If you've seen hit shows like 'Royal Vauxhall', and the annual panto at Leicester Square theatre, then you are already aware of the work of multi-talented multi-tasker Stuart Saint, whose latest piece 'Princess' goes up at LOST theatre later this month.

I spoke to the veteran performer-writer-director-choreographer, to find out more about what we can expect from his new show. Read the interview here.

'Princess' is on at LOST Theatre from 15-19 Nov, see this page here for details and booking info.

If you were up in Edinburgh this past summer, you might have seen Let Them Call It Mischief's Fringe production of 'Dracula', a funny and irreverent take on the classic vampire tale. If you weren't, and therefore missed it, then you are in luck, because this month sees a run of the the show at the King's Head Theatre.

To find out more about the play, and the creatives behind it, I had a chat with Danny Wainwright, company co-founder, director, and co-writer. Read the interview here.

'Dracula' is on at the King's Head Theatre from 9-26 November. See the venue website here to book your tickets.


I Call My Brothers | Gate Theatre | 10 Nov-3 Dec
"A car has exploded. A city is now crippled by fear. Amor walks the streets, doing his best to blend in. For twenty-four, intense hours we walk with him, as the lines between criminal and victim, fantasy and reality become blurred". The show, part of The Gate's Too Close To Home season, promises an amusing and frenzied take on our prejudices towards others, and is directed by the highly talented Tinuke Craig, See this page here for more info.

We Are Ian | New Diorama | 11-12 Nov + 1-2 Dec
Our reviewer love-love-loved this show when she saw it up in Edinburgh and gave it a five-star review, and it wasn't just our team that fell hard for it - it's won acclaim galore, a nomination, an award, and the Pleasance's Charlie Hartill fund for theatre 2016. It's kind of hard to explain what it is, really, a kind of recreation of one man's rave culture remembrances from 1989. See the venue website here for more explanation.

Anjali Perin's Shorter Stories | Rabbit Hole | 11 Nov (pictured)
The London Jazz Festival kicks off today, so there is, frankly, a whole load of jazz to choose from; but this is my choice, a performance from accomplished songwriter and musician Anjali Perin, who is known for her excellent jazz arrangements and fab singing voice. You can find more info about her show here and more info about everything on at the jazz festival right about here.


Saturday Night Comedy | Up The Creek | 12 Nov
Great line up tonight at Up The Creek, MCd by a TW favourite so beloved, we've given him an award just for being him. In case you are wondering, that's Michael Legge, and he's joined by Dane Baptiste, Peter White and The Noise Next Door. Hurrah, see this page here for more info.

Emerge Fifth Anniversary Festival Week One | The Space | 8-12 Nov
Eek, this is your last chance to see the The Space's Emerge festival week one show, because I got my dates mixed up and thought this was next week. The festival, as you'd expect from the name, focuses on the emerging, staging ten premieres of new work. See the venue website here for details.

Mule | Omnibus Clapham | 8-19 Nov (pictured)
This was something of a hit in Edinburgh this summer and our reviewer loved it. Inspired by the 'Peru Two', it explores the world of drug smuggling, investigating the process by which one might end up involved in that world, and exploring victimisation and vilification with reference to media and social media. Head this way for info.


Captain Flinn And The Pirate Dinosaurs 2 - The Magic Cutlass | ArtsDepot | 13 Nov
The first one was a hit and won The Primary Times Children's Choice Award. I haven't seen this sequel yet, but I'd expect more of the same: a fast pace, song and dance, humour and excitement, panto-like interaction and a large talking dinosaur. Head this way to book.

Trainspotting | The Vaults | 3 Nov-15 Jan
Hurrah, you have another chance to see this award winning critically acclaimed immersive adaptation of 'Trainspotting'. If you are any kind of fan of Irvine Welsh (or theatre, actually) you should see this. And it should really help whet your appetite for the movie sequel they are currently trailing. See the venue website here for details.

Schlock | Rosemary Branch Theatre | 8-26 Nov
"In the grand tradition of literary terrorism, Hannah Silva rips up her copy of Fifty Shades of Grey. Surrounded by the crumpled pages she attempts to put the female body back together, rewiring the defunct language of erotica to investigate the final years of Kathy Acker - high priestess of punk". Expect something subversive and powerful from the excellent Hannah Silva. Follow this link for info.


Elis James and John Robins | The Forum | 14 Nov
If you failed to get a ticket for the Shepherd's Bush Empire date on the Elis James and John Robins tour, heads up, there are still a few tickets left for this show at The Forum, so get your skates on. If you are scratching your head about what to expect, this is the 'live  version' of the pair's uber-successful and entertaining podcast. See this page here for info.

