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It's the latest TW:TALKS podcast from Edinburgh Festival 2017. This time ThreeWeeks Editors' Award winner John Robertson, who is back at the festival with both a new stand-up show and the Fringe institution that is 'The Dark Room'. We chat to John about his career in comedy from the very start to the latest show, with lots of Edinburgh experiences along the way.

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John Robertson performs 'Dominant' at The Stand, 'The Dark Room' at Underbelly Cowgate and 'The Dark Room For Kids' at Just The Tonic at The Community Project, all three shows until 26 Aug.
With the Edinburgh Fringe going very much through its motions, as well as tipping shows in London, the TW team is also currently recommending Three To See each day in the festival city. Here are three Edinburgh shows we are tipping for Friday 18 Aug. For a daily batch of Edinburgh-style tips, sign up to the TW Daily here.

Amy Conway's Super Awesome World | Summerhall | 5.40pm
In what our reviewer called "an enchanting hour", Amy Conway explores how video games can hold up a mirror to our own lives and struggles. The resulting show is "affecting, life-affirming and beautiful".

Acéléré by Circolombia | Underbelly's Circus Hub on The Meadows | 9.15pm (pictured)
"Circus to take your breath away!" say we. Adds our reviewer: "At times it feels utterly frenzied as they leap through the air and swirl around the stage". This show "will absolutely blow your mind".

Arna Spek: Museum Piece | Just The Tonic at The Caves | 12.00am
Originally from the Netherlands, Arna Spek makes "dry, self-deprecating observations about London life and odd British behaviour from the perspective of a confused and bumbling outsider", reports our review. And it really works. "Her comic style is as fabulously quirky and awkward as her tales of medieval bananas". Go see.
This August the Edinburgh Festival celebrates its 70th anniversary. To mark the occasion, we have asked a plethora of performers about their personal Fringe experiences. Today the magical Morgan & West. 

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Morgan & West perform at the Underbelly Med Quad, with 'More Magic for Kids!' until 27 Aug and 'Return of the Time-Travelling Magicians' until 28 Aug.

FRIDAY 18 AUGUST 2017 >>

Don't Blame The Bankers...$toopid | Canal Cafe Theatre | 18-20 Aug
I must confess that I do tend to blame bankers - not for absolutely everything, I hasten to add, but for quite a lot of things - and that's possibly why I think I should go and see this show, even if it is going to try and tell me that the bankers aren't all to blame. Anyway, my interest is piqued in this show that I think I missed seeing in Edinburgh a Fringe or two ago, so I thought you all might want to take a look too. Part of Camden Fringe, see this page here for more.

Aunty Donna - Big Boys | Leicester Square Theatre | 16-19 Aug
"Fast-paced and sweaty, the boys have certainly honed their act, which was an absolute hit with their predominantly young, male crowd. Rap battles, random facts, arguments and motivational speeches are delivered with immense energy and physical humour (hence all that sweat!). If you've seen them before you know the drill, but if not, strap in and get ready for the ride". That's what my reviewer wrote when she saw this show in Edinburgh earlier in the month. So if that sounds good to you, click here.

Brett Goldstein - What Is Love Baby Don't Hurt Me | Camden Comedy Club | 18-20 Aug
And here's someone we've seen and loved a lot up at past Edinburgh Fringes, and who definitely qualifies as a TW favourite. In this show the 'SuperBob' creator covers falling in love (and wouldn't recommend it) and explains why Shakespeare can "go xxxx himself". It's a work in progress, so don't expect perfection, but do expect to be entertained by a very likeable and funny individual. Head this way for details.


Baby | The Cockpit | 19-20 Aug (pictured)
Back to Camden Fringe for a family show from Rhiannon Brace Dance. Aimed at those aged 3+ and their carers, it's a dance theatre performance inspired by the choreographer's experience of the birth of her son, and tells the story of that process. It promises a "toe-tapping playlist" to take you on this journey, and is followed by an on-stage disco for all. See this page here for info.

Loot | The Park Theatre | 17 Aug-24 Sep
Joe Orton's classic farce gets an outing over at the Park Theatre in honour of the play's fiftieth anniversary, directed by Michael Fentiman and featuring a variously experienced and/or promising cast and crew. For details and to book see the venue website here.

King Cowboy Rufus Rules The Universe | London Theatre Workshop | 14-26 Aug
This piece by playwright and avant garde theatre type Richard Foreman was first staged in New York back in 2004, and was created with an eye on then-president George W Bush. This UK premiere will reflect contemporary times, as the titular character is portrayed as an imitation Trump. See this page here for more.

SUNDAY 20 AUGUST 2017 >>

Fourth Monkey's Women Of Greece: Persephone | The Monkey House | 17-23 Aug
Fourth Monkey spent the first half of August up in Edinburgh with a number of shows (five, to be precise) and now, in the second half of the month, they've brought them back to London for the Camden Fringe. I picked 'Persephone' randomly, really - I would be equally interested in seeing their two other 'Women Of Greece' shows (focusing on Pandora and Medusa) - because they all look like they'll offer an interesting take on their subject matter. See this page here.

