Have you ever fantasised about being all powerful and getting whatever you want? How do you think that might go? Well, if you'd like to see an exploration of what might happen in this scenario, tackling themes of corruption and power, look no further than Theatre N16, where this month Scram Collective stage a new show, 'Whimsy'.

To find out more about the play and the company behind it, I spoke to writer and company co-founder Alex Newport. Read the interview here.

'Whimsy' is on at Theatre N16 from 15-18 Mar, see this page here for more information.

I have to be honest, I had to google 'Ayahuasca Ceremony' to find out what it was, but now that I know, it seems like a rather interesting inspiration for a piece of theatre, and yes, I was intrigued enough to want to find out more.

Metal Mouth Theatre's Alex Critolph is the creative force behind 'Vines', a short piece about self-perception and finding one's motivation. I put some questions to her, ahead of her London run. Read the interview here.

'Vines' is on at Theatre N16 from 14-19 Mar, click here for details.

FRIDAY 10 MARCH 2016 >>

Beasts present Mr Soho | Soho Theatre | 9-11 Mar (pictured)
Following the success of 'Mr Edinburgh', the always-excellent comedy trio Beasts head to Soho Theatre with the show, to compete this time for the title of Mr Soho. Be prepared for "an epic battle of intelligence, talent, guile and brawn, where the road to glory is paved with broken friendships and shredded dignity", and much hilarity, obv. See this page here for all the details.

The Harrowing| Colab Factory | until 18 Mar
Argh, I'm just scared looking at the info for this, I'm not even sure I can face it. But I bet you can because you are far braver than I am. Death, violence, evil and the things that lurk in the shadows come together in this immersive experience that will chill you to the bone. As the blurb says - don't say you weren't warned. Click here for info.

The Sorrows Of Satan | Tristan Bates Theatre | 14 Feb-25 Mar
And from harrowing evil to... more evil, but of the quite jolly musical kind, and I bet you all love that kind of dark shenanigans. It's inspired by Marie Corelli's 1895 best seller of the same name, and re-imagines 'Faust' as a drawing room comedy. Written by Luke Bateman and Michael Conley and directed by Adam Lenson. See the venue website here for more.


A Dark Night In Dalston | Park Theatre | 7 Mar-1 Apr
I chose this because it's by playwright Stewart Permutt, whose stuff I like, and because it's got a very interesting premise - a young, observant Jewish man from the other side of town is attacked in Dalston on a Friday evening, and he ends up spending the night at the home of a female protector. Stars established TV face Michelle Collins, see this page here for info.

lulu v.3 // who do lulu? you do lulu? | Camden People's Theatre | 11-12 Mar
Another choice from the excellent Sprint Festival, described as a "a psycho-geographic performance-slash-installation about sex and loneliness in digital hookup culture, inspired by one of western drama's most controversial femmes-fatales". Contemporary, queer, feminist revisioning - definitely one for the diary. Click here.

Made In India | Soho Theatre | 8-25 Mar
Three women meet in a surrogacy clinic in Gujarat; one is desperate for a chance of motherhood, the second is looking for a lifeline out of poverty, while the third is just keen to oversee a transaction. Expect good things from this new play about "birth and motherhood in a brave new world". For details, see the venue website here.

SUNDAY 12 MARCH 2016 >>

To Dream Again | Polka Theatre | 10 Mar-2 Apr
Looking for a theatrical family outing this weekend? This will definitely fit the bill, I'm sure, if the children involved are in the 7-12 age range. This fab sounding play is inspired by 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', and tells the story of a young girl coming to terms with her parents' separation. See this page here for details.

Spillikin | Pleasance Theatre | 7-19 Mar (pictured)
"After a long, childless and sometimes bumpy marriage, Sally has Alzheimer's. Before Raymond died he created a robot, uploaded with his memories, to keep her company". Will it prove to be a comfort or a threat? This show, which addresses themes of love, death, and technology, and featuring a star turn from an actual robot, has a very successful run in Edinburgh behind it. Don't miss your chance to see it if you haven't already, click here for more.

Sarah Kendall - Shaken | Soho Theatre | 10-14 Mar
The brilliant and award winning Sarah Kendall brings to Soho Theatre this anecdotal set, in which she tells a tale centred on the spiralling ramifications of a lie told as a teenager. She's a highly amusing and engaging storyteller, and this particular show has won much praise. See the venue website here for info.

