once again, and here we go with our first post-Edinburgh edition of the TW Weekly.

Though I'll be tipping plenty of shows in London based on our three weeks at the Fringe, with so many great productions we enjoyed at the Festival now heading to the capital in the next month or two, not least Sarah-Louise Young whose brilliant show 'La Poule Plombée' is in London in the next week, and who I chat to in Caro Meets this week.

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Caro Moses
Editor, ThisWeek London
To celebrate 21 years of ThreeWeeks covering the Edinburgh Festival, we launch our all-new TW:TALKS podcast by interviewing five former cover stars. This week, Susan Calman, who appeared on the cover of ThreeWeeks back in 2010.

Hear Susan discuss her disastrous first year at the Fringe and how things have got much better since; plus pigeon-holing in comedy, and the impact Netflix and Amazon is having on the industry.

The latest edition of TW:TALKS will go live later today right here.
Our admiration for the amazing actor and cabaret veteran Sarah-Louise Young is pretty long standing. She first stole our hearts with her acclaimed solo cabaret shows in Edinburgh, which led to our decision to give her one of our ThreeWeeks Editors' Awards; but she does loads of other stuff too – she performed in a highly rated play at the Fringe this summer, for example, and performs with much loved improv musical troupe Showstoppers.

She and her equally brilliant collaborator Michael Roulston are set to perform one of their new shows, 'La Poule Plombée', at London Wonderground next week, and I thought it was about time we caught up with her, to find out more about this show, the other shows, and her career in general. Read the interview here.

Sarah-Louise Young performs 'La Poule Plombée' at London Wonderground on 6 Sep. See the venue website here for details.


Steen Raskopoulos – You Know The Drill | Soho Theatre | 2-3 Sep (pictured)
We have had our beady eye on the much lauded and award-winning/nominated Steen Raskopoulos ever since, back in 2014, one of our review team up in Edinburgh gave him a five star review. Unfortunately, we didn't get a chance to see this particular show when it was on at Underbelly this summer, which is gutting, because I've heard much to suggest that it's brilliant. Thank goodness for the chance to see it now. See the venue website here for more info.

Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again | Shoreditch Town Hall | 31 Aug-2 Sep
This, on the other hand, is a show we did see this summer in Edinburgh, and which also got a five star review. To be fair, one might expect a high standard from this production of Alice Birch's acclaimed play, given that, as established, it's an acclaimed play, produced by the RSC, and features a talented cast. Head this way to book your tickets.

Britten In Brooklyn | Wilton's Music Hall | 31 Aug-17 Sep
This has quite a lot of familiar TV faces in it, but that's not why I'm attracted to the notion of seeing it, it just sounds like a very interesting subject for a play. As the title explains, it's focused on Benjamin Britten – but also WH Auden, Carson McCullers and Gypsy Rose Lee – on the eve of World War II, and is by acclaimed playwright Zoe Lewis. See this page here for more info.


Analogue – Sleepless | Shoreditch Town Hall | 1-14 Sep
Gosh, seems like only yesterday I was recommending something on at Shoreditch Town Hall. Oh, right, yes, that's because it was. And it's a trend that's set to continue, looking at all the good stuff they have on over the coming weeks. 'Sleepless' is inspired by the true story of a horrible genetic disease that causes complete sleep deprivation, leading to death, and sounds both fascinating and exciting. See this page here for all the info.

Lucy, Lucy And Lucy Barfield | Greenwich Theatre | 3-4 Sep (pictured)
I added this to the tip-list weeks and weeks ago, entirely unaware that this interesting sounding piece was headed up to Edinburgh for a full Fringe run. So it was greatly pleasing when the reviewer we sent to see it declared it to be brilliantly written and performed, and also described it as "life-affirming". Created by Lucy Grace, it's the story of one Lucy in search of another – specifically Lucy Barfield, the Lucy that CS Lewis dedicated 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe' to. See this link here for details.

The Kremlin Hostages – Propaganda And Justice In Russia | Soho Theatre | 3 Sep
This sounds serious, and that's because it is – it's a one-off accompaniment to the previously recommended show 'Burning Doors' from Belarus Free Theatre, who are dedicated to exploring and discussing serious issues, be they political, social, or artistic. Featuring some great speakers, this event is definitely one for those interested in justice and human rights. And that must be pretty much everyone, surely? See the venue website here to find out more.


Monstersaurus | Jackson's Lane | 4 Sep (pictured)
I think it's about time I recommended something with a younger audience in mind, and this looks great. Big Wooden Horse, the company behind that much praised adaptation of 'Aliens Love Underpants', are also behind this, which is about a young inventor and the monsters he creates. Expect something slick and engaging for kiddies aged three and up. See the venue website here for info.

Zoe Coombs Marr – Trigger Warning | Soho Theatre | 30 Aug-10 Sep
I recommended this one when it was on ahead of its run up at the Edinburgh Fringe, and I'm recommending it again now, on its way back, not least because since the last time I recommended it, it got a nomination for the Edinburgh Comedy Award, which is quite major, and definitely a marker of a certain degree of quality. You've got a few dates to catch it, but don't let it slip through your fingers, click on this link immediately to book your tickets.

