When playwright Camilla Whitehill's monologue 'Where Do Little Birds Go?' was on at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2015, our reviewer was hugely impressed by the play, as well as its talented performer. It's set in sixties London, where the protagonist comes into full on contact with the leading players of the capital's criminal underbelly.

The piece has been revived elsewhere since, and now heads to the Old Red Lion for a month long run. I spoke to the star of the show, Jessica Butcher. Read the interview here.

'Where Do Little Birds Go?' is on at the Old Red Lion from 1-26 Nov. See this page here for info and to book.

The latest play to go up at the brilliant Theatre503 is 'The Acedian Pirates', a piece exploring war and mythology which asks some pertinent questions about the causes and morality of armed conflict, and how we justify it.

It's a debut play from Jay Taylor, who is currently better known for his acting work, on stage, TV, film and radio. I spoke to him, to find out more. Read the interview here.

'The Acedian Pirates' is on at Theatre503 from 26 Oct-19 Nov. See the venue website here for more info.

Producing company Beach Comet appear to be making a speciality of hilarious, B-movie style musical theatre pieces, and critics and audiences are united in their praise of previous show 'Vampire Hospital Waiting Room' and their current show, 'Apocalypse Cruise Ship Love Affair', which, lucky Londoners, can be seen this week at The Arts theatre.

To find out more about the show, I had a quick chat with the man behind it, and Beach Comet, Theo McCabe. Read the interview here.

'Apocalypse Cruise Ship Love Affair' is on at the Arts Theatre from 25-29 Oct. See this page here for more info and to book.

Hurrah for the brilliant Black Cat Cabaret and their upcoming Black Cat Supper Club dates. Great news for all lovers of cabaret, and especially those readers who love a bit of old-style dinner with entertainment and perhaps even pretending you're in a black and white film...

It's also great news for me, because it means I get the chance to chat with one of my favourite performers, the host of the show, renowned cabaret artist Dusty Limits. Read the interview here.

Dusty Limits appears in Black Cat Supper Club at The Rah Rah Room on 28 Oct and 25 Nov. See this page here for more info and to book.


Dans L'Atelier | Little Angel Theatre | 28 Oct
I can tell it's getting towards the end of half term, look how crabby you are. Which is why you are by now very much in need of some kind of option that allows you to just sit and look on while other people entertain your children for a few minutes. So I've got two of that kind of option today. First up, this, which will, as promised, entertain your (teenage) children for literally a few minutes. Well, eighteen to be precise. Interesting, huh? See this page here for info.

The Giant's Loo Roll | Arts Theatre | 22-30 Oct (pictured)
Now, this one's aimed at the ones who really get under your feet (anyone would think I hated my offspring. I actually love the holidays), the under-tens. This is a show my daughter wanted to see in Edinburgh but we couldn't fit it into our schedule, which was sad, because it sounds like a fun musical, which, despite the title, isn't all about poo. See the venue website here for details.

Meet/Cute | Leicester Square Theatre | 28-30 Dec
This one's tailor made for fans of both improv and rom coms. Because, yes, this promises to create a "brand new, true, romcom. Every night". How's it going to be true, I hear you ask? Well, it sounds like they'll be using the stories of how audience members' parents got together, and recreating the moments when they fell in love. Head this way for info and booking purposes.


Spooky Swing | Hoxton Hall | 29 Oct
Hurrah for the swing. Especially spooky swing for your Hallowe'en weekend. Not sure exactly how spooky it will be, but it is a great opportunity to learn the Lindy Hop and the American Jitterbug and then put your new found skills into action, all whilst wearing a witch costume. Or a mummy, or Zombie, or whatever. I'm pretty sure this will be entirely intersectional. See this page here for info.

Lunch by Luke Courtier | Museum Of Comedy | 29 Oct (pictured)
Luke Courtier gave us some very, er, helpful tips for where to eat lunch in Edinburgh this summer (his fridge being the high point, I think), and that was all because the show is "a high-octane series of musical comedy vignettes asking that vital question: what is it that really happens at Lunch?" He's a talented chap, and his show has won much praise, so head this way to book your tickets.

Penguinpig | Little Angel Theatre | 29-30 Oct
I love penguins and I love pigs, so of course I am drawn to the idea of a penguinpig, but that's not really the reason you should take your little ones to see this. This is an adaptation of the popular picture book by Stuart Spendlow, and while entertaining, it's something of a cautionary tale that puts across an important message about the potential dangers and problems of the internet. See this page here for info.


UK Unsigned Songwriter Of The Year Grand Final | Piano Works | 30 Oct
We are all about the music today. It's music Sunday. And we are kicking off with the UK Unsigned Songwriter Of The Year Grand Final, a) because you should go and enjoy the flavour of up and coming talent, and b) all the profits from this go to Stand Up To Cancer and Nordoff Robbins. Brilliant. See this page here for info.

Bach - A Family Affair | Southbank Centre at St John's Smith Square | 30 Oct
Gosh, look at all those talented Bachs. Orchestra Of The Age Of Enlightenment showcase the very different sounding works of four members of the same family, a) JS Bach, b) CPE Bach, c) JCF Bach, and d) WF Bach. And just to be clear, it's a show about their family, not your family, so leave the toddlers at home. Fantastic theme for a concert. See this link here.

