You might already have heard of Paperbark Theatre - a company devoted to the staging of Australian plays - because of their previous, very successful production of 'This Is Where We Live'. And if you saw that, you'll be pleased to hear that their latest venture, the UK premiere of Angela Betzien's 'The Dark Room' is on at Theatre503 this month.

To find out more about the play, and the company, I spoke to producer Shaelee Rooke. Read the interview here.

'The Dark Room' is on at Theatre503 from 9 Nov-2 Dec. See this page here for all the details and to book.


Clowning With Dr Brown-ing | Soho Theatre | 9-11 Nov
A trio of shows featuring that funny Dr Brown (aka Philip Burgers), who leads different and frankly quite awesome and absurdly talent-filled line-ups of comedy types in one of his "notoriously tough" clowning workshops. Yesterday you missed (or didn't yet, because you might be reading this on Thursday) Jessie Cave, Tony Law and Simon Munnery, but tonight you can console yourself with seeing Evelyn Mok, Lou Sanders and Spencer Jones. If you can't make it on the day I've told you to, you might perhaps consider tomorrow's performance instead, which will be peopled by Bisha K Ali, Lucy Pearman and Sally Phillips. Click here for more.

Non-Binary Cabaret | Ovalhouse | 10 Nov
I think the title says it all really, so I am not sure what else to say. I'll let them tell you all about it: "Non Binary Cabaret is a platform for performers and audience members to connect with each other's individual stories, created by Ingo Cando for Wotever World. We create an intimate and cosy atmosphere as Non Binary Cabaret is a place for people to laugh, cry, educate and be educated". Well, I'm sold. Head this way.

Am I Dead Yet? | Soho Theatre | 7-18 Nov (pictured)
"Death is no longer a moment. It is a process. A process that can be reversed". Two friends talk about what happens when we die, about the way we think and feel about dying, and how some of us might be brought back... this new show from Unlimited Theatre is inspired by current developments in the science of resuscitation, created in collaboration with emergency care professionals, and is full of songs and stories about death. See the venue website here for details.


Black Cat Cabaret | Christmas In Leicester Square | 11 Nov + more dates
Hurrah, for more Black Cat Cabaret. If you are a cabaret fan and live in London you have probably already made your way to a Black Cat Cabaret night, and if you are a cabaret fan living in London who hasn't, then that's ridiculous and you need to fix this. And yes, Christmas In Leicester Square has begun... so I guess that means the festive season is here already. Start closing ears in public now to avoid aural onslaught of festive tunes, and head this wayfor some Belle Epoque-inspired brilliance.

Post | Toynbee Studios | 11-12 Nov (pictured)
The brilliant Xavier de Sousa is on tour with this acclaimed solo show, and hurrah, is stopping off in London. 'Post' celebrates the migrant experience, the mixing of cultures and freedom of movement, and asks questions about the nature of 'national identity' - how it's used as a tool of oppression, and why people get so invested in it. For more information see this page here.

Jordan Brookes - Body Of Work | Soho Theatre | 9-25 Nov
If you'd asked me part-way through this year's edfringe who was going to win the the big comedy award, I'd have said Jordan Brookes. I was wrong, and he didn't, though he did make the shortlist, so I was close. But this isn't about me, it's about this brilliant and unconventional comedian who is shortly bringing his award-nominated show to a venue near you. See said venue's website here to book your tickets.


Richard III - A One Woman Show | Hope Theatre | 12-13 Nov (pictured)
I feel like I am always recommending productions of 'Richard III' these days, but I am not sure I need to explain myself. Certainly not regarding this adaptation of it, which I've actually recommended before, a one-woman tour de force by Emily Carding. It's already been much performed (we first mentioned it to you back in January 2016, and I think it was on at edfringe the year before that) and is therefore well established, and has had much critical acclaim. See this page here for more.

I Want You To Admire Me/But You Shouldn't | New Diorama | 12 Nov
"I want you to admire me because I'm good at this. Because I'm better than you. Because it will mean I'm worth something. But you shouldn't because you can do it too. You shouldn't, because I'm selfish. Because if you didn't, maybe I'd stop". Rather good theatrical outfit Dirty Rascals present this meditation on life as performance, celebrity worship and the cult of the artist, see the venue website here for details.

Short(s)Wave | Old Red Lion Theatre | 12-13 Nov
Short(s)Wave is run by a group of very talented friends from the 2014 Royal Court Writing Programme who have lots of great credits to their, uh, credit, and here you can witness the fruits of their own new writing programme. Expect mini plays, extracts, monologues, things that might become TV pilots or full length plays - all of no doubt super quality. Click here for more.


Damsel Develops | The Bunker | 13-19 Nov
This new festival was created with the aim of helping emerging female directors to develop work, and will feature material written or conceived by women and committed to representing female experiences on stage. The result is a plethora of rehearsed and staged readings, feedback sessions, excerpts of new work and live music, see this page here to discover what's going on and when.

