As you might know, because we exhibit our love for them on a regular basis, we here at TW Towers are huge fans of Sh!t Theatre, aka Louise Mothersole and Rebecca Biscuit.

Their latest show 'DollyWould' comes to Soho Theatre this month, and we are obviously excited because we already know it's brilliant. Not just because we are psychic or have faith in the pair, but because we saw it in Edinburgh this summer and loved it.

So, we know quite a lot about the show, really, and what it's about, but wanted to find out more about the inspiration for it, and how it was created, so I had a quick chat, ahead of the duo's upcoming performances. Read the interview here.

'DollyWould' is on at Soho Theatre from 19 Mar-14 Apr, see the venue website here for more information and to book.

FRIDAY 16 MARCH 2018 >>

The Others | Camden People's Theatre | 16 Mar
"We make the journey ourselves. But when I arrive I will take the biggest victory sh*t in a clean white toilet! Take me to my toilet. My throne. My new home... In the dusty aftermath of Brexit, Grenfell and the refugee crisis, three derelict clowns unpick their futile attempts to make an impact on the world. One has come about a room, another resumes a relentless journey and the third desperately wants some company". Another great-sounding show from Sprint 2018, see this page here for more.

This Restless State | Ovalhouse | 14-24 March (pictured)
A one man story-telling show, created and performed by Jesse Fox, and written by Danielle Pearson, taking a look at our continent's past present and future via three narrative strands: alone in East Berlin in 1989, Margot learns that the wall has fallen, and with it the only life she has known; in Rome in 2052, Galina waits to cast her vote in a post-war Europe wide referendum; finally, in London in 2017 Jesse's train leaves the station, taking him back to see his childhood home for the final time. I have a great feeling about this one, head this way for details.

Matt Winning - Filibuster | Vault Festival | 16 Mar
Now, even despite my great feelings about the above two shows, I can't help but feel sad this week because the mighty Vault Festival comes to an end in just a couple of days. Wah. But of course, it's been a delightful beast, so we will just stop weeping and start looking forward to the next one. And of course, make sure we make the most of this last few days. One way to do that is to see brilliant and clever TW favourite Matt Winning with this show about what he knows a lot about - global warming. See the Vault website here for info.


Beowulf | Battersea Arts Centre | 14-31 Mar
"Before we begin, I should warn you: This probably isn't going to end well..." Seth Kriebel's adaptation of the Old English epic poem is an interactive performance-game featuring an evocative soundscape, in which audience members work together to navigate Beowulf's landscape, making each session entirely unique. For more information and to book tickets, see this page here.

Cirque Du Greeks | Jacksons Lane | 17 Mar
"Zeus, Poseidon and Hades arrive early to a party. While waiting for the other guests to arrive, the siblings start to wind each other up". JL Circus, a troupe of 6-18 year olds drawn together by Jacksons Lane's youth programme, tell stories of Medusa, Orpheus and the cyclops through acrobatics, hula hoop, juggling and more. For all the details see the venue website here.

Tori Scott - Thirsty | Vault Festival | 14-18 Mar (pictured)
As you'll probably remember, because we were wailing about it not so very long ago, Vault Festival is close to ending, so it's time to take your last few tastes of its fruit. I've heard good things about Tori Scott, who, according to the blurb, will be "celebrating poor life choices and an unconditional love of vodka" accompanied by her three-piece band The Shame Spirals, telling autobiographical stories and "songs she stole from other people". So that all sounds rather fun. More here.

SUNDAY 18 MARCH 2018 >>

Juniper And Jules | Theatre503 | 18-19 Mar (pictured)
"Juniper has liked girls, only girls, for as long as she can remember. Jules didn't realize she could like girls because no one ever told her it was an option. After meeting at a loud and boring party, Juniper and Jules soon fall in lust and in love". A promising sounding play from Stephanie Martin (you might have seen her full length debut 'Joy' which premiered at Theatre Royal Stratford East Studio in the autumn, not least because we told you to) about a couple exploring the possibilities of polyamory. See this page here for more.

LOVE?! A Catastrophic 21st Century Guide on Relationships | Old Red Lion Theatre | 18-19 Mar
This is also about love (did the title give it away?) but from different angle. A new play by Chloé Wipraechtiger, it's a comedy about six friends living in a flat share in London, which seems like a familiar set up, but it's one with a lot to give. It seems as though the whole tale takes place on one night at a club, when all of a sudden the friends'  relationships are thrown into chaos. See the venue website here for info.

Gráinne Maguire: I Call My Vagina The Psychopath Test | Vault Festival | 18 Mar
Yes, yes, that's right, you can hear the sound of me weeping, for lo, we have reached the end of the Vault Festival, and this is our final pick from it. But now, I will stop weeping, think about the good times, and just be glad we've such a great show to go out with a bang on. The fabulous Gráinne Maguire, whose work you are already no doubt aware of, presents a lovely new show. It's a big and enthusiastic hurrah from me. Click here for details.