Think No Evil Of Us – My Life With Kenneth Williams | King's Head Theatre | 4-11 Sep
David Benson revives the one man show that won him a Fringe First award back in 1996, in honour of its twenty year anniversary. This is another show that was on up at the Edinburgh Festival this summer, and although I didn't catch it this time, I'm sure it's as good as ever. Head this way for more info and to sort out your tickets.


Nazeem Hussain – Hussain In The Membrane | Soho Theatre | 5-17 Sep
Nazeem Hussain just completed an acclaimed run up in Edinburgh, though this is actually a different show from the one he performed there. That said, he is very funny, politically incisive, has done lots of TV and radio, and also been nominated for a number of awards at home in Australia. So don't tell me this is going to be a waste of your time. Cos it aint. See this page here for more info.

Hannah Sanders And Ben Savage | Green Note | 6 Sep
If you are a fan of soft and pure-sounding folky stuff with UK roots but US influences (yes, quite specific, I agree) then this ought to appeal to you. Hannah Sanders and Ben Savage are launching what I believe is their first album together (though I think Savage might have produced some of Sanders' acclaimed earlier work). Either way, these guys are purveyors of quality folk sounds so have a look here if you are interested.

Nish Kumar Et Al | The Good Ship | 5 Sep
Like the aforementioned Nazeem Hussain, Nish Kumar has been up in the Scottish capital this summer performing a show which won him a second Edinburgh Comedy Award nomination. Tonight you can see this quality comedian at work alongside a rather promising line up that includes Ben Van Der Velde, Bilal Zafar, and Brian Damage and Krysstal. Head this way for more info.


Two Man Show | Soho Theatre | 6 Sep-1 Oct
It looks like we have an EdFest 2016 related trio for you today. I didn't necessarily intend it, but that's how it turned out. First up, award-winning, critically lauded theatrical duo RashDash, with the show that impressed everyone this summer, including our reviewer, who coughed to the fact that it provoked a tear. A brave admission, and an indication of just how affecting this show is. See the venue website here for more info and to book.

Cabaret Whore Presents... La Poule Plombee | London Wonderground | 6 Sep (pictured)
And so to more award-winning stuff, this time in the cabaret category. 'La Poule Plombee' won a Stage Award at the Fringe this summer, and its not the first time that the team behind it – the long term partnership of performer Sarah-Louise Young and accompanist Michael Roulston – have won awards. Gosh, I used the word awards a lot in this, didn't I? Anyway, don't miss this performance, it's a very, very five star show. For all the details, head this way.

Tank | New Diorama | 6-10 Aug
And finally, another show from this year's Fringe that really impressed one of our reviewers, who described it as "a smart, engaging, well-performed show about how stories are told". Taking NASA's 1960s experiment to teach dolphins to speak English as its subject, it tries to reconstruct the truth of what happened, and analyse the we we interpret things and the politics of language. See this page here for info.


Christeene – Trigger | Soho Theatre | 2-17 Sep (pictured)
Raw, scary-looking, filthy and revolutionary. If you haven't witnessed Paul Soileau's genderqueer "drag terrorist" then it's probably about time you did. Just head straight over to the Soho Theatre website and read all the reviews about this act, which quite clearly speak for themselves. Then book your tickets, obviously.

Two Short Plays About Gays | The Hope Theatre | 6-24 Sep
You know us (well, maybe), we are suckers for short plays, which might be something to do with our limited internet era attention spans. To be fair, we are actually capable of reading books, and stuff. But I digress. Here are two short plays, which, you'll have deduced, have gay themes. One is a brand new piece, Middle Aged Rent, about a teenager in eighties London, the other is 'The Diva Drag, "a bitter sweet story of love and (possible) reconciliation". Click this link for info.

Travesty | New Diorama | 6-10 Aug
Another show direct (probably) from the Edinburgh Fringe for you now, and this is a debut play from award nominated comedian Liam Williams, which had a run at that aforementioned Festival in summer 2016. "This is a play about gender", runs the blurb, "the ethical dimensions of modern love, and a mandatory sillier third thing to make the thing seem less serious, in this case lemon tart". Mmm, Lemon Tart. See this page here for more.


David Quirk – Approaching Perfection | Soho Theatre | 8-10 Sep
Not sure just how close to perfection this show comes because I've not seen it myself, but I've been assured by many that I would love his nervy and anecdotal style of comedy. Plus, he has won lots of awards. And performed this show on the Blundabus. This is gonna be great. Click on this link to book your tickets.

Jess And Joe Forever | Orange Tree Theatre | 8 Sep-8 Oct (pictured)
Coming of age is always a good topic for theatre, and I have high hopes of this particular piece, which is by Zoe Cooper, and was commissioned by Old Vic New Voices. It's about Joe, who is Norfolk born, and Jess, who holidays there with her au pair, and the friendship that develops between them. Have a look at the venue website here for more info.

The Pianist Of Willesden Lane | St James Theatre | 7 Sep-16 Oct
You may have seen it earlier in the year, but if you didn't, this sell out musical theatre piece – based on sole performer Mona Golabek's family history – is back. It tells the true story of Lisa Jura, a young Jewish pianist who dreams of concert hall success, but with the rise of Hitler and the Nazi party, everything is set to change. See this page here for more info.
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