As you may know, the Unrestricted View team have been running pub theatre Hen & Chickens for rather a long time now, but it was only a couple of years ago that the venue began to operate its now annual and growing film festival.

I wanted to know a bit more about the event - how it got going, and what to expect from this year's festival - so I arranged a quick chat with director James Wren. Read the interview here.

The Unrestricted View Film Festival takes place at Hen & Chickens, Screen On The Green and The Vintage Mobile Cinema at The Alwyne Castle. See this page here for a brochure.

We've been fans of Theatre Re for some time now, having first been exposed to their high quality offerings up at the Edinburgh Fringe, and their production 'The Nature Of Forgetting', which comes to Shoreditch Town Hall this week, is one which generated an awed response from our reviewer last summer.

It's clear that the shows are very much a team effort, with creatives from all disciplines involved in their creation. I spoke to two key members of said team: Alex Judd and Katherine Graham. Read the interview here.

'The Nature Of Forgetting' is on at Shoreditch Town Hall from 24-28 April, see the venue website here for information and to book.

FRIDAY 20 APRIL 2018 >>

The Golden F**king Years | Jack Studio | 17-29 Apr
"Helen and Gordon spend their retirement on their Mediterranean balcony, reading and drinking gin, quite a lot of it. Both have moments of dissatisfaction. Is this life changing or merely boredom brought on by age and inactivity? When a younger woman appears in their lives, their comfortable existence is blown apart in an unexpected fashion. Sex, alcohol and physical mayhem have dangerous repercussions for all". A new play with an interesting focus, which also promises to be funny. See this page here for details.

The Class Project | Camden People's Theatre | 20-21 Apr (pictured)
The brilliant Rebecca Atkinson-Lord's her first solo show, about all things class-related: belonging, tribes and families, the things and places that are "in your blood", and those you change yourself to try and identify with, class mobility, and regional identity. Expect good things, and book your tickets here.

Moormaid | Arcola Theatre | 18 Apr-19 May
"Berlin. Eleven past eleven. Art teacher Melissa is about to do something drastic. Seeking a place to hide, her ex-pupil Mehdi interrupts her momentum. Both embark on a turbulent journey, painting and battling their way through the past". Another new play, described as "explosive", tackling some of the fears taking precedence for contemporary Europe, and the possible threat from alienated and disaffected youth. See the venue website here for more.


Stories From Around The World | Pleasance Theatre | 21-22 Apr
One for all the family, this, and a fast-paced, interactive adventure it is too. Expect stories of rough seas, creepy crawlies, armies of monkeys, monsters of the deep, and a thorough exploration of fairy tales, myths and legends from around the globe. Not for your babby lambs but anyone over four should have a rollicking good time. Head this way for information and to book your tickets.

Mayfly | Orange Tree Theatre | 19 Apr-26 May (pictured)
"A family searches for new beginnings: Ben thinks they might be better off without him, but his wife Cat has read her stars: 'Today a very special person will appear from out the blue'. Their daughter Loops is getting ready for a date. It's her first one, and she has everything crossed". Orange Tree Writers Collective alumnus Joe White's debut play, described as an "ethereal family drama" exploring rebirth following tragedy. See this page here for more.

Free Solo | Drayton Arms Theatre | 17 Apr-5 May
A new musical about overcoming fear and what it means to belong to a family, focusing on the story of John Robinson, a world-renowned free solo climber who falls to his death at the age of 43. Eleven years later, his daughter finds his old diary, and revisits the past, remembering her childhood with him and trying to work out who he really was. Head this way for details.

SUNDAY 22 APRIL 2018 >>

Bufo Bufo | New Diorama | 22-23 April
"Chicago, 1927, and something smells wrong. Freelance journalist Brad Donovan is determined to follow the whiff of conspiracy, but when he pulls up the city's floorboards, it turns out to be more rotten than he could have imagined. Faced with the unholy relics of strange aeons, aided by his bookish ally Professor Paxton, Brad sets out to scoop his biggest story yet - and possibly his last". Acclaimed double act The Awkward Silence return with this multi character comedy. Expect good things, head this way.

Natalie Inside Out | Jacksons Lane | 22 Apr (pictured)
Only on for one night, so make sure you get your tickets sorted to this excellent contribution to the ongoing CircusFest 2018. It's a collaboration between virtuoso hand balancer Natalie Reckert and digital artist Mark Morreau, and it takes a look at the inner workings and fragmentation of the acrobatic body using digital technology and video projection. More info and booking right about here.

Thom Tuck's Thomfoolery | London's Live Comedy | 22 Apr
Hurrah, the fabulous Thom Tuck hosts one of his Thomfoolery nights in which classy comedic acts who are called Tom or variations thereon line up for your delectation. On this occasion you can look forward to sets from Pappy's star Tom Parry, 2017 Leicester Mercury Comedian Of The Year Nominee Tom Mayhew and TV face Tom Rosenthal. Book thy tickets here.

MONDAY 23 APRIL 2018 >>

The Castle Builder | Battersea Arts Centre | 23-25 Apr
"An emotional and hard-rocking journey into the hearts and souls that exist on the outer limits of creativity and building regulations. 'The Castle Builder' tells the true story of an inmate in a Norwegian psychiatric institute who, over 5 years, built a castle on a remote headland". No small success, this, when it hit the old edfringe back in 2016. Stories with live music, projection, and an exploration of the work of outsider artists, featuring an old TW fave, Kid Carpet. See this page here for info.