Jayde Adams - 31 | Soho Theatre | dates complicated
The hilarious Jayde Adams performs the show that got her an Edinburgh Comedy Award newcomer nomination, and, more importantly (ahem), a five star review from us. The Daily Mail has called her "Britain's Funniest Woman Comic", which is typically bloody sexist, but you know, you get the point. Also, great theme for the show, realising it's time to stop pretending to be someone else. See the venue website here for details.

Adam Bloom et al | The Good Ship | 14 Nov
And yes, more comedy, you have no other option tonight, for I have declared this dark November evening to be Cheer Up Monday. Happily, there's a great line up at The Good Ship tonight, which is topped by Adam Bloom and also features Suzy Bennett, Dimitri Bakanov, Si Deaves and resident host Ben Van Der Velde. See this link here.


Leviathan | The Place | 15-16 Nov
It looks as though today's theme is one word show names, though I didn't especially intend it. It probably deserves to be a theme, though, short, punchy titles are good, and not because it means less typing for me. Anyway, first brief moniker-bearer of the day is this acclaimed physical piece 'Leviathan', James Wilton Dance's take on the tale of 'Moby Dick'. See this page here for details.

Princess | LOST Theatre | 15-19 Nov (pictured)
I'm sure you know all about this show already because you'll have perused our Q&A with its creator Stuart Saint, and if you haven't, because of that life or death emergency that came between you and the reading of said article, you can find it right here. I really, really want to see this, and I feel sure you will also. It's "inspired by our twisted relationship with the 'princess', shattering the illusion of happily-ever-afters, banishing the story book fairy tale and finding the feminism in Disney". See the venue website here for info and to book.

Genesis | Soho Theatre | 15-19 Nov
This play was developed in collaboration with Manchester based charity Prevent Breast Cancer, and it looks at the idea of identifying gene mutations that increase the risk of certain diseases, exploring the idea of whether predicting illness is a positive thing, and ultimately, whether it's always desirable to know what's coming. Click this link here to find out more.


Romeo And Juliet | The Rose Playhouse | 15 Nov-10 Dec
Yes, yes, I know you've all seen Romeo and Juliet eight million times but a) everyone knows that you can see Shakespeare plays again and again and again because that's just a rule of theatre and b) this looks like a really good and timely take on it, as the action is relocated to refugee camp. See the venue website here for more info.

Emerge Fifth Anniversary Festival Week Two | The Space | 15-19 Nov
It's the second week of The Space's festival of emerging dance and physical theatre stuff, which this week features work from Amy Foskett, Rhiannon Brace, Paola Napolitano, Alice Weber and Joe Garbett. For details and to book see this page here.

The Mirror Never Lies | The Cockpit | 14-18 Nov (pictured)
"A woman of a certain age and another era, addicted to collecting beautiful objects falls in love with a much younger man instead of his more 'suitable' older uncle". Adapted from Barbara Pym's novel 'The Sweet Dove Died' and set in the sixties, this musical by Joe Giuffre and Juan Iglesias tells a story about the power of beauty. Click this link for more.


Stand Up And Slam | Camden Comedy Club | 17 Nov
Remember how earlier in the week we had a Cheer Up Monday? Well, as it's cold and dark November, I thought we'd have a Cheer Up Thursday as well. So, lots of comedy, starting with this, a regular event at Camden Comedy Club, which is, as the name suggests, a comedic poetry slam type event featuring six comedy and poetry acts. Our reviewer saw the show when it was on up in Edinburgh this summer and thought it was corking. See this page here for all the details.

Lucy Frederick - Positively Livid | Museum Of Comedy | 17 Nov (pictured)
And so to someone else who has won friends amongst our Fringe reviewing team, Lucy Frederick, who performs her latest show, promising to tell "a cautionary tale about anger and the dangers of swallowing the grenade of your own fury until your insides are all burned away". Hmm, I think maybe I need to see this. Head this way for info.

Colin Hoult/Anna Mann - A Sketch Show For Depressives | Soho Theatre | 17-19 Nov
With hindsight, I should probably have called today Edfringe Thursday rather than Cheer Up Thursday, because yes, this is yet another show that was on up there in the Scottish capital this summer. The much acclaimed stand up (who you have surely seen on telly) returns in the guise of his "delightful" alter-ego Anna Mann. Click this link here for more.
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