You might recall that last week we published an interview with Trevor White, one of the two stars of 'Thebes Land', which, following a hugely successful 2016 run, is currently showing as part of this year's CASA Latin American Theatre Festival.

Now, 'Thebes Land' is brilliant, but there are of course a great many more CASA events to not-miss. To find out more about those, and to get some in depth info about the festival, I spoke to its founder, Daniel Goldman. Read the interview here.

The CASA Festival takes place at Southwark Playhouse and Arcola Theatre until 28 Oct. See the festival website here for more information.

When I first heard about 'Zeraffa Giraffa', I immediately thought it sounded brilliant: a family show exploring some important and timely themes, inspired by a well loved book about the true historical story of a giraffe's journey from Egypt to France. On until December, it can be seen in a choice of two different locations, because it's a co-production of Clapham's Omnibus Theatre, and the Little Angel Theatre in Islington.

To find out more about what to expect from the show, and how it all came together, I spoke to the director of the piece, Elgiva Field. Read the interview here.

'Zeraffa Giraffa' is a co-production of Omnibus Theatre and Little Angel Theatre. See this page here for performances at Little Angel Theatre from from 21 Sep-4 Nov, and this page here for performances at Omnibus Theatre from 25 Nov-17 Dec.


Lucy Light | Theatre N16 | 19 Sep-7 Oct
"Lucy and Jess are best friends. With an obsession for Ryvita, 00s pop music and flick eyeliner, their life on the Scarborough seaside is pretty cushty... Until they discover Lucy carries a gene that makes you 80% more likely to develop breast cancer". A new play from promising up-and-comer Sarah Milton, the creator and performer of 'Tumble Tuck', which you might have come across in Edinburgh in the summer. Click here for more info.

Fossils | New Diorama | 19-30 Sep
And speaking of the edfringe, this is a show that had an acclaimed run in the Scottish capital in 2016, and also appeared at the  Brits Off Broadway festival in New York. It tells the story of a young PhD scientist who is searching for her missing father, and examines how we connect to the past, and how "our lives are shaped by the no-longer living things we carry with us". Head this way for details.

Nick Coyle - Queen Of Wolves | Soho Theatre | 21-23 Sep (pictured)
And another edfringe hit for you, this one from award winning Australian Nick Coyle, who won oodles of critical acclaim and all the word-of-mouth recommendations when he performed this show in the Scottish capital this summer. If you're a fan of gothic literature, you'll love this, and yes, even if you are not. See the venue website here to book.


Ribbet Ribbet Croak | The Cockpit | 23 Sep
I love frogs, so do kids (mostly) and so do you (probably) so if you are an adult in charge of a small child this weekend, here's a nice show to take in together. How do I know it's a nice show? Well, because one of my reviewers took his daughter to see it at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2016, and thought it was fab. Take his word for it, and mine, see this page here.

Journey From Man To Woman | Camden People's Theatre | 23 Sep
"Some animals change their sex, sometimes more than once in their lifetime. No wonder we feel weird when we are forced to fit into a simple binary of male and female". Acclaimed performance maker and theatre designer Mamoru Iriguchi presents this interactive cabaret exploring the fluidity of sexual and gender identities in nature, including human society, as part of the much previously mentioned Come As You Are festival. See the venue website here for info.

Rusty Nails And Other Heroes | Little Angel Theatre | 22-24 Sep
Another show suitable for children and their carers, with which to punctuate your weekend. There are actually two versions of this, one for ages 6+ and one for ages 10+, the second version having some slightly darker content. It all sounds rather interesting, a cross-over between theatre, visual art and animation that's performed completely without words, and described as a "a charger for your imagination". Click here for info.


The Hunting Of The Snark | Greenwich Theatre | 24 Sep
It was on in London over the summer, but I was kind of distracted then because of that big arts festival that happens up north in August. And if you are, like me, prone to getting distracted in the summer (by festivals, yes, but also things like the great outdoors) then you might want to catch this before it heads out on a UK tour. By all accounts it's a great, modern adaptation, and definitely worth taking your young ones along to, see the venue website herefor more.

Storyteller Storyteller | The Albany | 24 Sep
And another children's show, because it's Sunday, and this is one I didn't get distracted from in the past, because I saw it (with a child, obv) at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2016. It's the work of one of my favourite children's entertainment companies - Story Pocket Theatre - and is a (pretty much) wordless treat that relies on the well honed clowning skills and expressive faces of its excellent performers. For more information, see this page here.

The Revlon Girl | The Park Theatre | 19 Sep-14 Oct (pictured)
Finally, one for the adults. And to continue the vague theme... this was on in Edinburgh this summer, following a highly successful tour, but I sadly wasn't able to see it. It's had amazing reviews, and is based on the true story of the weekly meetings of a group of mothers bereaved by the appalling disaster at Aberfan. It's an event that happened before I was born, but as a child I read about it and it affected me so much that it came to feel like a personal memory, so I really want to see this show. Click here for all the details.


