Hello there. Here we go again with another TW Weekly, with all the latest cultural tips for the week ahead in London, plus another couple of interviews from the Edinburgh Fringe.

In terms of the chatting, this week I got the lowdown from Matt Abbot about his spoken word show 'Two Little Ducks', while Chris spoke to comedian Sunil Patel. Both of them are performing in Edinburgh next month. Back here in London I have spoken to director Georgia Leanne Harris about 'Sheep' at The White Bear.

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We last came across spoken word creative Matt Abbot when he brought his debut Edinburgh show 'Matt Abbott Is Skint & Demoralised' for a short but acclaimed run at the 2015 Fringe, and it was great to hear that he will be back in the Scottish capital this summer for the whole festival.

I spoke to him to find out about his career, why he likes mixing the cultural with the political, and what to expect from this year's show. Read the interview here.

Matt Abbot performs 'Two Little Ducks' at Edinburgh Festival 2017 at Underbelly Cowgate from 3-27 Aug.
Between 2011 and 2013, Sunil Patel won or came close to winning practically every new comedian competition in existence, and has deservedly won much critical acclaim away from the world of contests as well.

To this year's Edinburgh, he brings his second hour long show 'Titan', in which he broaches the topic of how, in an increasingly depressing world, he is actually doing okay.

I spoke to him to find out more, about his career, this year's show, and those aforementioned new talent competitions. Read the interview here.

Sunil Patel performs 'Titan' at Edinburgh Festival 2017 at Laughing Horse @ The Counting House from 3-27 Aug.
A run of a new play by established screenwriter and playwright David Cantor began at The White Bear Theatre this week, and it sounds like a cracker, telling the story of a man beset by insomnia and what happens to him in the wee small hours.

To find out a bit more about the play and who is behind it, I had a quick chat with the show's director, Georgia Leanne Harris. Read the interview here.

'Sheep' is on at The White Bear until 5 Aug, see this page here for info and to book.

FRIDAY 21 JULY 2016 >>

Treating Odette | Upstairs At The Gatehouse | 21 Jul-6 Aug
"In 1949 two of the most famous women in Britain met in a fashionable Mayfair beauty salon. One was the film star Anna Neagle and the other was the wartime heroine Odette. Under the gentle hands of their young beautician they were to reveal the explosive secrets that neither the press nor the Gestapo ever discovered". Sounds interesting, doesn't it? Especially given it's based on truth. See this page here for more info.

Above The Mealy Mouthed Sea | Omnibus Theatre | 21 Jul (pictured)
This is the first of two Edinburgh previews that we are recommending today, a piece by Unholy Mess, whose Fringe debut 'Melody' won a fair amount of critical acclaim. In a fusion of poetry and song, performance poet Jemima Foxtrot explores memory, childhood and how the way we remember things can be skewed. See the venue website here for details.

The Shape Of The Pain | Battersea Arts Centre | 21 Jul
I don't want to make this all about me, really, but I must confess that this caught my eye because of the fact that I've had some dealings with chronic pain and those who suffer from it, and this show is about physical pain, how we talk about it, and how love and joy can happen despite it. It's the work of Fringe First winners China Plate, so you can feel sure that this will be a well put together production. Click here for more.

SATURDAY 22 JULY 2016 >>

Curtain Twitchen | Flying Fantastic | 22 Jul
Our reviewers have really enjoyed shows by Aaron Twitchen in the past, but as far as I can recall, they conformed more to what you would expect from a stand-up show. This preview of his upcoming Edinburgh show is a bit different, though, because he's combining his stand up skill with his physical circus experience to present an hour of comedy with aerial silk work. Hurrah. Click here for info, and here to book.

