If you've been even vaguely awake for the last few years, you've probably noticed how huge numbers of people have taken up the notion of 'clean eating', and you might even have tried it out for yourself. Writer and performer Daniella Isaacs threw herself into that world unreservedly, until one day she realised that her obsession with 'wellness' was making her ill.

But something good came out of it, as we recently witnessed at the Edinburgh Fringe. 'Hear Me Raw', a show based on Isaacs' experiences, won much acclaim, not least from our own reviewer, who praised the play's honesty, hilarity and superb writing. When I heard that the production was set to run at Soho Theatre, of course I wanted to find out more. Read the interview here.

'Hear Me Raw' is on at Soho Theatre from 17-21 Oct, see the venue website here for all the info.


Bang Said The Gun | Leicester Square Theatre | 13 Oct
This super successful spoken word, poetry and comedy night returns to London following a well received UK tour, starting with this date at Leicester Square Theatre. Lots of very established performers appear, and special guests for this particular event are Josie Long and John Osborne. If you miss this one, there are further dates planned at Soho Theatre in Nov and Dec. Click here for info.

Yianni Agisilaou - The Simpsons Taught Me Everything I Know | Museum Of Comedy | 13 Oct+11 Nov
You may already know how much we love Yianni Agilisaou, we're always recommending his stuff and giving him great reviews, and even an award. So it might not come as a surprise when we demand you see this, his Simpsons show, a must-see for fans of the animated series, and a funny and informative hour for those who know less about it. See the venue website here for more.

Richard III | The Cockpit | 12 Oct-4 Nov
"The timeless and universal story of the rise and fall of a dictator. At its centre, a twisted antagonist Richard enlists the audience as his co-conspirators and encourages them to witness his devious plots in becoming King. Fuelled by jealousy manipulation and deceit, he aims at the crown and takes to destroy all who stand in his way including those closest to him". You can never have too much Richard III. Go and see it again, this production looks great. Book here.


Michael Morpurgo's King Arthur | Pleasance Theatre | 14 Oct
This is one from my pet children's theatre company Story Pocket Theatre, undoubted TW favourites. We loved this show when we saw it in Edinburgh a couple of years ago, and therefore highly recommend it. It's definitely one for your older kids, though, as the story (as you might expect from King Arthur) is too involved and nuanced for toddler types. I'd say maybe eight years plus. See this page here for info.

Grace Notes | King's Head Theatre | 14+21 Oct (pictured)
"Grace Miller is a talented pianist. She is also a convicted killer. With uncertain memories threatening to sabotage her rehabilitation, will she be able to play again?" This one woman show, written and performed by Becky Williams, promises to be powerful and gripping. Click here for details.

The Secret Keeper by Angela Clerkin | Ovalhouse | 11-21 Oct
Described as a personal story with global consequences, this play focusing on secrets, collusions and responsibility comes from a brilliant creative team so I have every confidence that it will be really good. It's a political fairytale, about a woman who becomes a confidante for a whole town, learning everyone's secrets - but what will happen when a murderer confesses their crime? Head this way to book your tickets.


Bones | King's Head Theatre | 15 Oct
"19-year-old Mark lives in Highgate, a district of city-centre Birmingham, and exists from one DWP payment to the next. He cares for his drug-addict mum and her new-born baby, but the relationship is completely dysfunctional, as he is being forced to live a life he never signed up for. He seems to be willing to take desperate measures to change things forever. But how far will he go?" This offering from Gritty Theatre sounds suitably, er, gritty, and comes with nudity and language warnings, as well as acclaim following performances at the Edinburgh and Brighton Festivals, see this page here for more.

London Horror Festival 2017 | Old Red Lion | 15 Oct-4 Nov (pictured)
Great news for all you fans of gore out there, for lo, the London Horror festival returns for 2017 with a line up of great looking shows created by a plethora of talented beasts. It's not so far off Hallowe'en, so don your scary mask (well, that's optional, and possibly a bit odd, to be honest) and head this way to look at the long list of events and decide which ones you are going to see. Hurrah.

Miniaturists 65 | Arcola Theatre | 15 Oct
And finally, one of our favourite institutions presents its latest collection of short plays tonight at Arcola theatre, so as ever, I am excited. This month's selection have been written by Zoe Hunter-Gordon, Margaret Perry, Callum Cameron, Luke Courtier and Sue Healy, and I would bet actual money that they'll all be brilliant and punchy. See the venue website here for all the info.


Form | Wilton's Music Hall | 16 Oct
Form is devised and performed by Rendered Retina, winners of the Les Enfants Terribles Award 2017, so I bet that's already attractive to all you Les Enfants Terribles fans out there reading this. The production uses mime, clowning and office equipment (!) to tell a non-verbal story of escape from the oppression of daily routine into the beautiful landscapes of the imagination. See this page here for information.

