Adura Onashile's 'Expensive Shit' won huge acclaim at the Edinburgh Festival last year, winning a much coveted Fringe First. Set in two different places at two different times, and featuring the music of Fela Kuti, it explores gender, power and class.

To find out more about the play, I had a quick chat with its writer and director, ahead of the show's run at London's Soho Theatre. Read the interview here.

'Expensive Shit' is on at Soho Theatre from 4-22 Apr. For details, see this page here.

If you're a regular Three To See reader, you probably know that we are big fans of Le Gateau Chocolat, because we are always talking about him and his wonderful shows. And we're pleased to see that he'll be performing one of them at Theatre Royal Stratford East this week.

He has a busy, busy time, what with his solo efforts, and his work in contemporary opera, but we managed to squeeze in a quick chat, to find out more about 'Black', and what we can expect from him in the future. Read the interview here.

Le Gateau Chocolat performs 'Black' at Theatre Royal Stratford East from 4-8 Apr. See the venue website here for more information and to book.

The latest play to go up over at Ovalhouse is 'Custody', a heartbreaking-sounding piece that examines the very serious issue of young black men dying while in police custody, with a focus on the emotional journey loved ones go through: trying to find out what has happened, while simultaneously processing their grief.

The show was created by Urban Wolf (aka Urbain Hayo), and written by Tom Wainright. I spoke to Tom, to find out more about the show, and his involvement in it. Read the interview here.

'Custody' is on at Ovalhouse from 28 Mar-8 Apr. See the venue website here for info and to book.

FRIDAY 31 MARCH 2016 >>

Kitchener + Waterloo | Camden People's Theatre | 31 Mar-1 Apr
You may remember that just last week we recommended Haley McGee's really excellent show 'I'm Doing This For You', because we've seen it and know what we're talking about. Here's another show from the same performer, and although we haven't seen it, we feel pretty sure that it will be brilliant, based on her previous form. It's about her hometown, her relationship with it, and hometowns in general. See this page here for all the info.

Custody | Ovalhouse | 28 Mar-8 Apr
This sounds excellent and deals with an incredibly important subject - the frequent deaths of young black men whilst in police custody. This timely show, created by Urbain Hayo and written by Tom Wainright, tells the story of one such victim, exploring the waves of community-wide shock that his demise provokes, the impact on his family, and the pursuit of justice. Click here for details.

The Lottery Of Love | Orange Tree Theatre | 30 Mar-13 May (pictured)
"Sylvia has a dilemma: how does a woman get to know the man she's engaged to? Disguising herself as her own maid is certainly one way to do it." Pierre de Marivaux's 1730 play 'Le Jeu de l'amour et du hasard', translated by John Fowles and set in regency England, sees a couple whose marriage has been arranged negotiating the intricacies of love and working out how to achieve true happiness. See the venue website here for more.


Jack And The Beans Talk | Polka Theatre | 1-2 Apr
I love what they did with the title, it's very me. I appreciate that am not the target market, no matter how hard I try to never age, but I reckon you and your offspring will probably appreciate it at least a quarter as much as I did. This is only for pre-school types (age guidance is 3-5) and seems to be a very charming-looking adaptation of the classic tale. Click here for info.

Lucy McCormick - Triple Threat | Soho Theatre | 28 Mar-22 Apr
Our reviewer up in Edinburgh was completely, entirely, beautifully blown away by this dark and funny show, and we weren't the only publication to consider it to be a pretty much unmissable. It's a subversive comedy cabaret performance hinging on the retelling of the new testament in three acts, with all the main characters played by Lucy McCormick. See the venue website here for info.

The Life | Southwark Theatre | 25 Mar-29 Apr
This surprisingly not-as-well-known-as-it-should-be musical by Cy Coleman and Ira Gasman gets a first UK airing, and probably about time too: the original 1997 Broadway production received 12 Tony nominations and won two, and plus 9 Drama Desk Award nominations, of which it won three, including Best Musical. It's set in New York in the eighties, and focuses on the darker side of life in the Big Apple. See this page here for details.

SUNDAY 2 APRIL 2016 >>

Dillie Keane | Greenwich Theatre | 2 Apr
The clever and talented Dillie Keane takes a break from her arduous duties as one of Fascinating Aida to present "her first solo show in 558 years" (between you and me, I'm pretty sure it's not been quite that long), accompanied on piano by the brilliant Michael Roulston. What a lovely thing to look forward to if you are facing an otherwise dull as ditchwater Sunday. See this page here for info.

Bard Heads | Old Red Lion Theatre | 2 Apr
Ooh, I do like the sound of this. Two pieces inspired by Shakespeare but clearly influenced by Alan Bennet. In one, Meg The Witch, haunted by a night from her past, "undertakes a time-travelling journey to find answers for what happened on that blasted Scottish heath." In the second, aging Elsinore courtier Osric tells all about what happened at the castle in his youth, following a "devastating session" with his therapist. See the venue website here for details.

The Poetry Of Exile | White Bear Theatre | 28 March-22 Apr (pictured)
This is a new play from Peter Hamilton, who I am sure you'll remember as the playwright of 'Basildon' and 'Bridlington', among others. It's an elegiac drama asking questions about fertility, gender fluidity, the wines of the Languedoc and the nature of Chinese transcendental poetry of the Tang era. It's a broad range of themes, but I'm sure they come together beautifully. Click here for more.