Abi Roberts - Anglichanka | Museum Of Comedy | 22 Jul (pictured)
Another show that's headed north to the edfringe shortly, but which I am not regarding as a preview given that it was also on at last year's Festival, garnering a praise-filled review from our reviewer. The show focuses on Roberts' real life experiences of living in the former Soviet Union in the nineties, training to be an opera singer there, and recently returning as a stand-up act. Expect to hear about using outside toilets in -20 temperatures, hardcore vodka consumption and gay rights and censorship in modern Russia. See the venue website here for more.

Mortified Live | Leicester Square Theatre | 22 Jul
This is the odd one out in today's tips, because although it conforms to an obvious comedy theme, it's not going to Edinburgh in a couple of weeks time. And it's also slightly different in that this is a show I absolutely wouldn't go to see, being the sort of person who really, really, really, cannot stand having to cringe with vicarious embarrassment, but you know, I know not everyone is like me. As you already know, I am sure, this internationally acclaimed show sees folk sharing tales of their awkward and misspent youth via artefacts and diary content. Tickets will be disappearing quickly, try to get yours here.

SUNDAY 23 JULY 2016 >>

Tanguera | Sadler's Wells | 19 Jul-6 Aug
I know I am a sucker for the Latin rhythms, but tell me you aren't also seduced by the sound of this: "This summer escape to the sultry streets of Buenos Aires with the return of the tango spectacular Tanguera. High-adrenaline choreography, a seductive score and lavish sets bring this gripping love story from turn-of-the-century Argentina to life. Packed with whirlwind twirls, smouldering eyes and flashing legs, this is tango at its most passionate, authentic and dramatic". See the venue website here for more.

The Borrowers | Polka Theatre | 16 Jun-20 Aug (pictured)
This has been on for a while now, and I honestly thought I had already tipped it, but as it turns out, I haven't, and it's madness that I haven't, because who'd miss a show based on such a brilliant children's book? What child won't be interested and engaged by Mary Norton's story of tiny little people scraping an existence in the hidden places of someone's home? Go on, show me one. See, you can't. Take your young fry to witness Arriety's adventures with the human beans, see this page here.

Good Vibes | Etcetera Theatre | 23 Jul
Well, that's two shows for you that aren't connected to the Edinburgh Festival but that non-Fringe run is now over. We can't help it, because a) there's so much edpreview going on in this city at the moment, we can't help keep running into it and b) we love the Fringe. This comedy hour comes to you courtesy of Heather Shaw and Olga Koch, one of whom was Yellow Comedy's New Comedian of the Year 2016, and the other of whom is currently an Amused Moose Award finalist. Don't ask me to remember which one is which, click this link to find out.

MONDAY 24 JULY 2016 >>

A Strange New Space | Little Angel Theatre | 24-26 Jul
A one woman show telling the story of Amira, who is fascinated by space, and dreams of becoming an astronaut. One day, her mother tells her they must leave their home to go on an adventure in search of a safe new space to live, and Amira interprets her words as a signal that the longed for intergalactic trip is on the horizon. No words, just physical theatre and puppetry and music, aimed at children aged 4-9. I think it sounds excellent, see this page here for info.

Finding Nana | Soho Theatre | 24-25 Jul
"Room 17. Four walls full of lipstick, laughter, hairspray and Horlicks. Nana is nut brown and wrinkled with chicken fillets for arms. That's what we say. And she treats me like I'm way more amazing than I actually am". This autobiographical play by award winning up and comer Jane Upton is set in a seaside hotel, and explores the author's loving relationship with her grandmother. See the venue website here for details.

Children Are Stinky | Underbelly Festival | 22-27 Jul (pictured)
And a second children's show for today, but, you know, the school holidays have just begun, and you might as well start the summer with a cultural bang. The Australian creators of this second option wowed the discerning Edinburgh crowd with their hilarious acrobatic show last year, and now here they are in London to entertain more family audiences with their funny, daredevil antics and super soundtrack. Click here to book.