Man-Cub | King's Head Theatre | 16-20 Oct
This is a devised piece, based on the themes of The Jungle Book (but definitely not for children), which blurs the lines of movement, theatre, and personal politics. Expect: "Transformation. A mating ground. The sense of freedom and possibility. The desperation to control a need and suppress a fear. The shared experiences of alienation and rejection. A place of sex, substances, and secrecy. A place where the law of the jungle rules over all". See this page here for more.

Anyone's Guess How We Got Here | Camden People's Theatre | 10-28 Oct
"Don't respond, hold my breath, move the sofa away from the wall, and lay down in the gap made between, and hide. And wait. And when they go, poke my fingers out the letterbox. Stretch them wide. Feel the cold of the air. And think, if I left them there long enough, the wolves might come, and eat me piece by piece". Award-winning company Barrell Organ return with this piece about debt and eviction, and what we leave behind us. See the venue website here for details.


Tania Edwards – Subject To Change | Bloomsbury Theatre | 17 Oct
Tania Edwards is blooming brilliant – she’s always provoked admiration and great reviews from our team when performing up at the edfringe in summers past – but you may already be aware of that if you’ve seen her performing live, or caught one of her TV or radio appearances. If you’re not aware of her, please get that situation rectified by heading this way to book some tickets for this show.

Mark Thomas – A Show That Gambles On The Future | Leicester Square Theatre | 17-28 Oct
“Few predicted the events of 2016. And even fewer seem to know where we are going. Award winning storyteller, comedian and political satirist Mark Thomas sets out to discover what the future has in store for us by collecting and examining his own predictions and those of his audiences before gambling on their outcome. By making futurologists of us all, he will create a fantastical, hilarious and possibly accurate vision of the world.” You all know how good he is, so why waste time? See the venue website here for all the details.

People Of The Eye | Battersea Arts Centre | 17-19 Oct (pictured)
This production uses speech, sign language and captioning to tell the story of a family with a Deaf child, and in Edinburgh back in 2016 it had a marked impact on one of our team, who described it as a “wonderfully inventive production”. Inspired by real events, it explores the love that binds families together, memory, isolation and finding the joy in difference. Click here for more information.


Insignificance | Arcola Theatre | 18 Oct-18 Nov
The first revival in more than twenty years for award-winning playwright Terry Johnson's 1982 play, which, you may recall, was also made into a film in 1985. If you are too young to remember much about it, it focuses on interaction between characters representing four icons – Marilyn Monroe, Albert Einstein, Joe DiMaggio and Joseph McCarthy. Click here for details.

Incoming/Exodus | Camden People's Theatre | 17-21 Oct (pictured)
An immersive and interactive experiential show, set in a world where a “new society is coming”, which asks its audience to take on the duties of immigration officers on behalf of a crumbling government. An interesting way to take a reflective look at what might happen in a post-Brexit, post-UK world. See the venue website here for more information.

Anything That Flies | Jermyn Street Theatre | 18 Oct-11 Nov
“The Berlin Wall has fallen. Reparations are being made to Jewish families. Germany has reunited. And in Belsize Park, Otto Huberman is listening to recordings of himself playing Brahms, when he is interrupted by a visitor who will turn his life upside down.” This new play by novelist Judith Burnley promises to be funny and provocative, and to explore the theme of what it means to be a “citizen of nowhere”. See the venue website here to book.


Kwaidan | Greenwich Theatre | 19-21 Oct (pictured)
A cinematic and atmospheric theatrical piece, inspired by Japanese ghost stories and horror movies, and featuring life-sized puppets, humanettes, shadows and videos. It's set in Japan in the 1980s and tells the tale of Haru, a young woman who returns to her childhood home after a long absence, only to discover that it's haunted by the ghosts of the past. Sounds nice and spooky, see this page here for all the details.

Dance Like I've Got Diamonds - The Franklys | The Victoria Dalston | 19 Oct
The female-focused promoters return with a night featuring three excellent woman-dominated acts. Garage-rockers The Franklys headline, and are supported by Northern noise rock duo Chambers and London based newcomers Hexmaze. For more information on all the acts and how to book, see this page here.

Fragments | Ovalhouse | 19-21 Oct
"We can't help putting together what's been lost or destroyed. Our brain takes tiny pieces of information and turns them into stories that we think make sense". Telling the story of Cresphontes, a boy brought up to avenge his murdered father and brothers, the show promises to mix ancient myth with modern neuroscience, creating a journey through the fragments of your own life. See the venue website here for more.
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