Hello there. We are now in production mode with our preview edition of ThreeWeeks Edinburgh, which means the Fringe must be very close indeed! But we still made time to talk to two more Edinburgh performers and put together our customary guide to the cultural week ahead in London - aka your TW Weekly.

This week's Q&As are with Malcolm Hardee Award winner Robert White about his Edinburgh show 'InstruMENTAL' and James Rowland about his new solo outing 'A Hundred Different Words For Love' and his myriad other Fringe projects. Meanwhile our London-based interview this week is with Alex Swift about his show 'An Injury’ at Ovalhouse. Plus there are our London Threes To See as well.

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If you're a regular Fringe-goer, you might well have seen Robert White's previous Festival shows, one of which won him a Malcolm Hardee Award. This year, he takes something of a new direction as he presents his latest show, which combines his comedy skills with the fruits of his musical training.

Through the show he tells a verging-on-unbelievable story of incidents that befell him in his late teens, prior to a significant diagnosis that suddenly made a lot of things clear. I spoke to Robert to find out more about his life, career and this show. Read the interview here.

Robert White performs 'InstruMENTAL' at Edinburgh Festival 2017 at Gilded Balloon Teviot from 2-27 Aug.
Prior to last year's Festival, as we surveyed the breadth of 2016's Fringe programme, our interest was well and truly piqued when we came across the show called 'Team Viking'. Which meant we were rather pleased when it turned out to be a great piece that our reviewer really loved.

That play was created by one of the busiest performers of the 2017 Festival, James Rowland, who returns this year with a new solo show - 'A Hundred Different Words For Love' - among other commitments. I spoke to James, to find out more about him, his work and what to expect from the new show. Read the interview here.

James performs in 'A Hundred Different Words For Love' at Edinburgh Festival 2017 at Summerhall from 4-27 Aug, plus in 'Team Viking' on 15 Aug at Bob's Monkey Barrel and at Paines Plough Roundabout at Summerhall on 16 Aug, in 'Knightmare Live' at Underbelly George Square on 6 and 13 Aug, and in 'Every Brilliant Thing' at Paines Plough Roundabout at Summerhall from 21-27 Aug.
A few months ago we interviewed Keiran Hurley about his recent success 'Heads Up', which stormed the Edinburgh Festival last year, and we were pleased to hear that a new play by the acclaimed writer and performer makes its way to Ovalhouse this month.

Another thing these two shows have in common is Alex Swift, who co-directed 'Heads Up' and who is director and co-creator of the new peice, 'An Injury'. I spoke to Alex to find out more. Read the interview here.

'An Injury' is on at Ovalhouse from 18-22 Jul, see the venue website here for info.

FRIDAY 14 JULY 2016 >>

Appily Ever After | Camden People's Theatre | 14-15 Jul (pictured)
Bristol-based Frenetic Fox present this one man show exploring its central character's misadventures in the world of online dating, and themes of app-addiction, disillusionment and sexual assault within the gay community. I don't think it would conform to what we tend to regard as a 'standard' sort of play, more a performance piece, so expect a combination of spoken word and original songs. See this page here for more.

Peepshow | Canal Cafe Theatre | 14-15 + 20-22 Jul
A production of Edinburgh-based playwright and screenwriter Isabel Wright's 2002 script, originally staged by Frantic Assembly, which offers a snapshots into the lives of residents of a tower block, and combines text with music and choreography to create a different kind of musical. Great source material, and looks like it's in safe hands, see the venue website here for info.

Number 30 Bingo Bertie | Little Angel Theatre | 14-15 Jul
"They say you never know when your number is up. Our lives are filled with dreams and schemes and could have beens, roads regretted and untravelled. When is too late, too late?" The Little Angel Adult Company explore memories, dreams and a "good old game of Bingo" in this show aimed at grown up audiences aged 12+. Head this way for details.

SATURDAY 15 JULY 2016 >>

Asperger's Are Us | Hackney Attic | 15 Jul
You may have already heard of Netflix stars Asperger's Are Us, the US comedy troupe entirely comprised of performers who are on the autistic spectrum. If not, then, FYI, then you can expect clever wordplay and offbeat, absurdist, goofy sketches. Entirely suitable for both neurotypicals and neurodivergents. See this page here to book tickets.

We Live By The Sea | Greenwich Theatre | 14-29 Jul
"Katy and her (imaginary) dog Paul Williams live with their sister Hannah in a sleepy coastal town. When lonely teenager Ryan moves there from the city he and Katy make a connection that will shake their worlds forever". After successful runs in various other places round the globe (including the Edinburgh Festival), this acclaimed play by Patch Of Blue returns to London for a short run at Greenwich Theatre, see the venue website here for more info.

Richard III | The Rose Playhouse | 11-23 Jul
As someone who covers all the Fringe stuff, I generally delight in all its brand new, innovative, genre mixing freshness. But, you know, sometimes it's great to see the traditionally brilliant stuff like Shakespeare plays. Because, you know, Shakespeare. And this one is brought to you by Shoreditch's internationally-touring Malachite Theatre, and has been especially created for the historic Rose Playhouse. Click here for details.

SUNDAY 16 JULY 2016 >>

Lovecraft | King's Head Theatre | 15+16 Jul
As you might know, because we mentioned it a few days ago, the King's Head Theatre's Festival 47 is ongoing, and there's a whole six shows you could see today. That being the case, I decided we ought to spend the day there, and so I picked three of them. Starting with this, three classic HP Lovecraft stories brought to life through physical theatre and storytelling. Click here for info.