Shlomo's Beatbox Adventure For Kids | King's Place | 30 Oct (pictured)
This one is for the kids, no fear of anything otherwise, it says so in the title. And yes, I have recommended this exact show on at least one previous occasion, but a) kids love repetition, take them again, and b) it's never to early to introduce your child to the wonders of beatboxing. There are two shows, both on Sunday, see the venue website here for info.


The Society Of Strange | Wilton's Music Hall | 31 Oct (pictured)
Mwah ha ha! It's Hallowe'en! And if you like funny stuff, improv stuff and scary stuff, this is one place to spend your evening. "Sometimes hilarious, sometimes disturbing, The Society of Strange explores the thin line between comedy and horror – between this world and the next... Inspired by the works of Neil Gaiman, HP Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, Algernon Blackwood, Jules Verne, HG Wells, Mary Shelley, MR James and many others". Hurrah. Get thee to this link here.

Adam's Hallowe'en Comedy Night – Fancy Dress Only | Camden Comedy Club | 31 Oct-1 Nov
Mwah ha ha! It's still Hallowe'en! Here's another place to spend your spookiful evening, or the evening after your evening, too, if you like, as, despite the fact that this is a Hallowe'en event, it's also on on the 1 Nov. Two fabulous line ups, but you have to dress up to be allowed in. As the event name handily points out. See this page here.

Follow The Faun | Arts Theatre | 31 Oct-12 Nov
Mwah ha ha! It's still Hallowe'en, even now. But I am more than aware that there are folks out there that don't care, and would rather do something else that doesn't involve ghouls. So how about this show, which is apparently a "revolutionary concept in musical theatre". It's a participatory event, an evocation of ancient Bacchanalian rites combined with disco and house music and all sorts of trippy hedonism. No seats; no interval; dress for dancing. See the venue website here for details.


Happy Hour | Jacksons Lane | 1-2 Nov
"The workers on Level 3 are racing against the clock to reach their quota of Smiley Faces, but are they really happy enough?" This comical piece explores the modern obsession with success and happiness, through a blend of physical theatre, humour and music. See this page here for more info and to book.

Still Ill | New Diorama | 1-19 Nov
The ever-excellent theatre company Kandinsky, a longterm TW favourite, bring their latest show to New Diorama, and it sounds fascinating. It's a three hander which explores the subject of FND – Functional Neurological Disorder – a disabling illness with no apparent cause. I have no doubt that it will be brilliant! Head this way to book tickets.

Where Do Little Birds Go? | Old Red Lion | 1-26 Nov (pictured)
This show was a big hit at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2015, winning highly-starred reviews from pretty much every publication, including ours. It's a one person show, written by up and coming writer Camilla Whitehill, a period piece set in the sixties attacking themes of class and sexual exploitation. Eighteen year old Lucy is kidnapped by the Kray twins, and tells the story of her time in their company. See the venue website here for details.


Deny Deny Deny | Park Theatre | 2 Nov-3 Dec
"Eve, a promising young athlete, is offered a cutting edge new 'therapy' by her mysterious, charismatic coach. She says it will make her the fastest woman in the world: but is it as safe, legal and ethical as she claims?" Set in the near future, this is a play about love, revenge and modern science, written by Jonathan Maitland, author of 2015's much praised and talked about 'An Audience With Jimmy Savile'.
Head this way for more info.

Virgin Territory | The Place | 2-5 Nov
This piece by Charlotte Vincent of Vincent Dance Theatre tackles some issues very close to my heart, in its exploration of what life is like for young people living and growing in an over-stimulating, over-sexualised, digitally captured world. Promises to expose some uncomfortable truths, and be a rallying cry: to let children be children. See the venue website here for details.

The Last Dance | Hoxton Hall | 1-26 Nov (pictured)
Those of you who are into your immersive stuff will no doubt love this, because, well, it's really immersive, but also, it looks great. This takes a look at love and human connections via the depiction of a dystopian matchmaking institute. I feel ever so slightly scared, but deeply intrigued. See this page here for more.


Book Story | Little Angel Theatre | 3-4 Nov
Hurrah, this sounds like just my kind of show, because I love books and I love libraries and this show is about books. In a library. Of course, it's lucky I have a child to take to this children's show, because it's possible I might get odd looks if I attend by myself. Though, now I look at it, it's recommended for age six to ADULT. So there you go. Leave the kids at home. Only joking, take them, see this page here.

The Royale | The Tabernacle | 3-26 Nov
"Jay 'The Sport' Jackson dreams of being the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. But it's 1905 and, in the racially segregated world of boxing, his chances are as good as knocked out". This 2015 sell-out hit, told in six rounds and set in a boxing ring, returns for a three week run. Brilliant and inspired by a true story. Head this way for info.

Voila! | Cockpit Theatre | 3-11 Nov
Hurrah, Francophiles, this one's for you. Or, to be honest, anyone who likes good stuff, because a fair amount of the content of the programme of this France-focused theatre fest is performed in English or is bilingual. Anyway, there's lots of accessible stuff to choose from, so take a look at this link here and see what's on offer.
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