Hello there. It's been another super busy week as I start working my way through all the shows happening at the Edinburgh Festival this August to select the Three To See recommendations we will be publishing in late July.

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Meanwhile, back to this week's TW Weekly, and we are checking out another Edinburgh show, this time 'Women In War' which is being performed at C cubed.

Plus we have the usual guide to culture in London over the next seven days, including two new Caro Meets interviews, with up and coming playwright Sarah Kosar and writer/director Neil Weatherall.

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Caro Moses
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Plays about war are not a rare thing, especially not in Edinburgh, but when I heard about 'Women In War', it immediately piqued my interest, because of its focus on a different kind of active service, carried out by the US Army's Female Engagement Team.

I spoke to the show's creator - performer and academic Rebecca Johannsen - to find out more. Read the interview here.

'Women At War' is on at Edinburgh Fringe 2017 at C cubed from 3-28 Aug.
I heard good things about 'Mumburger' when it was first produced in London back in 2016, and so I was excited to find out that a new production would be staged at The Old Red Lion this summer. The play takes a surreal and darkly comic look at bereavement and how we deal with it, and is the work of acclaimed up and coming playwright Sarah Kosar.

I spoke to Sarah to find out more about her, and the show. Read the interview here.

'Mumburger' is on at The Old Red Lion from 27 Jun-22 Jul, see the venue website here for all the details.


When I heard about 'The Passion Of The Playboy Riots', which opens at Hen & Chickens next week, I was very interested for a number of reasons. The play is based on true events and features recognisable central characters but also has a very interesting structure, and, despite being set well in the past, has immense relevance for a contemporary audience.

To find out more about the show, I spoke to writer and director Neil Weatherall. Read the interview here.

'The Passion Of The Playboy Riots' is on at Hen & Chickens from 27 Jun-8 Jul, see this page here for info and to book.

FRIDAY 23 JUNE 2016 >>

Jordan Brookes - The Making Of | Soho Theatre | 23-24 Jun (pictured)
In amongst all the previews on in London at the moment, here's one that's already been edfringe tested, by Chortle Best Newcomer nominee Jordan Brookes. Our Edinburgh reviewer loved this show when she saw it at last year's Festival, so if you'd like to get a sense of what to expect, you can read her review here, and to book yourself a ticket, head to the venue website here.

James Bonney MP | White Bear Theatre | 20 Jun-8 Jul
I hear lots of people these days who say they feel fed up with politics and politicking, but if you are one of those people, I wouldn't necessarily rule out seeing this show, which is a new comedy about a rather flawed-sounding MP, a "swashbuckling moderate, the (ladies) man of the people doesn't take kindly to enemies within". Seems promising, see this page here for all the info.

Lauren Pattison - Lady Muck | Museum Of Comedy | 23 Jun
Talented up and comer Lauren Pattison, a finalist in last year's BBC Radio New Comedy Award, presents a preview of her debut hour, which she'll be taking up to Edinburgh later in the summer. It focuses on the topic of embracing your flaws and learning to love yourself, which is nice, and we are really looking forward to seeing it. Click here for details.

SATURDAY 24 JUNE 2016 >>

Ed Night - Anthem For Doomed Youth | Museum Of Comedy | 24 Jun (pictured)
"Can young people salvage their future? Are unpaid internships worse than The Somme?" I am quite keen to hear what Ed Night has to say on this subject, not least because he's young, but also because he's a talented and promising comedian. Most publicity blurbs go on about things being "hotly anticipated", but with regard to this particular debut hour, it's probably true. Well, it is here at TW Towers, in any case. See the venue website here for more.

Working | Southwark Playhouse | 2 Jun-8 Jul
They're quite well into the run of this production of Stephen Schwartz' 1977 musical based on Studs Terkel's best-selling book of interviews with the American workforce, but there's still lots of time to see it. This is the European premiere, and it seems surprising that it's not been staged here before given its fairly universal themes about life and the daily grind. It's had some great reviews, see this page here for details.

Perpetual - A Sonic Opera | The Bunker | 20 Jun-1 Jul
"Lazarus, resurrected by the hand of Jesus, has wandered the world for millennia, unable to die. Seeking eternal rest he returns to his ancient tomb. In his lonesome madness he tirelessly thrashes against the walls of his immortal body, uttering half-remembered words of Christ". Completely intrigued by the sound of this 'sonic opera', which apparently "places emphasis on the 'physicality of sound". Click here for more.

SUNDAY 25 JUNE 2016 >>

My Name Is Swan | East End Film Festival | 25 Jun
My Name Is Swan describes, through film, music and poetry, a 24 hour journey across London and addresses the growing social and economic gaps of the capital city through the exploration of diverse themes: drugs and the suburbs, boredom, football violence, vandalism, happiness, isolation, addiction, rivers, shopping trolleys, love, and hope. Click here for more info on this, and here for all the other events happening as part of the East End Film Festival

Waiting For Charlie | The Hope Theatre | 25-26 Jun
"It's been a rough six months for Bobby, but his mate's turning him vegan and he's just started a new job". This show claims to be about friendship and vegan cheese, which got my attention, not least because I eat vegan cheese on a regular basis. But there are better reasons that that to want to see it: It's by an award nominated playwright, Andrew Maddock, who you may remember as the creator of 'The Me Plays' and 'In/Out (A Feeling)', and so I suspect it will be rather good. See the venue website here for details.

12 Million Volts | New Diorama | 25-26 Jun (pictured)
The up and coming, award winning The Outbound Project tell the story of Nikola Tesla, who, in their opinion, was "one of the world's most badass inventors", and promise a show containing sort-of holograms, er, pigeons with lasers coming out of their eyes, and "more lighting tricks than we can afford batteries to perform". Well, I'm sold, and I expect you are too, see this page here for more.