MONDAY 19 MARCH 2018 >>

Third Wheel | Bloomsbury Theatre Studio | 19-21 Mar
"Polly and Eve are driving around the UK with their best mate Dylan in a Wizard of Oz lunchbox. At his funeral, they are handed the box along with posthumous instructions to take him on the trip he never got to go on". Critically acclaimed feminist writing duo Mack and Salt bring this much loved show, a huge success at the most recent Edinburgh Fringe, to the Bloomsbury Theatre, for your London-based viewing pleasure. I'm being extremely serious when I say you must not miss this, see this page here to book.

No Show | Arcola Theatre | 19-21 Mar
A play about Josh and his dad, both of whom have been attempting to get over the tragic loss of Josh's mum, and do it by focusing on their shared love of horror films. But as Josh grows, so does the pressure to leave home, and it changes the dynamic of their relationship. Sounds like a great exploration of where the line lies between carer and cared-for, and the importance of support networks in dealing with grief and mental illness. See the venue website here for more.

Sara Schaefer - Little White Box | Soho Theatre | 19-31 Mar (pictured)
As the blurb notes, Sara Schaefer "is an Emmy-award winning comedian who hosted her own talk show Nikki & Sara Live on MTV, has appeared on Comedy Central, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'" but if you're not abreast of who all the American comedians are, then it's entirely possible you haven't come across her work. Time to get acquainted, via this personal and political show. Head this way for all the details.

TUESDAY 20 MARCH 2018 >>

Our Big Love Story | The Hope Theatre | 20 Mar-7 Apr
"How does it feel to be a British Muslim? How does it feel to be a teenager in a world with conflicting messages and trying to fit in?" A play depicting the lives of five people, their stories intertwining, exploring themes of faith, prejudice, love and healing, the radicalisation of young people, and the struggle to keep your faith following trauma. For more information, see the venue website here.

Clonely | Camden People's Theatre | 20 Mar (pictured)
Well, it's sad that Vault Festival is over, but hurrah, Sprint 2018, CPT's festival of the new and adventurous, still has a few more days to run. Struggling to know how to adequately convey what to expect from this particular show, but it sounds very promising: it's a mixture of theatre, sketch comedy and audience interaction that threatens to tell a surreal tale, a bizarre space adventure, from the perspective of a pair of lonely clones. See this page herefor details.

Three Sisters | Jack Studio | 20 Mar-14 Apr
"In a rural backwater, three sisters dream of a better life and of returning to the Moscow of their childhood. Irina longs for purpose, Masha for passion and Olga for some peace". Yes, you probably already know the plot, and may be well acquainted with the beloved Chekhov tragicomedy. But that might be all the more reason why you'd want to see this staging of it, especially as it's by a much critically acclaimed theatre company. Head this way to book.


The Paper Cinema's MacBeth | Battersea Arts Centre | 20 Mar-4 Apr
We've actually recommended this show before, but when it was on as a 'scratch' performance back in June. Now that it's fully formed and on for a proper run, we'd like to bring it to your attention again. Of course you'll be familiar with the story, but you won't have seen a 'MacBeth' like it: telling the tale through illustration, puppetry and a live score, this company create a silent film as you watch. See this page here for all the details.

Songs For Nobodies | Wilton's | 21 Mar-7 Apr (pictured)
The UK premiere of this acclaimed play by  Joanna Murray-Smith, in which the characters of five ordinary women recount their tales of brief encounters with five iconic singers: Judy Garland, Patsy Cline, Billie Holiday, Edith Piaf and Maria Callas. It's a one woman show, written specifically to showcase the talents of its performer, singer and actress, Bernadette Robinson. For all the info see this page here.

Assassins | Pleasance Theatre | 20 Mar-8 Apr
"Over the last 152 years, 9 Americans have tried to kill - no, assassinate - 8 American presidents, only 4 of them successfully. Why?" A production of Stephen Sondheim's 1990/2004 musical about the "ambitious, deluded, passionate, desperate people" who have assassinated - or attempted to assassinate - US Presidents. Pretty dark topic, but you know, it won Tony awards, and acclaim. Head this way for more.


Massive Sense Of Urgency | Ovalhouse | 22-24 Mar
Madi Maxwell-Libby - "award-winning office temp and professional spare wheel" - promises to take us on a journey to better understand our economic system, and that, frankly, is a journey that I really really need to undertake. According to the blurb, you should prepare yourself for "drilling, dancing and some heavy-duty irony in this satirical skewering of life under capitalism". My interest is well and truly piqued, and I expect yours is too, so head right this way.

Dissenting Adults | Arcola Theatre | 22-24 Mar
"I am the effin Post-Brexit Universe. All I got to sort out now, is how to reverse time, back to 2016 when it all went arse upwards". Another offering from the Creative/Disruption 18 season, this one a new and devised production from the venue's Arcola 50+ community theatre group, which will explore "the stories behind the headlines and the stories at the intersection of politics and our lives". See this page here for more.

Moonfleece | Pleasance Theatre | 22 Mar-15 Apr (pictured)
A production of Philip Ridley's acclaimed 2010 play, the themes of which seem as relevant as ever now, possibly even more so. It follows Curtis, a leading member of a far right political group, who returns to his former home, a flat in a now derelict tower block. He's haunted by the ghost of his late brother, and aims to find out why. It's a humorous piece, despite its potentially depressing themes: its exploration of racism, homophobia and far right beliefs. Details here.
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