Like so many of the stand-ups we love, we first found out about Garrett Millerick up at the Edinburgh Festival, where his shows have made true fans out of many members of our team. Don't bother looking for a negative review on our site, because you will not find one.

He shortly begins a run of his latest show, 'The Devil's Advocate', at London's 2Northdown: so I thought it was about time we had a chat, to find out more about this show, yes, but also about his career thus far, and what we can expect from him in the future. Read the interview here.

Garrett Millerick performs 'The Devil's Advocate at 2Northdown from 28 Nov-3 Dec. See this link here to select a date and book a ticket.

I'm sure you'll have come across the work of producing company Action To The Word before, with a CV that includes successful and acclaimed productions such as 'A Clockwork Orange' and 'Constance and Sinestra'.

Their latest show is a family one, perfect for a Christmas outing, set to run throughout December and beyond. To find out more about it, I spoke to the creative force behind 'The Lost Boy Peter Pan', and indeed, the company, Artistic Director Alexandra Spencer-Jones. Read the interview here.

'The Lost Boy Peter Pan' is on at Pleasance Theatre from 29 Nov-7 Jan. See the venue website here for more information and to book.

If you were at the Edinburgh Festival in 2016 or 2017, you probably heard about, and possibly witnessed a performance of 'How To Win Against History', Seiriol Davies' hugely acclaimed musical about The 5th Marquis Of Anglesey.

We loved the show, of course, so were thrilled to hear that the production was headed Young Vic-wards for a month long run. I spoke to Seiriol, to find out more. Read the interview here.

'How To Win Against History' is on at Young Vic from 30 Nov-30 Dec. See the venue website here for more information and to book.


King Tut - A Pyramid Panto | King's Head Theatre | 24 Nov-6 Jan (pictured)
"This year, it's all about Egypt, so ditch the tinsel and travel back in time to the Valley of the Kings for a whirlwind adventure of mummies, magic and mayhem". The excellent Charles Court Opera return with their eleventh annual boutique pantomime, this one taking what seems like a slightly unusual theme for the genre. Exciting! See this page here for info.

Bumper Blyton - The Improvised Adventure | Canal Cafe Theatre | 24 Nov
I've been reluctant to let my daughter read too much Blyton because... well, you know why. But I will give you permission to see this, an improvised adventure inspired by some of the writer's most famous characters, performed by a bunch of some of the best improvisers we've seen. Head over to the venue website here for all the details.

Cinderella | Hackney Empire | 18 Nov-31 Dec
Now, I promised you a few days ago that more panto tips would be forthcoming so don't be surprised that there are two of them today. This time it's 'Cinderella' at Hackney Empire, from the hugely experienced duo of Susie McKenna and Steven Edis, and I guarantee it will be great. Click here for more.


Leaf | New Diorama | 25 Nov
"Mark is a chemical engineer. He loves chess. He lives with his mum.
A teaching assistant has had it up to here with her own conscience. A caretaker grows tired of childrens' vomit.Unfortunately, their story is constantly being interrupted by chaotic sketches". This does sound odd, but definitely entertaining, and I have heard good things from people I know. And people I know are very discerning. Click here for more.

The Velveteen Rabbit | Unicorn Theatre | 17 Nov-31 Dec
'The Velveteen Rabbit' has returned to the Unicorn Theatre, and what a good thing, because I expect you're increasingly looking for nice, and possibly pre-Christmassy ways to entertain young children inside rather than outside. This is a lovely and much acclaimed production and is suitable for children over five, plus, it's very much the kind of show that grown-ups will also enjoy, because it's just, well, really good theatre. See the venue website here to book.

Rapunzel | Chickenshed | 22 Nov-6 Jan (pictured)
And if you've already seen 'The Velveteen Rabbit', or you know, just want to see this instead, because it will no doubt be just as good if different, here's another one for the small people in your life. This is a new musical version of the 'Rapunzel' story, which promises to be "mysterious, romantic and life-affirming" and those are all things we like. Head this way for details.


Lands | New Diorama | 26-27 Nov (pictured)
"Leah and Sophie have been together, here, for a long time. They are happy here. But there's a problem. There's a massive f**king problem and soon they're going to have to talk about it". Two performers, a mini trampoline, a 1000 piece puzzle and an intimate study of a relationship on the brink of a collapse. This did ever so well up at the Fringe in the summer, don't miss this opportunity to see the show. Head this way for info.

Scandinavian Christmas Market and Craft Central Christmas Market | Rotherhithe and Millwall | 24-26 Nov
I might be being a bit optimistic about the chances of folk making both of these in one day, but they are in fairly neighbouring areas of London, so you never know, some people might be that dedicated. Anyway, this tip is directly and definitely born of the dread panic that's currently running through my not-on-schedule-to-be-ready-for-Christmas self. It all used to be so much easier, these days everything good is gone by December. Anyway, I need gifts, you need gifts, and these two look to me like two of the best ways to find some nice non-high street ones this weekend. Information here for the Scandinavian one and here for the arty one.

Miniaturists 66 | Arcola Theatre | 26 Nov
And it's back to a TW favourite thing, that happens a lot, and which we're never going to stop tipping, frankly. The latest edition of Miniaturists is on at Arcola this week, with as ever, a quality collection of small but perfectly formed plays, and the writers behind this month's crop of short gems are Milly Thomas, Camilla Whitehill, Katie Burnett, Will Bourdillon and Declan Feenan. You can head this-a-way to book your tickets.


