Coming up soon at the New Diorama is 'Plastic Figurines', a play focusing on a young woman and her autistic brother, which won much acclaim when it first toured in the spring of 2015. The talented playwright behind it is Ella Carmen Greenhill , who, you may remember, also wrote 'Made In Britain', which was staged at The Old Red Lion last year.

I spoke to Ella to find out more about the play, the TV screenwriting she's currently engaged in, and what plans she has for the future. Read the interview here.

'Plastic Figurines' is on at New Diorama from 27 Sep-22 Oct, see this page here for details.

If the names Jessica Sedler, Susanna Fiore, Rebecca Shanks and Tara Siddall don't ring a bell, then perhaps you will recognise the name of their critically acclaimed ensemble The Ruby Dolls, whose genre-bending and progressive shows have been impressing audiences since 2009.

They're well known for tackling feminist themes, so it was no surprise to hear they'd be bringing their latest piece, 'The Brides Of Bluebeard' to CPT's Calm Down Dear festival this autumn. I put some questions to the troupe, to find out more about this show, and their work in general. Read the interview here.

'The Brides Of Bluebeard' is on as part of the Calm Down Dear festival at Camden People's Theatre from 24-25 Sep, see the venue website here for info. The Ruby Dolls play further London dates at Shoreditch Town Hall from 29-30 Sep, and at the St James Theatre on 22 Oct.

The brilliant and quirky Rob Auton wowed our reviewer with a performance of his latest show up in Edinburgh in the summer, pronouncing it to be hilarious, poignant and even life-affirming.

This wasn't remotely surprising – we've been fans here at TWHQ for some time, and it's actually not that long since we last spoke to him – but given that he is bringing the aforementioned show to Soho this week, I thought it was a good excuse to send a few questions over to him. So, I did. Read the interview here.

Rob performs 'The Sleep Show' at Soho Theatre from 21-24 Sep, see the venue website here for details.


Son Yambu – Red Hot Rhythms From Cuba | Chickenshed | 23 Sep
Whoo-Hoo! Red hot rhythms from Cuba! Why do I even need to explain why this is in today's recommendations? Here's what they say: "Son is the intoxicating fusion of Spanish and African rhythms from Cuba that gave rise to salsa. Continuing the world famous Buena Vista legacy is this new generation of Cuban musicians who are passionate about celebrating the traditions of the genre whilst giving this irresistible music a contemporary edge." See. How can you resist? Head this way.

Hush Now My Darling | Camden People's Theatre | 23 Sep (pictured)
Another fascinating looking show from the Calm Down Dear festival at Camden People's Theatre. This one offers an exploration of the relationship between maternal instinct and speciesism via the physicalisation through meat products of a small crying baby. Which might sound a bit odd, but I think one could regard this more as performance art than theatre, and I feel sure the result will be something pretty powerful. See this page here for info.

Floyd Collins | Wilton's Music Hall | 21 Sep-15 Oct
A new production of Adam Guettel and Tina Landau's much loved 1996 musical about the titular Floyd Collins, real life US cave explorer, who, in 1925, became trapped underground, sparking an extraordinary (if doomed) rescue attempt that captured the nation. Love the style of the score, which is influenced by Bluegrass, Copland, Stravinski and Gershwin. See the venue website here for more info.


The Brides Of Bluebeard | Camden People's Theatre | 24-25 Sep (pictured)
Ever-excellent cabaret ensemble The Ruby Dolls present their latest show 'The Brides Of Bluebeard' as part of that old Calm Down Dear festival I keep going on about. It's a contemporary take on the Bluebeard story, focusing on themes of power, control and female transgression. Expect something brilliant. And don't worry too much if you can't make it to these dates, they'll be at Shoreditch Town Hall for a couple of nights at the end of the month. See this page here for info.

Femi Temowo – The Music Is The Feeling | Canada Water Culture Space | 24 Sep
Looks like this is turning out to be another tips collection with a bit of a festival feel, as I'm headed back to the previously tipped London African Music Festival for this one. If you know about jazz then you'll no doubt know about Femi Temowo, acclaimed Nigerian-born British jazz guitarist, musical director, producer and broadcaster, and if you have any sense, you'll be dying to head over to Canada Water to hear him play tracks from his new album, 'The Music Is The Feeling'. Head this way for details.

Attached | Stratford Circus | 22-24 Sep
So, to be fair, this one isn't part of a festival, so I am not going to claim it is. It will be spectacular though, so there's that. This fast, funny circus piece is brought to you by Swedish company Magmanus, which is touring the UK for the first time after wowing audiences in mainland Europe. "An elaborate set up of seesaws, flying mats, a curved silver slide, Velcro balls and audience members create a sensational domino effect in the rousing finale", promises the blurb. Sounds great, doesn't it? See the venue website here.


The Girl And The Giraffe | Albany Deptford | 25 Sep
Here's a nice looking show for your little ones this Sunday, featuring every child's favourite animal. Well, okay, not every child's. But I am pretty sure every child in the world likes giraffes, even if they are not actually their very favourite animal. Anyway, I digress. This is the story, as you might have guessed, of the relationship between a girl and a giraffe, which explores themes of well-being and friendship. See this page here for more info.

In Spotlight – Trina and Raam | The Cockpit | 25 Sep
'In Spotlight' aims to offer performance opportunities to emerging London artists, and tonight this pair of upcoming talents present a show of improvised Indian classical dance and music. Trina Roy comes from a family with a long heritage of specialising in dance, and first performed aged three, while Raam Jeganathan is an accomplished veena player. See the venue website here for details.