Colin Hoult/Anna Mann in How We Stop The Fascists | Soho Theatre | 25-30 Sep (pictured)
"Having effectively cured all depression in last year's smash-hit hour, actress Anna Mann returns to take on the terrifying rise of fascism. Fear not, gentle liberals, Mother Mann is here". Colin Hoult's been a TW favourite for some years now, and this latest show garnered a resounding five star review when we sent one of our team to see it up in Edinburgh in the summer, so we can absolutely positively wholeheartedly recommend that you head this way and book a ticket.

Carl Donnelly et al | The Good Ship | 25 Sep
As ever, a fab line up for Monday night comedy at The Good Ship, this time headed by the very excellent Carl Donnelly, but to also include Ola (yes, if you've not come across him yet, it's just that one name that he goes by), Fiona Ridgewell, Danny Clives, and of course, resident MC Ben Van Der Velde. Click here for more info.

The Listening Room | Theatre Royal Stratford East | 18-30 Sep
We tipped this earlier in the year when it was on at the Old Red Lion, but I think it's worth mentioning again because it's a great idea, well executed, and thought-provoking, and has had a great critical response. It's verbatim theatre, exploring life, death and justice and focusing on the true stories told by people whose lives were changed by acts of violence. For details, see the venue website here.


Frankenstein | Jack Studio Theatre | 26 Sep-1 Oct
I doubt you need much telling of what 'Frankenstein' is all about but I will make it clear that this is a 'proper' version, a brand new adaptation based on Mary Shelley's novel. It's already an amazing and gripping tale, and this staging is in the very safe hands of critically acclaimed producing company Arrows & Traps. For more information and to book, head right this way.

The Duchess Of Malfi | Drayton Arms Theatre | 26 Sep-1 Oct
And another classic that probably doesn't need much introduction, again brought to you by a tried and tested outfit, Alisdair Kitchen's Euphonia Studio. This staging, a new and streamlined adaptation of the play, previewed earlier this summer at The Cockpit and now heads for a short run at Drayton Arms Theatre. See this page here for details.

The Hartlepool Monkey | Stratford Circus |19-30 Sep (pictured)
"A French ship runs aground off the coast of England. Only a cabin girl and the ship's mascot, a chimpanzee, survive and make it to shore. But the townsfolk mistake the monkey, in its military uniform, for a spy, and condemn him to a life-or-death trial". Eek, only a few opportunities left now to see this fab looking family show based on historical legend. Click here for more.


Donors | Theatre N16 | 27-20 Sep
Roy and Linda meet in a fertility clinic, in this two hander that promises a fresh, poignant and comedic look at the intense, human desire to become a parent. "Desperate times call for desperate measures when your biological clock is ticking. After all, our sole purpose is to reproduce...right?" See this page here for more.

The Tempest | Greenwich Theatre | 27-30 Sep
This sounds like a rather different and compelling version of 'The Tempest' than I have ever seen before, featuring as it does contemporary African choreography from Shyne Phiri and an original soundtrack that samples traditional Malawian music. It's brought to you by Bilimankhwe Arts, a company who bring together artists from Africa and Europe to create works that cross cultural boundaries. Brilliant. Head this way to book your tickets.

Fox | Old Red Lion Theatre | 26 Sep-14 Oct
"Rachel and Stefan are in love. So they say. But they are woken each night by the screams of foxes outside their flat. Cracks in their relationship begin to show as they start to understand who they really are". This new play by Harrison Rose offers an examination of intimate relationships, asking the question of whether we ever truly get to know those who are close to us, given that they probably only show us what they want to show. Expect something dark, funny and honest, see the venue website here for info.


Hijabi Monologues | Bush Theatre | 28-30 Sep
Hijabi Monologues London is part of an international project focusing on the real-life experiences of both local and international Muslim women, to culminate in this theatrical performance. Directed by Milli Bhatia, the show will include existing previously written monologues, plus new works from members of the Bush Theatre's immediate community. For more info and to book see this page here.

Shall We Take This Outside | The Albany | 28 Sep
"Everyone wants to be a hero, right? Heroes are cool. Heroes make the world better. They don't lose their keys or drop their phones in the toilet. They get stuff done. But heroes are usually men. And they're usually pretty handy in a scrap. In fact, a lot of heroes are really into fighting". National slam champion Adam Kammerling and dance/parkour 'super humans' Eric Mitchell and Jacob Smart collaborate on this exploration of the effects of hero behaviour on the way we view violence. Head this way for details.

To Walk In Your Shoes | Theatre503 | 28 Sep (pictured)
A moving and funny verbatim piece, created by Rebekah Harrison using interviews with asylum seekers, refugees and community workers living and working in the North of England, which challenges media perpetuated myths and demonstrates the resilience of the human spirit. "There is no immigrant because we are all human. If a British person can be an ex-patriot in Africa, then we are all ex-patriots here, seeking a better life". See the venue website here for more.
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