Night's End | Soho Theatre | 27 Nov-2 Dec(pictured)
This sounds intriguing, a tale of love and loss and betrayal, set in Rajasthan. It's about a man who runs away from his village in Kerala to become a guard in a tiger sanctuary, and details his efforts to save the animals as well as his encounters with poachers, and a significant romance, and explores some pretty interesting and important themes. See this page here for info.

Good Girl | Old Red Lion | 27 Nov-1 Dec
You might, if you read last week's bulletin, have seen the Q&A we did with the eloquent Naomi Sheldon. So, having no doubt read that whole thing and wondered when on earth you can see this remarkable sounding show, here's your answer. Today. You can see it today. An acclaimed, hilarious yet dark, and brilliantly performed piece, see the venue website here for details.

Stuart Goldsmith - Hell Week Year Two | The Bill Murray | 27 Nov
"Last year Stu wrote his new comedy show using the Dark Arts of "throwing it all together under pressure and previewing every night and writing every day while weeping". Now he begins the whole terrifying process again.  Will there be robots?  Recipe books?  Escape rooms?" Long established TW favourite Stuart Goldsmith, who I am pretty sure you all love as well, not least for his Comedian's Comedian podcast, heads to The Bill Murray for your viewing pleasure. All the gen is here.


Speaking Bodies | New Diorama | 28 Nov
"All I want is to be who I am. Pure. True. And unafraid. But is anyone listening?" A promising sounding new piece from inclusive company Dandelion Collective, which combines dance with text and live music and explores the importance of forming human ties while questioning our ability to listen, and challenging preconceptions of how we perceive ourselves and those around us. Click here for more.

Phil Wang - Kinabalu | Soho Theatre | 28 Nov-9 Dec
Phil Wang heads Soho-wards with a show that achieved sell outs and acclaim at the edfringe in the summer, and certainly won the heart of our reviewer, who proclaimed it to be a "brilliantly silly" hour in the company of an astute and funny performer. Anyway, don't just take our word for it, go spend some time with this very much up and coming comedian (you probably saw him on HIGNFY) and see the evidence for yourself. All the details are on the venue website here.

Christmas At Kew | Kew Gardens | 22 Nov-1 Jan (pictured)
It's a dull Tuesday in November, and so I think it might be time, for some of you, to get into the Christmas thing right now. There's not much I love more than Christmas lights, and these days the sort they put on at places like Kew and various National Trust type places round the country just gladden my heart. A great way to embrace the winter darkness, enjoying lit up trees and coloured jets of light. Fab, book here.


Elf Lyons - Swan | Soho Theatre | 28 Nov-2 Dec (pictured)
There's an awful lot of good comedy on at the Soho Theatre at the moment. Well, I suppose there always is, but I don't know, it seems especially thick with talent this week. Anyway, here's one of those talents, Elf Lyons, performing the show that won her an Edinburgh Comedy Award nomination and a five star review from our reviewer. So if you didn't manage to see this clowny, balletic feast during the Fringe run, now is your chance. See the venue website here for details.

Garrett Millerick - The Devil's Advocate | 2Northdown | 29 Nov-3 Dec
"I've just accidentally bought a house in the heart of 'Brexit Country'. My membership of the 'Urban Liberal Elite' has been rescinded, subsumed into the ranks of 'the silent majority', I'm totally consumed by home improvement, car magazines, property values, bin day and reality television. I'm living an Essex based re-make of Kafka's Metamorphosis. I have become what I once feared most, I have become Jeremy Clarkson". Another very classy comedian, beloved by us, performs his recent, acclaimed-at-Fringe show, see these listings here to select a date and book.

Odessa Stories | The Cockpit | 29 Nov-2 Dec
An adaptation of works by journalist and writer Isaac Babel, victim of Stalin's Great Purge, this show explores life in Odessa's early twentieth century underworld following the Russian Revolution and the disastrous civil war that ensued. And yes, the play is performed in Russian, but no, you shouldn't worry too much, because there are English subtitles. For lots more information and to book your tickets, see this page right about here.


Once Upon A Snowflake | Chelsea Theatre | 30 Nov-22 Dec
"Liza has gone missing, and no-one knows where she can be. One thing's for certain: those mysterious Winter Sprites have something to do with it. Every winter, these tiny elf-like creatures can be found hiding in pockets, shoes and sock drawers, watching everything and hearing everyone. But how are they connected with Liza's disappearance? Can they help to find her? And what is inside the mysterious Winter Sprite's strange suitcase?" Hurrah, a lovely pre-Christmas snowy show for the small people in your life, from age three upwards. Info here.

Police Cops In Space | Soho Theatre | 30 Nov-2 Dec (pictured)
Well, we have on previous occasions tipped this show's creators The Pretend Men, and we will no doubt tip them again, because this helping of comedy theatrics is ever so good, and I expect they'll come up with more like this in the future. Our reviewer loved this when she saw it in Edinburgh in the summer, and said this: "The trio, who share brilliant on-stage chemistry, deliver hysterically exaggerated and physically mesmerising scenes with unfaltering energy levels and monumentally punchy delivery". Head this way to book.

Muvvahood | Pleasance Theatre | 30 Nov-1 Dec
Right at the start of this month we ran a Q&A with the star of Muvvahood, Libby liburd, ahead of her dates at The Park Theatre. If you didn't manage to catch one of those performances, then you should make a point of trying to see one of these, over at Pleasance Theatre, not least because the reviews are in following those earlier dates, and yes, they are all highly complimentary. See the venue website here for details.
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