You might already have seen 'Thebes Land', during it's hugely acclaimed run at Arcola back in 2016, but I'm willing to bet that if you saw it then, you'd be up for seeing it again. Those of you who haven't seen it have something amazing to look forward to, now that's it's back as part of the CASA Latin American Theatre Festival.

To find out a bit more about the play, and the creative forces involved with it, I spoke to one of the show's two stars, actor Trevor White. Read the interview here.

'Thebes Land' is on at Arcola Theatre until 7 Oct, see this page here for info and to book.


Pecs - The Gender Agenda | Camden People's Theatre | 15 Sep
"Unless you fuck in a vacuum, sex is a gendered experience. How does your idea of your own gender change when you let someone else explore your body? What is gender when it comes to sex, and does it matter?" Drag king collective Pecs invite you to another instalment of their exploration of sex and gender aimed at the queer and the curious, following their workshop performance at CPT's Hotbed Festival earlier in the year. This is on as part of another festival, the previously mentioned Come As You Are. Click here for info.

Dolphins and Sharks | Finborough Theatre | 12-30 Sep (pictured)
This is the European premiere of acclaimed up and coming US playwright James Anthony Tyler's comedy set in a Harlem copy shop and focusing on three employees with poor prospects, all competing for the chance to become manager. As you might expect, friendships are tested, and tensions become high. See this page here for details.

Man to Man | Wilton's Music Hall | 12-23 Sep
Manfred Karge's play tells the story of Ella, a woman who must adopt her deceased husband's identity in order to survive in Nazi Germany, depicting a life dominated by fear. This new English adaptation by Alexandra Wood promises to be all consuming, confronting the horrors of this period in history from a highly personal and unique perspective. Head this way for more.


Laura Davis - Cake In The Rain | Soho Theatre | 14-16 Sep
Another week, another highly anticipated UK debut by an Australian comedian at the Soho Theatre. Well, I am not sure it happens weekly, but it certainly happens quite a lot. Anyway, this is actually your last night to see this show, from which you can expect something kinda dark and unconventional, and of course, much critically acclaimed. See the venue website here to book.

The Fems | Camden People's Theatre | 16 Sep (pictured)
"This flock of glittering outcasts, fresh from the sequinned swamp, present a kamikaze cabaret and monstrous melodrama. The Fems - terrifying embodiments of femininity - take us on a glittering tour to show that "sometimes it's hard to be a Fem" - but the alternative is even grimmer". In another offering from Come As You Are, this chorus of "evil clowns" offer a riotous and silly choral piece focusing on masc vs. fem culture and the systems that perpetuate these divisions. Click here for details.

Slave/Master | Victoria & Albert Museum | 16-24 Sep
Part of the London Design Festival events at the V&A, 'Slave/Master' is an installation examining the borders of human/robot interaction, and is a collaborative piece combining contemporary dance, cutting-edge robotics and interactive projection graphics, as the audience roam freely, viewing from all angles. See this page here for info.


Aleena's Garden | Jacksons Lane | 17 Sep
"Join Aleena as she tends to her garden from the first days of spring through to the snowy fun of winter with the help of some very special animal friends". This sounds lovely, a show for the youngest children (under threes), sensory and interactive, which focuses on the blooming of the flower and the changing of the seasons, and is evoked through lights, sound, touch, smells, original music and simple signing. Click here for more.

Disco Kids - Blast Off! | The Albany | 17 Sep
More entertainment for the kids (yes, I am being generous to the small ones today, not entirely sure why, maybe it's just because it's a Saturday in September) and this one's a disco party for those under seven and and their accompanying grown ups. It appears to have a space theme, so you can expect something out of this world... Head this way for details.

Half-Breed | Soho Theatre | 11-30 Sep (pictured)
And finally, something for the poor, neglected grown ups. This is a show we're late to tip really (look, it opened on 11 Sep) and it's because I was convinced I had already tipped it. It turned out that I had tipped it before, but when it did a much shorter run in the summer, yet it felt like just last week. Memory is a funny thing. But anyway, this partly-autobiographical dark comedy about being of mixed race is definitely worth your time, so follow this link here and book your tickets.


The Horne Section | Soho Theatre | 18 Sep
If you want to take my advice as to what entertainment to choose today, then I'm afraid you have only one choice of venue - The Soho Theatre - but three choices of show. And this is the first: the ever popular Horne Section perform tonight, with their usual and satisfying mixture of stand up and music. More dates coming up in October and November if you can't make this one. Click here to book.