Emily Rising | Little Angel Theatre | 10 Sep-20 Nov (pictured)
And another show for children, this one for a slightly older target market, I think, and not really the sort of thing to take toddlers to. Anyway, it's by established writer and academic Dan Rebellato and it's the story of Emily (obv), who suddenly finds her feet can't touch the ground. It covers themes appropriate to its aforementioned target audience – growing up, complicated family relationships and overcoming adversity. Head this way for more info.


The Girl Who Married A Dog | Soho Theatre | 26 Sep
Don't be put off by the title (though I expect some of you may be actively piqued by it, as I was) of this storytelling show because it sounds totally brilliant:  "At the northerly point of north, before you reach the point where it's south in every direction, it gets very, very cold. In this snow-blinding place the weirdest, wildest stories are told... fierce, rude, funny and seriously strange." Totally promising, I think you will agree, but only on for one night. Get thy skates on, head this way.

Kandinsky's Quiz Night | New Diorama | 26 Sep
I love a good pub quiz, me. And I am pretty sure that a New Diorama Cafe quiz will fulfil the same quizzing and refreshment requirements that a quiz in an actual pub would, and not only will there be prizes, there will also be free crisps, and you can't say fairer than that. Plus, there's a raffle featuring the sort of theatre-related prizes that you culture-hoovers will love. See the venue website here for info.

Eleanor Tiernan et al | The Good Ship | 26 Sep (pictured)
There's fab Monday night line up headed to at The Good Ship in Kilburn this week, headed by the very excellent Eleanor Tiernan, and featuring Tom Ward, Ed Night, Cally Beaton, Gabriel Ebulue and resident compere Ben Van Der Velde. Miss it at your peril. Book your tickets here.


Larry Dean – Farcissist | Soho Theatre | 27 Sep
For some time now we've been watching the career of Larry Dean, because we think he is brilliant, and very much on the up – in fact, we interviewed him earlier (very early, actually) this year, so if you want to find out some more about him, you could always read it. This time he's performing his award-winning 2016 show 'Farcissist', in which the comedian explores what it means to be him. See the venue website here for more info.

Girls | Soho Theatre | 27 Sep-29 Oct (pictured)
Oops, I've done it again – chosen two things that are both on at the Soho theatre on the same night. Luckily, this one's on for quite a while, so if you are desperate to see the other one, then I guess this can wait. Don't wait too long though, because it looks super. Three young women are kidnapped from home and have their world turned upside down, in this play by Theresa Ikoko that explores enduring friendship and the power of imagination. See this page for details.

Toy Soldier | Jack Studio Theatre | 27 Sep-8 Oct
"I was just doing the job I was sent there for". This new play from Jonathon Crewe tells the story of a servicewoman who is on trial in a UK court, accused of war crimes – the torture and murder of an Iraqi civilian in a military detention centre – questioning the system, and asking if justice can ever really prevail. Should be an insightful look at a difficult issue. See this page here for more.


The We Plays | The Hope Theatre | 27 Sep-15 Oct
You may remember playwright Andrew Maddock from his critical successes 'The Me Plays' and 'In/Out (A Feeling)' and you may even remember reading an interview we did with him about the latter early this year. This latest show is a double bill of monologues, 'Cyprus Sunsets', about a man visiting the titular island following a break-up, and 'Irn Pru', described as "a love letter to the city of Glasgow". See the venue website here for info.

Kindertransport | Chickenshed | 27 Sep-22 Oct
This is based on actual autobiographical accounts from Kindertransport children, and tells the story of a nine year old girl, sent to England to be taken in by a well meaning Englishwoman. The play is set in different time periods, analysing past events and their consequences, and exploring survival and the need to build a new life. See this page here for info.

Give Me Your Skin | Camden People's Theatre | 28-29 Sep (pictured)
As you'd expect from a piece that's part of CPT's excellent Calm Down Dear festival, this has a feminist sort of a theme, offering a "fresh perspective" on gender inequality. The show "encourages the audience to actively resist stereotypes, moving out of the realm of discourse and into the mode of action". Which is good. Head this way for details.


Fagin's Twist | The Place | 28 Sep-15 Oct
Avant Garde Dance Company present this rather interesting take on the Dickens classic 'Oliver Twist', the untold life story of one of literatures most famous – perhaps misunderstood? – villains. The show imagines the early days of Fagin, and the circumstances of birth that might have propelled him into a life of greed and criminality. See this page here for info.

Cream Pie | Camden People's Theatre | 28-29 Sep
Another one from Calm Down Dear, this time a piece by Crossline Theatre taking a look at the effect that the modern ubiquity of pornography is having on sexual education, health, and relationships. It's tricky and important subject matter, so good to see a show engaging with it, and benefiting from the verbatim opinions of porn-consumers, academics, industry professionals, and those of the millenial generation. See the venue website here for info.

Chris McCausland – Jesus Was Married And Look How It Turned Out For Him | Soho Theatre 29 Sep-1 Oct (pictured)
The excellently funny Chris McCausland's new show is – as the title might suggest – all about being married and being a parent, but also, apparently, about owning "the world's dumbest guide dog", and solving all the world's problems by offering "definitive proof as to why there is probably definitely no god". That last bit seems pretty helpful. Head this way to book your tickets.
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