Pilgrimmage | The Lion and Unicorn | 19-22 Aug
I thought it might be nice to spend the whole day at Camden Fringe today, so I went looking for other options and found this, which seems rather intriguing: "In a world of barbed wire fences and concrete walls, what can one do but dream of world outside the borders? Set in a fictional land, Pilgrimmage follows a group of individuals as they adventure on a perilous journey to explore what's on the outside. Will it be just like the amazing stories? Or will it all be too good to be true?" Head this way to book your tickets.

Clare Plested - Partay! | The Bill Murray | 20 Aug (pictured)
"Underrated mother and performer Clare Plested tries her hand at children's entertainment. An interactive character comedy show with prizes for the best dressed! Iced Gems provided". I thought we might end our day at good old Fringe de Camden by spending some time with this veteran TW favourite, see the venue website here for more.

MONDAY 21 AUGUST 2017 >>

Il Letto | Arcola Theatre | 21-22 Aug
More from Grimeborn at Arcola now, but this isn't strictly an opera, but a 'plaria' - a play with music - brought to you by the acclaimed Helios Collective. It focuses on Elvira Bonturi, wife of the celebrated composer Giacomo Puccini, and her husband's music and infidelities. For more information and to book, see this page here.

Late Company | Trafalgar Studios | 21 Aug-16 Sep (pictured)
"One year after the suicide of their teenage son, Debora and Michael sit down to dinner with their son's bully and his parents. Closure is on the menu, but accusations are the main course as good intentions are gradually stripped away to reveal layers of parental, sexual, and political hypocrisy - at a dinner party where grief is the loudest guest". You might have seen this when it was on at the Finborough back in the spring, but if you didn't, here's your chance to see this acclaimed play exploring cyberbullying, parenting, and restorative justice. Click here for details.

Tania Edwards - Subject To Change | Camden Comedy Club | 21-24 Aug
Back over to Camden Fringe (and specifically Camden Comedy Club) for a date with rather good comedian and writer Tania Edwards, who you might have recently seen supporting Katherine Ryan on her sold out UK tour. But you know, even if you did, embrace this chance to see her again. Head this way for all the info.


Under The Skin | Etcetera Theatre | 22-23 Aug
This highly regarded 2013 play by Israeli playwright Yonatan Calderon tells the story of a love affair between a Nazi officer, Anneliese Kohlman, and one of her Jewish prisoners in the Neuengamme concentration camp, and is set both in Nazi Germany in 1944 and in Tel Aviv in 1991. This new production, from Tik-sho-ret Theatre Company, is on as part of Camden Fringe. See this page here for info and to book.

Matt Okine - We Made You| Soho Theatre | 22-26 Aug
He's performed at the Edinburgh Fringe in recent times, but award winning Australian comedian Matt Okine is probably better known in his home country than he is here. If you are in the position of not being familiar with his work, then here is a good chance to change that. To book tickets for his new show, see the venue website here.

Paul F Taylor's Back | The Bill Murray | 22-23 Aug (pictured)
Paul F Taylor is a definite TW favourite, and the number of glowing write-ups he's had from our reviewers over the years is a very solid testament to his skill as a stand up comedian. It looks like he didn't do the Edinburgh thing this year (which is a bit sad for our Edinburgh team) but good news for those of you in London: see this page here for all the details of his upcoming performances here.


Windows | Finborough Theatre | 22 Aug-9 Sep
"In the aftermath of the First World War, Britain is left questioning the relevance of the ideals and values for which it fought, but which society seems to have forgotten. When writer Geoffrey March proposes to his family that they employ a young woman with a questionable past as their new maid, his high-minded ideals are suddenly challenged by those around him". John Galsworthy's 1922 "comedy for idealists" gets an airing - see the venue website here for more info.

Mrs Oscar Wilde | Cecil Sharp House | 22-23 Aug
Actress and writer Lexi Wolfe stars in this one woman presentation about Constance Lloyd, the feminist, writer and mother better known as the wife of the notorious Oscar Wilde. Her story sounds interesting in its own right, so it seems fitting that this show has been created about her. We're back at Camden Fringe for this one, see this page here for all the details.

Richard III | Temple Church | 22 Aug - 9 Sep (pictured)
The always excellent Antic Disposition bring their latest production to the atmospheric Temple Church following a tour of six historic UK cathedrals, and I am pretty much desperate to see it. Expect a fantastic staging of the Shakespeare classic, and click this link here for all the information and to book.


Motherlogues | Etcetera Theatre | 23-27 Aug
Having gone through the whole motherhood experience, and having got the sense that my experience of it was maybe not anything like what other people went through, I felt immediately attracted to this show, a series of monologues dealing with the issues of being a mum, not wanting to be a mum, and dealing with having a mum. Nice to get different perspectives, see this page here for more info about it.

Tim Heidecker & Neil Hamburger | Soho Theatre | 21 Aug-2 Sep
I must be honest, I am not hugely aware of the work of these two US comedians, but I have heard of them, of course, and am entirely sold on the idea of seeing this show because of their respective career histories. For more information and to book, click here.

Fun At The Festival | Arcola Theatre | 24-26 Aug
I thought I'd end the week with one last pick from Arcola's excellent Grimeborn season, a selection of three shorter pieces: 'The Telephone' ('L'amour a Trois') by Gian Carlo Menotti. 'Cox and Box' by Arthur Sullivan and a new comic play, 'Cycle', about a neighbourly dispute over a bicycle. See this page here for details.
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