Fairy Tales For Grown Ups - Eaten Father, Eaten Mother | Soho Theatre | 18 Sep
"This mash-up of Scots tinker and Romanian gypsy fairy tales, comes complete with boys becoming men; men becoming women; the darkest of arts; inescapable destiny, and a baby sister who isn't quite what anyone expected..." The excellently talented story teller Ben Haggerty returns to Soho Theatre for another one off performance, and if you haven't seen him in action before, then it's probably about time you did. See the venue website here for info.

Mae Martin - Dope | Soho Theatre | 18-30 Sep (pictured)
Another TW favourite, Mae Martin, heads Soho-wards with the show that won her an Edinburgh Comedy Award nomination at the 2017 Edinburgh Festival. Offering up an examination of a lifetime of obsessions, fandom and addiction, she attempts to uncover quite why humans pursue short-term pleasure, despite knowing the long-term negative consequences. For all the details, see this page here.


The White Bike | The Space | 19-30 Sep
"Millions of people cycle to work every day. And every week, some of them don't make it home. One Tuesday morning, Isabelle packs her lunch box into her pannier, kisses her young daughter goodbye and sets off on her bike through Hackney. What happens along the way is at once shocking, inconceivable and terrifyingly ordinary."  Inspired by a true story, this physical, immersive and abstract production offers an affecting celebration of a woman's life, cut short. It raises wider issues, of course; see this page herefor more info.

Senza Sangue & Bluebeard's Castle | Hackney Empire | 19 Sep (pictured)
A one off performance that will no doubt be attracting folk in droves, but as I write there are still some tickets left. Opera Grand Avignon and the Opéra-Théâtre de Metz Métropole present a rare staging of Béla Bartók's 'Bluebeard's Castle', preceded by conductor Péter Eötvös' 2015 one act opera 'Senza sangue'. Click here for details.

The People Vs Donald Trump | The London Theatre | 19-24 Sep
The premiere of a piece from American playwright Max Lopert, which promises to be a daring and provocative attack on the US President, pulling no punches in its depiction of the POTUS as bullying, narcissistic, and dishonest. The show imagines what might have occurred "behind closed doors" during Trump's interactions with family members, and associates, and is followed by a semi-improvised 'trial' debating his actions while in office. See the venue website here for more info and to book.


Tumour Has It | Theatre N16 | 20-25 Sep (pictured)
We first heard about this show when it was on at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe back in 2016, and we sent a reviewer along to see it. Said reviewer was utterly charmed by the production, which - as you may have deduced - broaches the topic of cancer, in this case the cervical kind. Performer Karen Hobbs tells her own story, covering her diagnosis, treatment and post-cancer life in a hilarious and heartfelt way. See this page here for all the details.

Adele Cliff: Cliff Notes | Museum Of Comedy | 20 Sep
Someone else, now, that you might have seen up at the edfringe, and if you did you'll know she's good. If you didn't you might just have to take everyone else's word for it and accept that you might have missed something worth seeing. She's won acclaim from Dave, so what more proof do you need? Head this way to book a ticket.

Mouldy Grapes | White Bear Theatre | 19-30 Sep
"Roo's agoraphobia and his fear of trousers keep him inside, where he's at the mercy of his unstable and invasive landlord. Roo's boyfriend copes with having a housebound lover by bringing back a spare one with him every time he spends a night on the town. But he didn't know what he was in for when he brought home Jess, a foul mouthed, free-wheeling avalanche who's going to change all of their lives forever". I'm piqued. See this page here if you are too.


Zeraffa Giraffa | Little Angel Theatre | 21 Sep-4 Nov (pictured)
A great-looking show for small ones aged four to eight, based on the book of the same name by Dianne Hofmeyr, and written by acclaimed performer and writer Sabrina Mahfouz. It tells the story of A young giraffe who is sent as a gift from the Pasha of Egypt to the King of France, and explores what it's like to be different. Click here for more info and to book.

Ramona Tells Jim | Bush Theatre | 20 Sep-21 Oct
"Deep in the Scottish Highlands, Ramona falls for Jimmy's awkward charm but gets caught in a scandal that will haunt her for years to come. Fast forward fifteen years and Jim, of the shittest village in Scotland, has got a girlfriend and something like a functional life. But Ramona still can't shake the consequences of that fateful trip. Determined to clear her conscience, she heads back to the Highlands to find that neither her nor Jim's lives have turned out how they had planned". This darkly comic play from Bush Theatre Emerging Writers' Group member and actor Sophie Wu sounds rather promising, head this way to find out more.

Brixton City Festival | Ovalhouse and Brixton | 21-24 Sep
This is one of a series of events to be staged by Ovalhouse in anticipation of their planned move to Brixton in 2020, a weekend of "radical entertainment" of various kinds - music, spoken word, hula-hooping - and it's all free, and features lots of talented people. See this page here for a full list of everything that's happening.
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