We first told you about Tiata Fahodzi's 'Good Dog' when its tour launched at Watford Palace Theatre in February, so you may already have seen it; luckily the tour ends at The Albany, so you haven't missed your chance to see this topical, political monologue written by Arinzé Kene.

I wanted to know more about the play, and about the young and talented actor who stars in it, so I put some questions to performer Anton Cross. Read the interview here.

'Good Dog' is on at The Albany from 6-11 Mar, see this page here for more info.

Coming this month to the Old Red Lion theatre is Althea Theatre's 'One Last Thing (For Now)', an exploration of communication between lovers, set against the backdrop of war and conflict.

To find out more about this intriguing theatrical piece, and how it all came together, I spoke to director Lilac Yosiphon. Read the interview here.

'One Last Thing (For Now)' is on at the Old Red Lion Theatre from 7-25 Mar. See this page here for details.

At least some of you (if not lots) will be familiar with Jack Thorne's 2010 play 'Bunny', a coming of age monologue about one night in the life of a teenage girl from Luton. If you're not, then now's your chance to get acquainted, as a new production of the piece comes to White Bear Theatre this month.

The company behind the staging is Fabricate Theatre. I spoke to one of their number, star of the show, Catherine Lamb. Read the interview here.

'Bunny' is on at the White Bear Theatre from 7-25 Mar, see the venue website here for more info.

FRIDAY 3 MARCH 2016 >>

No Angel Uncensored | Wilton's Music Hall | 3-4 Mar
"Dynamic, witty and tempestuous, this is an evening of darkly comic twisted songs, and glorious humour...  Anarchy, wit and comic ingenuity entwined with aerial acrobatics and a jockey". Well, I am sold on this excellent looking show from Charlie Bicknell and Louise Innes, and I bet you will be too, follow this link here for more info.

Kat Bond - Loo Roll | Vault Festival | 2-3 Mar
Look at the picture at the top of this article. Look at it. That woman went to all the effort to tape all that loo roll to her head, so don't tell me you are not going to see this show. There are better reasons than that to go and see it, of course, like, you know, that this will be a great performance from a talented and funny performer. Find the details here.

Larry Dean - Farcissist | Soho Theatre | 2-4 Mar
The multi-award-winning/nominated young comedian brings this also-award-winning show to Soho Theatre following its success at last summer's edfringe: "Off the back of a break-up and facing the introspection that such a change brings, gallus Glaswegian Larry Dean is beginning to think about what it means to be him. People keep telling him he's changed, but he's not quite sure whether that's a good or bad thing. Who was he before?" See the venue website here.


Puccini's Tosca | Hackney Empire | 4-9 Mar
It's a well loved opera, a story of love set against the backdrop of a war-torn Rome, featuring themes of lust, corruption, politics and sacrifice: one might even say it's not for the faint of heart, the sort of viscerally gripping tale that's only for those made of harder stuff. What do you mean, I'm trying to make you try opera? Well, yes, okay, I'm trying to make you try opera, and don't be put off by the Italian language, there are surtitles, you will follow, and this will be great. See this page here for info.

Mini Rumpus - Woodland Tails | Vault Festival | 4-5 Mar
Something for the younger ones now, as it's a Saturday. Over at the lovely Vault Festival this weekend you can expect a "carnival party extravaganza" with this immersive event for under-11s and their adults, to include dancing, live bands, circus acts, performing woodland creatures, games and stories. And the excellent Figs in Wigs. Click this link here for more.

Phantasmagoria Cabaret | Hoxton Hall | 4 Mar (pictured)
Following a sold out performance in the autumn, Patrizia Paolini and a new line up of guests are back to "ask the big questions" and offer an "examination of the consequences of flitting between the real and the inauthentic self". Featuring the very classy acts that are Julian Fox, Glory Pearl, Chris Lynam, Yanaëlle Thiran and Matt Rudkin. Head this way for details.

SUNDAY 5 MARCH 2016 >>

Project2 - Improvised Science Fiction | Vault Festival | 1-5 Mar
It's your last chance today to see this improvised comedic science fiction show, and who, pray, would not want to take advantage of this opportunity? Improv fans will love it, science fiction fans will love it, comedy fans will love it. Even the sci-fi haters will love it, I have every confidence. See this page here.

Sketchatron | The Bill Murray | 5 March
Of course, if you are the sort of person who enjoys sketch more than improv, then look absolutely no further than this. It's the return of that utterly brilliant sketch showcase Sketchatron, and, frankly, it's the resurrection comedy fans have been waiting for, even if they didn't know that it was what they were waiting for. Expect a fabulous line up, and click this link here for info.

I'm Gonna Pray For You So Hard | Finborough Theatre | 28 Feb-25 Mar
Ooops, meant to tip this a few days ago and it slipped my mind, and I am not sure why, because it looks ace. It's dark comedy about a competitive actress who is dedicated to making her playwright father proud of her. When reviews of her off-broadway debut are published, Ella and David deliberate over whether or not to read them - could it shatter their relationship forever? See the venue website here if you'd like to schedule a date to find out.

