Live artist Tom Marshman brings his latest work 'Kings Cross (REMIX)' to Camden People's Theatre this month as part of a UK tour, placing the piece just a short distance from the area the show is set in.

It's a performance that looks back at the King's Cross of the eighties - a hub of LGBTQ culture and underground nightlife. To find out more, I spoke to Tom, ahead of his two week London run. Read the interview here.

'Kings Cross (REMIX)' is on at Camden People's Theatre from 16-27 May, see the venue website here for more info.

FRIDAY 12 MAY 2016 >>

The Magic Flute | King's Head | 4 May-3 Jun (pictured)
The excellent Charles Court Opera's acclaimed production of 'The Magic Flute' is on at the King's Head, and the performance space there has, I understand, been pretty much transformed into a South American jungle, so that sounds pretty promising, and there are also puppets, which is great, because I love puppets, as well as Mozart. And I bet you all agree. See this page here for more.

Come With Me | Camden People's Theatre | 12 May
I've tipped Helen Duff before and I will tip her again, because she is blooming brilliant, and this show, in which she tackles the topic of her journey towards experiencing a first orgasm with her excellent LAMDA and L'Ecole Philippe Gaulier-honed clowning skills. We interviewed her about this acclaimed show when it was on in Edinburgh last summer, so you can learn more about it by reading that, here, and details about this performance are right about here.

Boris & Sergey's Astonishing Freakatorium | Wilton's Music Hall | 9-13 May
And onto another outfit we discovered via the Edinburgh Fringe, Flabbergast Theatre, and their latest Boris & Sergey show, which is on at Wilton's Music Hall this week. I didn't realise this until it was almost too late to tip it, sadly, so I hope you will be abe to squeeze in a visit for one of these later performances. Brilliant and macabre, dark and witty, brilliant puppetry for grown ups. Click here.

SATURDAY 13 MAY 2016 >>

My First Ballet - Cinderella | New Wimbledon Theatre | 13-14 May
Well, classical dance isn't for everyone, but your child might grow up to love it, if you give them a great introduction to it at an early age. This show offers just such an introduction, using a shortened version of the Provokiev score and a narrator to help young audiences follow the (albeit familiar) story of Cinderella. See this page here for info and to book.

Tatterdemalion | Wilton's Music Hall | 11-13 May (pictured)
You'll remember that yesterday we belatedly tipped the new Boris & Sergey show at Wilton's Music Hall. Now I'm going to belatedly tip Flabbergast Theatre's other show appearing there this week, 'Tatterdemalion'. Today is your last chance, so I hope you take it. We've had two reviewers adore this show, and that's no surprise, given the company's record of success. Brilliant, absurd, hilarious - physical comedy at its finest. See the venue website here for details.

Guide Me O Thou Great Redeemer | Camden People's Theatre | 13-14 May
"David is leaving London, he's going back home to Glasgow, but before he moves he's organised one last meeting of the 'Queen Mother Remembrance Society' AKA a group-sex party for like-minded Royalists". This site specific performance, part of CPT's Hotbed Festival, promises to be an unforgettable musical comedy, and sex/drugs/body-positive to boot. Click this link here to find out more.

SUNDAY 14 MAY 2016 >>

Mixed Grill | New Diorama | 14-15 May (pictured)
"After going out for some Caribbean food, Alix thinks that Lewis should learn how to make a proper Caribbean curry, after all, he is a quarter mixed race, and really should connect more with his roots". 'Mixed Grill' uses food as a metaphor for the strength in diversity, exploring what it means to be of mixed heritage, and how your geographical location can have an impact on your identity. See the venue website here for info.

Dough! | ArtsDepot | 14 May
And something else with a foodie theme, this one aimed at families, and with a multi-cultural feel, focusing as it does on the dough that creates all manner of different products - naan bread, croissants, dumplings and chapattis. Frankie needs to resolve a doughy mess that's causing chaos in her kitchen and must find help in an unfamiliar place where everything tastes, smells and feels different. For ages 3+, click here for details.

Sharp Teeth - The London Edition | Theatre503 | 14 May
Well, I didn't intend it, but title-wise that kind of completes the trio quite nicely, doesn't it? Sharp teeth with which to chew up the previous two tips. Well, maybe not. Anyway, just forget that now, and focus on the show itself. Sharp Teeth Theatre are from Bristol, and have been running these nights of theatre, storytelling, poetry and music there for years. The concept comes to London with four different, intriguing acts lined up. See this page here for more details.

MONDAY 15 MAY 2016 >>

This Is Not Culturally Significant | The Bunker | 15 May-3 Jun
You might remember this show from earlier in the year when it appeared at Vault Festival, and the TW: TALKS interview we did back then with its creator Adam Scott Rowley. Or you might remember it from its successful run up at edfringe, where our reviewer saw it and gave it a 5/5 review. If you don't remember all that, but have realised from reading what I just wrote that you've missed something really good, you'll be delighted to know that it's now on at The Bunker. Don't miss it this time, head this way for details.