MONDAY 3 APRIL 2016 >>

Wojtek - The Happy Warrior | Greenwich Theatre | 3 Apr (pictured)
You may already have heard of Wojtek The Bear, and if you haven't, then it's about time you did, because it's the kind of thing you'd expect to be totally made up, only it isn't. He was a bear who was enlisted in the Polish land army, and served for two years. He his own rank and serial number, learned to salute and carried around crates of ammunition at the Battle of Monte Cassino. I love the fact that Quarter Too Ensemble created a piece based on his life, and, having seen it up in Edinburgh a couple of years ago, we know that it is a really, really great show. Head this way for info.

Into The Breach | Old Red Lion Theatre | 3 Apr
"George Crocker is keen to liven up his dull life so he decides to join the village Drama Club. What happens then turns his world upside down!" Set during the second world war this offers an interesting and humorous take on the work of the bard, and is performed (and was written) by the very talented Mark Carey. Sounds like it might be a good way to get older children engaged with Shakespeare, actually, judging from some of the responses to this. Click here for details.

Atalanta | Soho Theatre | 3 Apr
I love mythy stuff, so it's no wonder this leapt out at me, but I don't think you have to be an aficionado to enjoy this sort of thing. Acclaimed performance storyteller Ben Haggerty gives some Greek myths a bit of a shaking up, strips away the veneers of classical civilisation, brings out wild women, cocksure warriors and gods, and tells the story of "a remarkable virgin hunter and devotee of Artemis who sure as hell doesn't want to have anything to do with men". See the venue website here for more.


Seymour Mace - Shit Title | Soho Theatre | 4-8 Apr (pictured)
The excellent, not to mention award-nominated, Seymour Mace heads to Soho Theatre for an all-too-short run of the show he performed in Edinburgh last summer. "Puppets, games, sing songs and magical prizes all come together in a laughably futile attempt to hide the bitterness, contempt and resentment of a lonely, lonely man". I am in no doubt that short excerpt from the blurb will have convinced you, so head this way to book your tickets.

New 2017 | Gate Theatre | 4-8 Apr
You know we love stuff like this and we may have even recommended this in previous years. It's a short season of brand new plays brought to London by the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama in collaboration with a number of very big theatrical 'fish' - The Royal Court, Paines Plough, and Sherman Theatre. Click here for more about each of the four plays that are being staged, and info about the various show times.

Le Gateau Chocolat - Black | Theatre Royal Stratford East | 4-8 Apr
I think I may have lost count by now of the number of times we've recommended Le Gateau Chocolat, but you know, I just want to get the message out to anyone who hasn't seen him perform yet. Very brilliant, and this is a touching and poignant show featuring a thirteen piece orchestra. Who would want to miss that? See the venue website here for details.


Duvet Day | Polka Theatre | 5-13 Apr
Here's something lovely for parents of very little children, a show squarely aimed at, well, very little children. There are different showings for two age groups, one for the very small (babies aged 0-18 months) and a second for toddlers (18-30 months) and it looks really cuddly and snuggly and fun, and, as is often the case with this sort of baby-focused show, I feel a bit sad my 'baby' is nearly ten... but you know, all you lot, with your teeny tots, go and enjoy it without me. Sob.

Sublime | Tristan Bates Theatre | 4-8 Apr
"Sophie bursts back into her brother's life, on the run from trouble after going missing for two years. Can she lure Sam away from domestic coupledom to rekindle their old crime partnership and save her skin?" This new play from Sarah Thomas promises to be a comedy thriller brimming with Balaclavas, wigs, jewels, tough talking, fast swindling and forbidden passions. Click here for all the info.

Expensive Shit | Soho Theatre | 4-22 Apr (pictured)
This critically acclaimed show won one of The Scotsman's much coveted Fringe Firsts when it was performed up in Scotland in August last year, plus, this is by the excellent Adura Onashile so you know you can expect something pretty good. It focuses on Tolu, a toilet attendant who once lived in Lagos and dreamed of working with Fela Kuti, but who is now, decades later, working in a Glasgow night club. See the venue website here for details.


That Thing That Came From Over There | Greenwich Theatre | 6-8 Apr (pictured)
The never not-brilliant Gonzo Moose return with a comedy adventure inspired by the horror movies of the 1950s, telling the tale of a hapless Scott and Amundsen contemporary who finds himself on the wrong side of Antarctica witnessing the fall of a meteor from space. Gore and silliness and gruesome deaths follow, as the explorer and his team discover what's lurking inside the crater. We love this lot. See the venue website here for all the info.

Si Ca Vous Derange Pas? | Jacksons Lane | 6-7 Apr
If you know French, you'll know what the title means, and for those who don't, it roughly means "if you don't mind". Though if I'm honest, I'm not sure exactly how it relates to the content of the show, which is all about identity. What's appealing, however, is that it features a collective of acrobats, aerialists and jugglers from eight different countries who trained together Le Lido, a circus school that "searches for what makes each artist unique". Click this link here for details.

It Is So Ordered | Pleasance Theatre | 6-16 Apr
"More than half a century after the Harlem Race Riots of 1964, officers put in place to protects citizens are still unjustly persecuting African Americans. It Is So Ordered asks how far have we actually come since those hot July nights?" A very important issue, tackled via a play based on true events, which tells a tragic tale of two men in prison, linked by a lie. Racially motivated imprisonment and prejudice from law enforcement - wrong then, wrong now, yet it continues. See this page here for more.
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