Coming up at Clapham's Omnibus Theatre is the production of a new piece from Kieran Lynn - of 'An Incident At The Border' renown - set against the backdrop of a payday loans company, and the economic climate of contemporary times.

To find out more about the play, and all the creatives involved in the staging of it, I spoke to director Dan Ayling. Read the interview here.

The Trap is on at the Omnibus Theatre in Clapham from from 31 Oct - 19 Nov. See the venue website here for more information and to book.


Camden People's Theatre is well known for its plethora of themed seasons and festivals focusing on specific themes. The latest, Shoot The Breeze, inspired by the problem of pollution in the capital, is headlined by 'Fog Everywhere', a new and exciting collaboration addressing the impact of air quality on young people in London.

To find out more about the show, I spoke to Brian Logan, director of the piece, and, as you probably know, AD of CPT. Read the interview here.

'Fog Everywhere' is on at Camden People's Theatre from 31 Oct - 11 Nov, see this page here for details of the show, and this page here for an overview of events happening as part of Shoot The Breeze.


Something Dark | Battersea Arts Centre | 26-28 Oct
Another event to coincide with Care Leavers' Week, I think, and one I am sure many of you will be very interested in, because it involves the brilliant Lemn Sissay. 'Something Dark' tells the story of his upbringing in foster care and children's homes, and his search for his family and true identity. It's an acclaimed work that's been performed all over the world, so you might have already heard or seen it, but if you haven't, don't miss these readings and accompanying Q&A sessions. Click here.

Joy | Theatre Royal Stratford East | 24 Oct-4 Nov (pictured)
"You know what I hate the most? I open my mouth to say something and before I've even said anything I can see people ready to say "no", to shake their heads. So, I've decided, I am not a pet. I am just me. And I love being me."​ This coming of age story focusing on a young woman with Downs Syndrome promises to celebrate, not not limit or marginalise, its subject. Expect a tale of family, friendship, freedom and control, head this way for more info.

Kinkens | Camden People's Theatre | 27-28 Oct
Kinkens is an old Scots word for "evasive answers to the questions of overly curious children", but Kinkens is also the host of a radio show for the lost and lonely about the meaning of life and the nature of having a brain that asks unanswerable questions. A work in progress that sounds rather intriguing, a piece about what happens in the space between our broadcasted selves, and our inner workings. See the venue website here for details.


On The Piste | Jack Studio | 24 Oct-11 Nov
John Godber's Olivier-nominated 1990 comedy gets an airing over at Jack Studio, so if you haven't seen it before, here's your chance. It's about two couples who head off to Chamonix for their debut on the slopes, and, despite their differences, are forced to share a ski instructor and therefore interact with each other... click here for more info and to book.

Suzy Storck | Gate Theatre | 26 Oct-18 Nov
"Another unbearably hot evening, 8.54pm. Suzy Storck sits by the window, waiting for her husband to come home. Upstairs she can hear her children, yelling and clamouring at their bedroom door. She's locked them in. Suzy realises for the first time she never chose any of this. She wonders how she ended up here. After tonight, she might never find her way out". The UK premiere of a haunting new play by French playwright Magali Mougel. See the venue website here for details.

Bitched | Tristan Bates Theatre | 25 Oct-11 Nov
A four hander focusing on Ali, a new mum who feels that life is leaving her behind following the birth of a child, while her Rob husband is pursuing his career as an artist. The pair's luck seems like it might be changing when a pair of gallery owners decide to launch Rob's career. But is all as it seems...? Written by Sharon Raizada,  inspired by her own tribulations as mother, and examining the idea of whether women can truly have it all. Head this way for more.


Disco Kids - Spooktacular | The Albany | 29 Oct
A ghostly themed Disco Kids special over at The Albany, for all your getting-your-kids-massively-over-excited-in-advance-of-Hallowe'en needs. Or, you could look at it as letting them blow off so much ghoulish energy that they don't insist on apple-bopping and trick or treating on the actual Hallowe'en, given that it is, for many, a school night. Get your tickets here.

Under My Skin | Theatre503 | 29-30 Oct (pictured)
"Bella's life is messy and difficult but at least she has Sean Barnet: the fittest, cleverest boy in the whole school.  The only problem is, she's never spoken a word to him. As Bella tries to become part of Sean's life, she discovers things she never expected and struggles to understand". A short piece, aimed at audiences aged 12+, which is part of the 2017 mental health awareness festival Unbroken. See more about this show here, and more about the festival here.

Jack Left Town - The Improvised Rockumentary | Rosemary Branch Theatre | 29 Oct
And finally, something for the grown-ups. Because won't someone think of the grown-ups? Well, thankfully, I did think of the grown-ups and came up with something that's absolutely perfect for a Sunday night, an improvised rockumentary channelling the spirit of 'Spinal Tap' and featuring much talent. Details are right about here.