Fall Of Duty | King's Head Theatre | 15+16 Jul
I'm currently living with a teenaged adult who seems to spend an awful lot of time playing Call Of Duty, and other games, and I've never been much of a gamer, despite maturing in the age of consoles, so this spoke to me. Head this way to find out more about why this show might resonate with someone like me, and to book your tickets.

By All Accounts Two Normal Girls | 15+16 Jul
I believe this one's going up to the Edinburgh Fringe later this summer, so I guess it's kind of a preview. It's the work of performing pair Stiff & Kitsch, whose 'Adele Is Younger Than Us' show you may have seen and enjoyed up at the Festival last year, or at Vault Festival earlier this year. Anyway, I have it on good authority that this duo is very good, so don't delay, click here.

MONDAY 17 JULY 2016 >>

Lady Rizo - Red White and Indigo | Soho Theatre | 14 Jul-5 Aug (pictured)
The always excellent internationally acclaimed cabaret star Lady Rizo returns to the Soho with this show about her love-hate relationship with America. "America is a very bad boyfriend but why do I still love him?", she laments, and delivers a highly personal show, unpacking her feelings for the US of A. Click here for info.

Sheep | White Bear Theatre | 17 Jul-5 Aug
"It's been twenty-one nights since Dexy last slept. It could be down to his choice of pillow. Duck Down. It could be down the heating in his flat. Nonexistent. Or it could be the fact his girlfriend's missing, the police are scouring the streets and Dexy's past is catching up with him". A play by established TV writer and playwright David Cantor, which is described as a "modern day insom-com" focusing on sleep deprivation, existential angst, and alternative realities. See the venue website here for more.

Edinburgh Previews at Theatre503 | Theatre503 | 17-29 Jul
Theatre503 present a whole raft of Edinburgh Fringe previews over a two week period, beginning today with a comedy parody of a DH Lawrence novel 'Not: Lady Chatterley's Lover', plus teen and impending-death themed play 'The F Word'. For links to these two, and all the other previews, see this page here.

TUESDAY 18 JULY 2016 >>

An Injury | Ovalhouse | 18-22 Jul
If you are a person of taste and discernment, you probably caught a showing of Keiran Hurley's award-winnig 'Heads Up', either at the 2016 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, or during its run at Battersea Arts Centre earlier this year. And if you did, you will be more than interested to see this new show, written by the aforementioned Hurley, and directed by Alex Swift. I know I am. See the venue website here for details.

The Witch's Mark | The Space | 18-22 Jul (pictured)
This show by Over The Limit is set in 1591 in Edinburgh, when the city is at the height of a witch craze, and tells the story of the falsely accused Agnes Sampson, who is awaiting her execution. Expect something visceral and haunting, the story of a woman's resistance against the dark forces determined to destroy her; and I dare say if you are anything like me you will end up in a terrific rage about patriarchy and injustice. Bloody men. But #notallmen obv. Head to this page here for more.

Wil Greenway - The Way The City Ate The Stars | Soho Theatre | 18-19 Jul
We love Wil Greenway a lot, because he's a brilliant and awesome storyteller, and in fact, we love him so much we've given him a lot of great reviews and a TW Editors Award. Naturally I don't want you to squander any chance you may have to see him at work, especially not when our reviewer thought this particular show so marvellous. See this page here for all the info.


The Midnight Gang | Chickenshed Theatre | 19 Jul-6 Aug
"When the clock strikes midnight most children are fast asleep, but for the Midnight Gang the journey is just beginning". Chickenshed bring to the stage David Walliams' novel 'The Midnight Gang, which, if you haven't read it, is about five children, all in hospital for different reasons, and the surprising adventures they get up to. See this page here for all the info.

Nina - a story about me and Nina Simone | Young Vic | 19-29 Jul
The highly experienced and award-nominated Josette Bushell-Mingo is the creative force behind this theatre piece accompanied by live band which was - as you may have cleverly devised from reading the title - inspired by the life and music of the brilliant Nina Simone. Not just a tribute, I think, but a piece with important contemporary relevance, looking at the singer's political activism and how far we've come with regard to social inequality. Click here for more.

Twilight Song | The Park Theatre | 12 Jul-12 Aug
This has quite a starry cast, including that lovely Bryony Hannah off 'Call The Midwife', but that's only one reason to see it. Another is that it's the premiere of the final work of late award-winning playwright and screenwriter Kevin Elyot. Set on summer evenings of the 1960s and of the present day, the play follows one family's hidden liaisons over half a century. See the venue website here for details.

THURSDAY 20 JULY 2016 >>

White | Ovalhouse | 20-22 Jul
A show devised and performed by Koko Brown, consisting of spoken word and live vocal looping, and addressing the concept of mixed race privilege and what it means to be mixed in contemporary Britain. It's part of a 'Colour Trilogy' of forthcoming shows, along with 'Grey', which will explore mental health issues for people of colour, and 'Pink', which will look at sexuality and gender. For more info on 'White', see this page here.

Pappy's Flatshare Slamdown | Old Queen's Head | 20 Jul
The Laugh Out London Comedy Festival started on Monday, but this is the first show I was able to find that wasn't sold out, so I had to delay mentioning it until today. I am struggling to understand, however, quite why it isn't also sold out, given that it involves the always-excellent Pappy's. Is it because it's a podcast recording? Well, anyway, here are the details, for those who like to be entertained, and here's a link to the other festival events.

John Robertson - Arena Spectacular | Soho Theatre | 20-22 Jul
Another purveyor of excellence, now, a performer we like enough to have given a lovely award up at the Edinburgh Fringe, where his shows have won much acclaim, as well as what you would probably call cult status. Don't ever miss a chance to see him in action, I am warning you. See the venue website here to book.
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