TUESDAY 25 JULY 2016 >>

Nassim | Bush Theatre | 25-29 Jul
Another edpreview to add to the long list of edpreviews we've asked you to consider lately, and this is what's described as an "audacious theatrical experiment that explores the power of language to unite us in unknown, uncertain times". No surprise, really, that this is a little bit different - involving unprepared performers - because that same premise fuelled playwright Nassim Soleimanpour's acclaimed and internationally performed 2011 creation 'White Rabbit Red Rabbit'. See the venue website here for info.

The Marriage Of Kim K | Arcola Theatre | 25-29 Jul
If you love pop culture, social media, reality shows, but also Mozart then this could be the show for you because it's a mash-up of The Marriage Of Figaro and a Kardashian musical, focusing on Kim's 2011 televised (and ill-fated) marriage to NBA basketball star Kris Humphries (I didn't even know that happened) as well as the story of Mozart's count and countess. Looks highly promising, for details, see this page here.

The Girls From Oz | The Crazy Coqs | 25 Jul
It sounds as though what The Girls From Oz (aka Kara Lane, Sally White and Ashleigh Fleming) offer is also kind of mash-uppy, in the sense that they sing songs by the likes of  Kylie, Men At Work, John Farnham, AC/DC and Peter Allen, but a good portion of the songs are arranged in the style of swingy singing groups like The Andrews Sisters, so you can expect a distinctly vintage vibe. Click here for more.


The B*easts | Bush Theatre | 26-28 Jul
Another Edfringe preview over at The Bush, this time a show written by and starring Bafta-winner Monica Dolan, which explores a topic that's been bothering me for quite a while - the 'pornification' of our culture and the sexualisation of children. The play, directed by John Hoggarth, takes a look at how far one mother is prepared to go in order to ensure that what her child wants comes first. See this page here for all the info.

Lovestuck - A New Musical | The Cockpit | 25-30 Jul
This promising sounding new musical, written by Adam Wollerton with music by PJ Nielsen and Jake Few, tells the story of Charlie, who is just starting life at university, and meets two new friends, Lily and Jake. The show follows the trio through the ups and downs of undergraduate life, covering themes like sexuality, drugs and video games. Head this way to book tickets.

Rabbits | Park Theatre | 26 Jul-19 Aug (pictured)
"Susan is dangerously lonely. Frank is obsessed with hats. Their marriage is on the rocks but Frank has a plan to spice things up. He's taking their pet rabbit to be murdered - by a psychopath". Argh. Well, this sounds a bit dark, but the show is described as a black comedy, so fair enough, I guess, but I really hope the rabbit survives. It's the playwright Joe Hampson's stage debut, as he's better known for his radio and screen writing, and it's got a great cast. Click here for details.

THURSDAY 27 JULY 2016 >>

I Am A Tree | Ovalhouse | 27-29 Jul (pictured)
Earlier this year we tipped an early, work-in-progress showing of this new show by TW favourite Jamie Wood, and I see every reason to tip it again now, ahead of a run in Edinburgh in August. "The show is something else entirely", runs the blurb. "A dance party with ghosts, in a forest, in a theatre. A hopping ritual. An invitation to drink deep: to face the shadows that growl on your insides and laugh big". Head this way to find out more.

Chopping Chillies/Nell Gwynn's Laid Bare | Colour House Theatre | 27 Jul
'Chopping Chillies' is also something I have tipped before, and I am happy to tip it again because it's brilliant, but for those of you who are getting a bit tired of me re-tipping, you can see this as part of a double bill with another show that I haven't tipped before, but which I have heard great things about. I reckon you're in for an excellent night's entertainment, click here for info and to book.

Christopher Nibble | Little Angel Theatre | 27-30 Jul
Let's finish the day with a show for the little ones, because those school holidays are still ongoing, and in fact will still be ongoing in a month's time. Yes. Anyway, this looks rather a nice treat for your 2-7 year olds, an adaptation of the picture book by Charlotte Middleton, staged by Topsy Turvey Theatre with the help of storytelling, handmade puppets and original music. See the venue website here for details.
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