Beta Public VII | Camden People's Theatre | 13 Nov
This unique curated evening of videogames and performance returns for a seventh instalment, following the sell out success of the first six. What can you expect? New games and exciting performances, experimentation and collaboration, interaction with developers, and sitting in the bar having drinks with friends. And yes, that's all there in the blurb, even that last bit, check this page here for more info if you don't believe me.

Under The Eyes Of Baron Samedi | Soho Theatre | 13 Nov (pictured)
Extraordinary storyteller Jan Blake is accompanied by Estonian troubadour Silver Sepp as she takes you on a journey through a dream-scape of Haitian folktales, inspired by Diane Wolkstein's seminal collection 'The Magic Orange Tree' and filled with "sly humour, rum, good food, poverty, gods, animalistic transformation, and down-right voudon". Click here for all the details.


Border Tales | The Place | 14-18 Nov
We love Luca Silvestrini's Protein dance shows, and the fact that we interviewed him twice in the last two years or so is a testament to that. And in fact, if you'd like to find out more about this show in particular, it's what we covered in the Q&A we did in 2015, so have a look here for an insight into what it's all about. I suspect that it's got even more relevance in the light of recent events than back then. See this page here for more.

Superposition | Camden People's Theatre | 14-15 Nov (pictured)
"What are the real laws of attraction? How do we satisfy our longing to connect? What is my place in the universe? What makes me, me?" 'Superposition' promises to take you down a rabbit hole of physics, from the quantum world of the tiny to the expanses of the universe - via a lap dancing club - in an attempt to answer these questions. An intriguing sounding one woman show fusing spoken word, live art and movement. See the venue website here for details.

Thunder Whales | New Diorama | 14 Nov
This sounds... unusual... but you know, I like that, and this is the work of Red Cape Black Cape, who impressed the Fringe a couple of years ago with 'A Fistful Of Hunny'. It's a comedy about a pair of killer whales, Mysty and Cruz - the main attractions at the biggest marine park in the world, performing synchronised tricks to 80s hits - who are poised to make a bid for freedom. I think I deserve a medal for not replacing 'poised' with 'porpoised' in that last sentence. Info here.


White | Ovalhouse | 15-25 Nov
Koko Brown, associate artist at Associate Artist at Ovalhouse and Resident Artist at the Roundhouse, heads back to Ovalhouse following a run there earlier this summer with this show about identity, blending spoken-word with live vocal looping. Brown explores the concept of mixed-race privilege, attempts to bring together clashing cultures and takes a look at what it means to be mixed in contemporary Britain. More information on this page here.

#Hashtag Lightie | Arcola Theatre | 14 Nov-2 Dec
"Ella is mixed race, addicted to social media and Queen of the Selfie! Her thriving YouTube channel has make up tips, opinions, and videos of her boisterous family. But after one of her videos goes viral, Ella finds herself in the centre of a social media storm that leads to a family meltdown. With her identity and perception of beauty challenged, can Ella promote self-love without fueling hate?" You might have seen this during its previous sell-out run, but if you didn't, now's your chance. All the details are here.

The Importance Of Being Earnest | Jack Studio | 14 Nov-2 Dec
I bet there are some people out there who haven't yet seen a production of arguably Oscar Wilde's most well known play, and this looks like a highly likely candidate for your attention. And I bet there are loads of people out there who have seen it and would like to see it again, so here you go, try this one, it's in safe hands. You're welcome. Head this way.


Child's Play | New Diorama | 16 Nov
"An examination of why it is Millennials seem to be so convinced no-one's really listening, and why they hate the label, 'Child's Play' punctuates the re-telling of a protest with explosive spoken word interrogations of what it means to be 20-something, over-educated, and suspicious of almost everything". I think folks are unnecessarily critical of that generation, and I'm fed up of seeing those headlines that imply that they are ruining everything. So this caught my eye, see this page here for all the details.

Binaural Dinner Date | Theatre Royal Stratford East | 16 Nov-3 Nov
This also caught my eye, but to be frank, it's the sort of scenario that would make me run a mile. But you lot, reading this, you're not me, and I reckon some of you might be very, very interested. Part interactive performance, part dating agency, 'Binaural Dinner Date' invites genuine applications from individuals looking for love, or existing couples who want a different sort of a dating experience. Don't forget to let them know your dating preferences when you book. See the venue website here for more.

Tanja | Camden People's Theatre | 15-18 Nov (pictured)
"This is what she would have said, if only we'd let her". Described as an "impassioned call to arms, a play and a campaign", this is a theatrical exploration of immigration detention centres and it stars a former Yarl's Wood detainee, Emily Ntshangase-Wood. There are a lot of plays around at the moment dealing with immigration, all good, but this will surely have an extra special resonance with a performer with such relevant experience at its heart. See this page here for info.
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