Flutter | Grosvenor Arms | 15-19 May
"It's 2006, and the local brewery is closing. Will Rose's betting shop be next? Meet the staff and customers of Grosvenor Racing, an independent bookmakers in a changing Wandsworth town centre". A play from Compulsive Theatre in association with Theatre503, this is part of the much-aforementioned Wandsworth Fringe, and is described as a "funny and moving love letter to the high street bookies". Sounds promising. See this page here for all the info.

Nathan Willcock - State Of The Nathan | The Bill Murray | 15 May
Well, you know what suckers we are for amusing titles here at TW Towers (if you didn't know that, then now you do) and 'State Of The Nathan' spoke to me. But it's not just the title you can count on for entertainment. I have a good feeling about the career prospects of this young man, who has already won much critical acclaim, and in this show promises to regale audiences with jokes about the fact that he doesn't know what's going on, in his life, or in our country. Click here for more.

TUESDAY 16 MAY 2016 >>

Blush | Soho Theatre | 16 May-3 Jun
This award winning sell-out-at-edfringe show deals with something that causes me a lot of indignation and annoyance, because it's an utterly miserable thing to do to a person, and, even better, the show describes itself as a "slap in the fact and a call to arms". The issue is revenge porn, and the format here offers five separate stories about its perpetrators and victims. For more info and to book, see this page here.

Iced Tea - Chill Pill Meets A 21st Century Tea Dance | The Albany | 16 May
Fancy "a special edition of Entelechy's radical version of a tea-dance where emerging older artists will share the stage with performers from one of the UK's top poetry collectives, Chill Pill"? Well I sure freaking do. An amazing line up of purveyors of the spoken word, click here for all the details.

Croft & Pearce Are Not Alone | Museum Of Comedy | 16-20 May (pictured)
We first came in contact to this pair at the Edinburgh Festival quite some time ago (was it 2010, 2011?) and we've always found their sketch offerings hugely enjoyable, especially given their excellent rapport, which has only increased as the years have gone by, making their performances beautifully harmonious and cohesive. Don't miss this sell-out show that's won acclaim and ticket sales all over the country. See the venue website here for more.

WEDNESDAY 17 MAY 2016 >>

King's Cross (Remix) | Camden People's Theatre | 16-27 May
Acclaimed creator and performer Tom Marshman uncovers the hidden histories of LGBTQ communities in eighties London, through collected first-hand memories of the King's Cross area, which was of course a hub of LGBTQ bars, culture and communities back then. The result is a raucous depiction of a riotous time, when HIV was causing tragedy, and rights were to be fought for. See this page here for info.

Prison Game | The Albany | 17-18 May (pictured)
A biographical story about how prison can define a man, developed using real life accounts of extraordinary experiences, taking a look at how institutionalisation affects people. It's performed by Marcus Hercules, who brings to life a series of characters to tell the tale, which charts a young boy's journey from primary school through to adulthood. Sounds excellent. See the venue website here for details.

Catch Me (Attrape Moi) | Udderbelly Festival | 17 May-9 Jul
Canadian circus troupe Flip FabriQue head to London's Southbank, where Udderbelly's summer Festival is in full swing. You'd be mad to miss them, as they have won so much praise around the world for their daring feats of extreme acrobatics, trampolining, and parkour. Entertaining for a wide range of ages, so it would make a great family outing. Click here for more.

THURSDAY 18 MAY 2016 >>

London Burlesque Festival Opening Gala | Conway Hall | 18 May
The London Burlesque Festival kicks off today with this, the not-surprisingly-entitled London Burlesque Festival Opening Gala, from which you can expect a line up including Red Juliette, Cherry Boomb, Dixie Feathers, Flapper Tappers, Kitty Ribbons, Amy HoopLovin, FooFooLaBelle and Sugar Rush. Info on this event here, full line up of festival events here.

Casus - Driftwood | Udderbelly Festival | 4 May-4 Jun (pictured)
"As we drift along the current of life we are shaped by the humans we encounter. The stories of our loved ones, our enemies and complete strangers guide us and determine the person we become". More circus from Udderbelly Festival (we were talking yesterday about Flip FabriQue), this time from renowned and award winning troupe Casus. See this page here for details.

Macbetti | Camden People's Theatre | 16-20 May
An actress sick of the men getting all the good roles (and for good reason, let's face it) is going to play all the parts in MacBeth. She knows all the lines, she knows how to stage fight, so she wants stage time, fame, and to be the dominant player for once. Sounds fun, huh? Head this way for lots more info and to book your tickets.
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