Blown Away | Little Angel Theatre | 30 Oct-1 Nov
This looks lovely, so I don't care if the kids have now gone back to school, it'll be a lovely treat for the tiniest ones, or just you, on your own. A lovely theme from a lovely book - Penguin Blue and friends head off on acrobatic Antarctic adventure full of good ideas, homesickness and the perils of kites - delivered via the medium of circus, puppetry and song. Yes, I know how many times I used the word lovely, click here for info.

Imbalance | Jacksons Lane | 30-31 Oct
This should resonate with, um, virtually anyone, these days, because it explores our "obsessive dependence" on technology and how it affects the balance of our lives. Expect a thoughtful, acrobatic and athletic performance from Joli Vyann, an outfit who like to blur the line between dance and circus. All the details be here.

Hannah Gadsby - Nanette | 30 Oct-11 Nov (pictured)
You'd really better see this show, because, after a decade in stand-up, Hannah Gadsby is going to stop being a stand-up, so if you want to see this immense talent in action, this run is your last chance. This show has impressed everyone I know, and she won the big important comedy award for it, and she's just excellent. So you know what to do, book your tickets here.


The Mysterious Gentleman | Courtyard Theatre | 31 Oct-17 Nov
It's Hallowe'en, so I think we ought to have some vaguely haunting or at least unsettling stuff in our tips today. This doesn't sound scary, but has slightly spooky themes. It's based on the life of Victorian stage magician JN Maskelyne - who challenged fraudulent spiritualists as well as inventing loads of great tricks - and explores the question of what happens to us after death. See the venue website here for info.

Fog Everywhere | Camden People's Theatre | 31 Oct-11 Nov (pictured)
Well, despite that title, which doesn't look out of place in a 'spooky' line-up, this is the only one of today's that doesn't have a ghostly theme. One could, however, argue that this is scarier: this is a response to the fact that our capital city is failing to comply with clean air standards, and the drastic effects this is having on the health of London's inhabitants, its children in particular. Head this way for details.

House On Haunted Hill | Leicester Square Theatre | 31 Oct-11 Nov
Around this sort of time last year we recommended a show called "Attack Of The Giant Leeches", which I think was on at Etcetera Theatre, a hilarious homage to the US B-movie films of the 1950s. That same company are back with another such pastiche, this time at LST, and this time about a haunty house. Wooooooooooh. Click here to book your tickets.


Big Foot | Tara Theatre | 1-4 Nov (pictured)
I was probably drawn to this because I have big feet (don't mock, being oversized can be a life-defining sorta thing) but once I read the details I thought it sounded great. A coming of age tale, the story of a south London teenager dealing with the terminal illness of his mother alongside all that adolescence entails, infused with Guyanese folk stories and grime. See this page here for more info.

The Trap | Omnibus Theatre | 31 Oct-19 Nov
"Tom and Clem are deep in debt. Alan, Tom's boss, owes big bucks. Meryl, Alan's manager, is mortgaged to the hilt. When The Debt Duck's owner liquidates the company and retires to his luxury chalet, Tom, Clem, Alan and Meryl each decide to crack the safe, steal some cash and put an end to their financial woes". A comedy set in the world of payday loans, about the financial perils of a capitalist world. Head this way for details.

Archie Maddocks - Illuminarchie | Soho Theatre | 1 Nov
The latest show from Archie Maddocks, who has won much acclaim and accolades for his conversational, storytelling style of comedy (and did you know, he's also a playwright?). Anyway, here he is, with a set about "how he wishes someone would take control of his life so he didn't have to, an accidentally racist girlfriend and a incident on a Mexican pyramid". Book tickets here.


Trygve Vs A Baby | Battersea Arts Centre | 2-4 Nov
Fans will need little or no introduction to the brilliant and acclaimed performer that is Trygve Wakenshaw, so I dare say you are already speed reading to the end of this tip just to click on that link to sort out your tickets. Those of you who do need an introduction: he's an enormously talented physical comedian and in this show he appears alongside his own progeny to discover what's more entertaining - a world famous mime, or a standard baby? Here's that link.

Busking It | Soho Theatre | 2 Nov
In this peice written and performed by Danusia Samal, a busker telling her story and takes you on journey, over the course of a year on the London underground, to witness weird and wonderful people and unseen stories. It's inspired by a decade of busking on the tube, and explores loneliness, love, music and reaching one-another. See the venue website here for more information.

Ugly Chief | Battersea Arts Centre | 31 Oct-18 Nov (pictured)
"In 2013, Mike was diagnosed with a terminal illness so Victoria organised the funeral service of his dreams. A year later, doctors realised they had misdiagnosed Mike but they are going ahead with the funeral anyway... and you're invited". The always excellent Victoria Melody teams up with her dad (celebrity antique dealer - see that David Dickinson show) for this living memorial that takes a darkly comic look at the relationship between grown up kids and and their parents. Details right about here.
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