MONDAY 6 MARCH 2016 >>

Good Dog | The Albany | 6-11 Mar (pictured)
I tipped this not long ago, when it was on in Watford, but I thought that a good number of you might not have made it out to Watford, not because you are lazy or anything. I do understand, it could be a long way from wherever you are in London. Anyway, enough excuses for you, because I want you to see it this time, because it deals with some rather important contemporary themes and features a very promising up and comer. Head this way for info.

Mark Thomas - The Red Shed | Battersea Arts Centre | 6-11 Mar
The very excellent Mark Thomas needs no introductions from me, because you are all aware of him and what he does. But you may not have seen this show yet. It's the third in his trilogy of more theatrical shows - the previous two being 'Bravo Figaro' and 'Cuckooed' - and sees the campaigning comedian return to where he first performed, a red wooden shed, the Labour Club in Wakefield. Click this link here.

Sans Titre Iris Black | Greenwich Theatre | 6 Mar
"Iris Black, sculptress and artist, is about to open the biggest exhibition of her life. She has all that amounts to her career sat around her in the gallery and she can't remember how to assemble her most famous work". This is a play in development, so be prepared to offer feedback about a piece of theatre that "addresses the definition of 'madness' through investigating female historical artists". I find that idea fascinating, and I bet you will too. See the venue website here for more.


Wombmates | Theatre N16 | 7-11 Mar
An amusing title, an intriguing concept, and the promise of being a "bizarre comedy" - I wasn't going to pass this one up. This is the story of two brothers, Eric and David, but the twist, if you didn't see it coming, is that it tells the tale of their lives from conception up until birth. So, now you (if, as aforementioned, didn't see it coming) understand why it's called 'Wombmates'. See this page here for more.

Homecomings - The Monkey | Theatre503 | 7-18 Mar
Part of the previously covered Homecomings season at Theatre503, the staging by Synergy Theatre Project of a number of new plays by prisoners and ex-prisoners about getting out and going home. This one, by John Stanley, "paints a darkly comic portrait of dishonourable thieves bound together by addiction". Click this link for all the info.

Of The Crowd | Camden People's Theatre | 7 Mar (pictured)
Hurrah, it's the return of CPT's Sprint Festival, and with it so much good new stuff. I am sure I will be recommending more Sprint shows in the immediate future, but first up, this: Laura Kurlansky and Victoria Watson have collaborated on this immersive work, which is inspired by video games and theories and the rise of artificial intelligence, and explores the point at which computers and humans might overlap. For details, see the venue website here.


One Last Thing (For Now ) Old Red Lion Theatre | 7-25 Mar
"Some lives are touched by war. Some lives are kissed by it. Some are ended by it. Some remain untouched". This piece is inspired by love letters written during war time, from different cultures and different languages, and tells various stories of couples communicating with each other, each set against the backdrop of conflict. For more info see the venue website here.

Bunny By Jack Thorne | White Bear Theatre | 7-25 March
Jack Thorne's 2010 coming of age monologue 'Bunny' gets an airing, courtesy of Fabricate Theatre. Don't let the fact that it's a few years old now make you think it's lost any relevance. It deals in very contemporary themes, as well as age-old ones, as a young girl struggles to find her place in a modern world lacking in intimacy and connection. Click this link here.

Bravado | Camden People's theatre | 8-11 Mar
I told you yesterday we'd be having more stuff from Sprint, so here's the next one already, and it will be brilliant, I am sure, not least because it's the work of the award winning and acclaimed Scottee. The show explores the violence inherent in masculinity, and there's a content warning, this contains graphic accounts. If you can stomach that, though, I think you'll see some important stuff being raised. See this page here for details.


Master Of The Macabre | Hoxton Hall | 9-11 Mar
"Benedict Barber is a magician with a taste for the ghoulish and grisly", but don't be put off because he will be brilliantly entertaining in this show, as takes his audience along a dark autobiographical journey, and promises you the most frightening, edge of the seat magic show ever. On reflection, if you are feeling a little fragile, it might not be quite the thing. But, go on, throw caution to the winds. I reckon it'll be worth it. See this page here.

Surprise! | Camden People's Theatre | 9-10 Mar (pictured)
Another offering from Sprint: Gaulier-trained actress and theatre maker Lauren Silver offers "an interactive clown show that looks at how we can confront anxiety, overcome fear, and find freedom from panic through laughter", and it's about time, because my anxiety-related stress levels are rocketing. My problems aside, though, this should prove highly entertaining whether you are anxious or not. See the venue website here.

Frankenstein | Wilton's Music Hall | 7-18 Mar
There seem to be quite a lot of Frankensteins about at the moment, and I view that as a good thing. I'd also suggest that this particular version is very much worth taking in. A transfer from the award winning Watermill Theatre, it's been re-imagined by Tristan Bernays, and focuses on the dynamics of the relationship between parent and child. For details, head this way.

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