MONDAY 26 JUNE 2016 >>

Kiri Pritchard McLean - Hysterical Woman | Soho Theatre | 26-28 Jun (pictured)
I'm rather looking forward to seeing Kiri Pritchard McLean's new show 'Appropriate Adult', which will be on up at edfringe in August, and I expect you are too. But in the interests of doing things in the right order, if you haven't already seen her debut hour 'Hysterical Woman', here's a great opportunity to put that right. Don't hesitate, even for a moment, head this way to book your tickets.

A Monk's Tale - Relics, Revolt and Reformation | Museum Of Comedy | 26+29 Jun
"Fast-paced sketches and songs about popes, the printing press, St Peter, Purgatory and a diet of worms, celebrating the 500th anniversary of the start of the Reformation". I love comical performances and I also loved studying the reformation, so I feel pretty sure these guys came up with the idea of this show just for me. I expect you'll love it too, however, not least because this is the same team that brought you 'The God Particle', which was super. Click here for more.

Michael Fabbri et al | The Good Ship | 26 Jun
And yes, it's yet another tip for a Monday night show over at The Good Ship, but I can't help it, because they are so often so good. This week's cracking line-up consists of Michael Fabbri, Philip Simon, Sooz Kempner, Francesco Di Carlo, Sophie Duker and resident MC Ben Van Der Velde. For more information about all the performers, and to book ahead, click this link here.

TUESDAY 27 JUNE 2016 >>

The Passion Of The Playboy Riots | Hen & Chickens | 27 Jun-8 Jul
This sounds interesting (and a bit topical right now, really), an examination of the role played by Theatre in the origins of the IRA, based on the writings of WB Yeats, Irish Literary Theatre founder Lady Gregory, and poet and playwright Patrick Pearse. It's set backstage during performances of three different ground-breaking Irish plays, and sees its protagonists trying to raise the profile and status of Irish culture in support of the campaign for Home Rule. See this page here for more.

Mumburger | Old Red Lion Theatre | 27 Jun-22 Jul
"Tiffany's mum got hit by a Birdseye truck on the M25. There's family to call and a coffin to order, but first she has to talk to her dad - and for some reason that's the toughest thing on her to-do list. Meanwhile, an oozing paper bag on the doorstep holds a dying wish that will either bring father and daughter together, or drive them further apart". I've tipped this before, and I'd tip it again: it may sound surreal, but you can expect is an excellent and provocative exploration of how families cope with grief. See the venue website here for info.

Twayna Mayne - Black Girl | Leicester Square Theatre | 27 Jun (pictured)
I feel as though Twayna Mayne has been around for quite a while, and won acclaim, and nominations, and been in comedy award finals... so it feels quite surprising that this is a work in progress showing of her first full hour. The blurb says "highly anticipated", and I agree. Click here for details and to book.


The Crows Plucked Your Sinews | The Albany | 28 Jun-14 Jul
"In May 2011 a young Somali woman sits in the dark of a Woolwich council house watching the assassination of Osama Bin Laden unfold on TV. Upstairs her ailing grandmother is talking to ghosts. In August 1913, the British are at war in the Horn of Africa. A woman dervish warrior searches the body of a British Tommy. In the morning the killing will begin". This one woman show depicting the violence of empire written and directed Hassan Mahamdallie returns to The Albany for another run. See this page here for info.

Judith Lucy and Denise Scott - Disappointments | Soho Theatre | 27 Jun-7 Jul (pictured)
A new and apparently riotous show from renowned and award winning Australian comedians Judith Lucy and Denise Scott. You can expect a quality performance from this duo, but they also promise to make you feel better about your life, or at the very least, learn to embrace your own mediocrity. And you can't say fairer than that. See the venue website here for more.

House Of America | Jack Studio | 27 Jun-15 Jul
A production of Ed Thomas' acclaimed 1988 play, which you might remember being on at The Royal Court, if you are old enough, and which was also made into a 1997 film starring Sian Phillips. It's set in a depressed Welsh mining town and tells the story of a dysfunctional family, recently abandoned by their father, who has gone off to a new life in California. For all the details, follow this link here.

THURSDAY 29 JUNE 2016 >>

Rosie Wilby - Is Monogamy Dead? Book Launch | Gay's The Word | 29 Jun
As part of Pride In London, TW favourite Rosie Wilby is launching her new book, and will do so by performing some excerpts from it before discussing the content with Diva magazine's Carrie Lyell. As you might already have gathered, it takes a humorous and mildly scientific-sounding look at the subject of monogamy, and why society continues to cling rigidly to the concept when it clearly doesn't work for everyone. For more info on this event, see this page here, and for other Pride events, start here.

00 And His 7: A James Bond Ballet | Chelsea Theatre | 29-30 Jun
I'm not a huge fan of James Bond films, to be honest, but I enjoy a spoof, and I also enjoy ballet, so I can't help thinking that this production from The London Ballet Company will be a very entertaining affair. I also suspect that this is the kind of show that might convert those people who say they categorically don't like ballet, so you might want to take them along. Click here for info.

Johnny Cochrane - Appeal | Soho Theatre | 29 Jun-1 Jul (pictured)
CBBC alumnus and general all round rising star Johnny Cochrane heads Soho-wards with a run of his debut Edinburgh show, which he took to the Fringe last year, and which is all about how to create the perfect debut show. Not sure how instructive it will be, but you can definitely expect to be entertained, see this page here for details.
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