Faceless | Park Theatre | 17 Apr-12 May
One with a very contemporary theme, inspired by a real court case in the USA. Susie, a teenager from suburban Chicago meets someone online who convinces her to convert from Christianity to Islam and leave home for Syria, and is arrested and tried for conspiring to commit acts of terrorism. Lots of post show events accompanying this one, so make sure you have a look at the extras tab when you head to the listing here to find out more.

Unrestricted View Film Festival | Hen & Chickens Theatre and other venues | 23-29 Apr
Hurrah, the Unrestricted View Film Festival is back, and is bigger and better than in previous years. The event kicks off with 'Pickups', starring Aiden Gillen, about a man suffering from insomnia, back trouble and the breakdown of his marriage, who reacts to these reverses in a manner I wouldn't altogether recommend. See this page here for that opening night film, which is at Screen On The Green, and this page here for an overview and brochure.

TUESDAY 24 APRIL 2018 >>

Broken | Old Red Lion Theatre | 24 Apr-12 May
This, I know, has been on at edfringe, and while I can't quite remember when, I do remember hearing some good things about it. It offers an interesting take on the topic of romance, in that it's a play written in Shakespeare-style verse, but juxtaposed with slightly more, er, graphic language and the setting of contemporary London. More information and ticket-bookery right about here.

Big Bang - Common People | Camden People's Theatre | 24 Apr
Hurrah, another Big Bang night over at Camden People's Theatre, this time as part Common People: The Working Class Theatre Festival, which I think we've mentioned a couple of times already. If you're not aware of what the Big Bang nights are, I will briefly explain that they are collections of new, in progress, utterly fresh stuff that are almost guaranteed to be fabulously successful when they get rolled out on their own at a later date. Why miss that? Head this way.

Bismillah! (An Isis Tragicomedy) | Pleasance Theatre | 24 Apr-13 May (pictured)
"Dean joined the Army, 'Danny' joined the Islamic State. One's from Leeds, the other's from London. Brought together in a holding cell in Northern Iraq, as captive and volatile guard. They discuss the North/South divide, reminisce about dead-end jobs they couldn't escape, lampoon the outrageous ever increasing price of a standard airport meal deal - all the while circling an awful terrifying truth - that both of them just want to go home". If you missed this show's recent critically acclaimed run at Vault Festival, here's ample chance to rectify that situation. See this page here for more.


Masterpieces | Finborough Theatre | 24 Apr-19 May
Sarah Daniels' 1983 play gets a first professional London production in 35 years. Three couples having dinner in a restaurant exchange sexist jokes, and it makes one person deeply angry. Rowena, through her experience of pornography and other objectification of women finds herself becoming radically opposed to what she regards as female subjugation. The play takes a stand against the objectification of, and violence against women. If anything, that's more of an issue now than it was back then, so this seems like a timely revival. See the venue website here for details.

In The Shadow Of The Mountain | King's Head Theatre | 24-29 Apr
Yesterday saw the start of King's Head Theatre's Who Runs The World season, featuring the work of five female playwrights, presented in direct response to the under-representation of female voices on stage. This one, by Felicity Huxley-Miners, is about a couple beginning a relationship amidst the challenges of mental health issues. Click this link here to book.

Citizen | The Space | 24 Apr-5 May
"A British mother is arrested whilst visiting family overseas with her baby daughter. A family of political refugees are moving to Australia to start a new life. American citizens, working, travelling, and holidaying around the world, fall victim to Trump's executive order against 7 Muslim countries, and can't return home. They are all human. They are all Iranian. Their only crime: their ethnicity". A promising sounding production drawing on the real life experiences of Iranian immigrants, see this page here for information.


Acting Up | Rich Mix | 26 Apr
A new improvised comedy show where the audience judge the best performances, hosted by Ashley J and Tee J who have have devised a 'Battle of the Sexes' special: two teams, one female and one male, going head to head. Expect good things and a line up of East London talent that includes Bradley Charles, Danielle Vitalis, Francis 'Don' Joani, Kiell Smith-Bynoe, Monique Campbell, and Rosie-Marie Christian. See this page here for more.

Whatever Happened To Vandal Raptor | Ovalhouse | 26-28 Apr
Punk poet Henry Raby tells the tale of fictional band Vandal Raptor, through spoken word, poetry, live music and story-telling. They were the greatest 4-piece dinosaur-themed punk band in the scene, and sang about changing the world, before they broke up... ten years later they are accidentally reunited on their old stomping ground. Can they revive their passionate approach of the past..? Info on the venue website here.

Coat | Battersea Arts Centre | 26-28 Apr (pictured)
"Picture this: Nigeria. A grandmother passes. London. A son cooks a pot of stew for his mother hoping to uncover hidden stories and unanswered questions". Yomi Sode walks the line between Nigerian and British cultures, and tackles the issues of immigration, identity and displacement, as well as how the mistakes of older generations leave younger ones unsure of what's expected of them, in a play that promises to be both humorous and moving. All the details are here.
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