MONDAY 13 MARCH 2016 >>

E15 | Battersea Arts Centre | 13 Mar-1 April (pictured)
If you are a regular Edinburgh-goer, you might have seen 'E15' during its critically acclaimed run up there last summer. If not, now's your chance to see this excellent piece of documentary theatre about a protest movement launched by 29 young mothers when they were threatened with eviction and relocation from their homes in Newham. See this page here for all the details.

Lazy Susan - Crazy Sexy Fool | Soho Theatre | 13-15 Mar
The brilliant sketch duo that be Lazy Susan head Soho-wards with this much praised set full of clever, well observed characters and comedy, and that's all you need to know, really, isn't it? Rush this way to book your tickets.

Alternative Comedy Memorial Society AND Quiz | The Bill Murray | 13 Mar
I don't know exactly what the line up is for this tonight, but the regular acts at this "life-risking comedy" event are pretty much all on the loved-by-TW list, so I am always going to be happy to risk recommending it. Also, there's going to be a quiz, too, before it! A quiz! God, I love quizzes. Click here for info.

TUESDAY 14 MARCH 2016 >>

Casket Case | Camden People's Theatre | 14 Mar (pictured)
Hurrah, more from the lovely Sprint Festival. This sounds rather intriguing, and don't let the fact that it's all about death put you off, it comes to us all, after all; it's described as "part-story, part-cabaret, and part totally morbid curiosity" and tells the story of Jozey, who refuses to do anything, however low risk, that might possibly increase her chances of dying. See the venue website here for info.

After Party | Pleasance Theatre | 14-26 Mar
"Last night Bethany's birthday party raised the roof, shook the ground and caused Allan to miss his coach home. As Harlan and Bethany continue the antics through the next day, tensions tighten when an old friend comes to visit". A play which looks at the importance of love and loyalty and asks questions about what our moral obligations are, and which had a sell out premiere at the Union Theatre. See this page here for details.

Loyiso Gola - Dude Where's My Lion? | The Bill Murray | 14 Mar
He's another comedian who has won the hearts and minds of the TW team up in Edinburgh in recent years, and heads to The Bill Murray to perform his 2016 show, which was declared to be a "real Fringe highlight" by our extremely discerning reviewer. Click this link here for more.


George Egg - Anarchist Cook | Soho Theatre | 15-16 Mar (pictured)
You've probably heard of this show, but if you haven't here's the story: "George Egg spends a lot of time staying in hotels and some years ago, unimpressed with room service, he took matters into his own hands. Whilst performing a mind-bendingly original show of comedy-cum-illustrated-lecture George prepares a three-course meal on the equipment hotels unwittingly provide (iron, kettle, trouser press...), and if you want to, you can taste it at the end". Who wouldn't want to see that? Step right this way.

The Voiceless | The Space | 14-25 Mar
This play was created by producing company Skin Deep according to just one rule: there was to be no speech, with the aim of discovering just how complex a story they'd be able to come up with, given the limitations. The result is a very physical story about parenthood, friendship, and staying alive. Click this link here for details.

Safe | New Diorama 15-18 Mar
Participatory arts charity Spare Tyre present this satirical comedy by Pete Lawson, in which a theatre company's attempts to stage a play take a turn for the absurd when health & safety steps in. It sounds pertinent, as well as funny, asking the question of whether, in our rush to safeguard everyone and everything, we've stopped listening to those we're trying to protect. See this page here for info.


Interchangeable Bodies | Camden People's Theatre | 16 Mar
We've had at least a whole day off from Sprint Festival so it's about time we got back over there, in particular for this offering from Louisa Claughton, which explores gender, what it means, where our perceptions of it come from, and how it shapes us. I think this stuff is so interesting, not least because I think the upholding of gender 'rules' seems damaging, to me. Important that we examine it, and not just unthinkingly accept it. See this page here for more.

Emma Sidi - Telenovela | Soho Theatre | 16-18 Mar
Emma Sidi made a bit of a splash up at edfringe last summer with this character comedy piece, full of passion, obsession and revenge. "Think Mexican passion, soap operatic pain and transglobal heartache", runs the blurb. She's had lots and lots of critical acclaim, so see her before she's on telly all of the time. Head this way to book your tickets.

Tamburlaine | Arcola Theatre | 15 Mar-8 Apr (pictured)
Oooh, this looks good, a new adaptation from Yellow Earth of the Christopher Marlowe classic, but featuring one of my favourite things, Taiko drumming, and a primarily female and very talented British East Asian cast. Should prove to be an affecting examination of power, masculinity and the limits of violence. See the venue website here for details.
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