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Last week we interviewed a past TW Editors' Award winner - and look - here we are doing it again. For last summer we gave one of our TW gongs to the team behind 'Hot Brown Honey'. I think this means we will now have to interview another past winner next week - you know how we like doing things in threes.

Anyway, if you've been to the Festival at all these last two years, you'll probably have heard about this incredible and important show, and if you haven't, then wow, do you have a treat in store this August.

To find out more about what you should all expect from'Hot Brown Honey' - and how it came together - I spoke to Lisa Fa'alafi, also known as The Game Changer, who co-created the production with writer Busty Beatz, and is also the director, choreographer and designer of it. And yes, she performs in the show too. Phew. Read the interview here.

'Hot Brown Honey' is on at Edinburgh Festival 2018 at Gilded Balloon Teviot from 3-27 Aug.
TW:DIY is a new educational programme from the TW team that will be offering tips and advice to future talent in theatre, comedy and culture at large. To kick things off we're talking to people who work at the Edinburgh Festival each year to get their perspectives and top tips.

Last week we started with ThreeWeeks Editor Caro Moses. This week we jump to the other side of the reviewing equation and talk to arts PR expert Madelaine Bennett from Premier about getting coverage at the Edinburgh Fringe and the role the publicist plays in an Edinburgh show's success. Read the interview here.
You may have come across actress and writer Louise Coulthard's close to home play about caring for a grandmother with dementia, as it's already been on as part of the Camden Fringe, back in 2016, and also had a very successful run at the 2017 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Fortunately, if you missed it, you now have ample chance to take it in at The Hope Theatre this month.

To find out more about the play and what inspired it, I had a quick chat with Louise, ahead of this London run. Read the interview here.

'Cockamamy' is on at The Hope Theatre from 12-30 Jun, see the venue website here for information and to book tickets.

TUESDAY 12 JUNE 2018 >>

The Little Pony | Cervantes Theatre | 12-30 Jun
An English translation by Marion Peter Holt of a play by acclaimed Spanish playwright Paco Bezzera that addresses themes of bullying, identity, sexual orientation and education: "Timmy is being bullied at school because of his favourite backpack, a bright pink backpack full of little ponies from his favourite TV series. Daniel and Irene try to confront the brutal school bullying that Timmy is subjected to. A school that protects its bullies and a couple that tries to do the best for their child will witness how Timmy escapes to an imaginary universe to protect himself from the insufferable reality". Info here.

Elixir | Underbelly Festival | 12-23 Jun (pictured)
Oooooh, our reviewer loved this show when she saw it at the Edinburgh Festival so I feel sure that any fans of acrobatics out there won't want to miss out. It has a vaguely scientific theme, in the sense that these three enthusiastic performers are attempting to create an elixir of life, and we can fully concur with the statement in the blurb that says it's "a beautiful mix of incredible acrobatics and impeccable comic timing". Head this way for details.

Beirut | The Park Theatre | 12 Jun-7 Jul
"Torch has been quarantined in a dark, squalid room on the Lower East Side of New York City, which the locals refer to as "Beirut", after testing positive for a nameless disease. Torch passes the time alone, forbidden from contact with the outside world. His girlfriend, Blue, makes the dangerous journey across the quarantine line to be with him. Torch tries to keep her at arm's length and they argue lovingly, jokingly, fearfully, bravely and desperately about sex and death. All the while, Torch pleads with Blue to leave before his resistance fails..." Late US playwright Alan Bowne's dystopian meditation on STDs and humanity gets a UK airing, see this page here for more.


Pundemonium! Live | Roundhouse | 13 Jun
Hurrah, the Last Word Festival kicks off at Roundhouse, so rest assured, we'll be recommending a few events from this fab spoken word season; this of course is the frst. You may already be aware of cult comedy live game show Pundemonium, but if you're not, how about familiarising yourself with it today? A number of poets, writers and performers drawn from across the festival line-up alongside members of the public take part in a number of linguistic challenges under the auspices of Rachel Mars and Daniel Pitt. All the details here.

Monogamy | The Park Theatre | 6 Jun-7 Jul (pictured)
"Monogamy means sharing your life with one person, but what if you shared your kitchen with 5.6 million? Caroline Mortimer, the nation's favourite TV cook, has it all - a sparkling career, a big house in Highgate, a (golf) loving husband, smart kids and the best kitchen money can buy. But beneath the immaculate furnishings, studio lighting and away from the glare of the ever-present cameras - Caroline must face the looming collision of living a private life in the public eye. What happens when the cameras turn off and the truth comes out?" What happens indeed, find out by booking tickets here.

Finishing The Picture | Finborough Theatre | 12 Jun-7 Jul
A UK premiere for Arthur Miller's final play, inspired by the filming of 'The Misfits', the screenplay for which he wrote for then-wife Marilyn Monroe. Described here as "a devastating indictment of how a male-dominated movie industry inadvertently destroyed a vulnerable young woman, even as they transformed her into a screen goddess, and how they were unable to deal with the wreckage they caused". See the venue website here for more.

THURSDAY 14 JUNE 2018 >>

Chronophob | Roundhouse | 14 Jun
Yay, more from Roundhouse's Last Word Festival, which is absolutely full of good stuff. Including this: "Chronophob is about two strangers who are lost in a time they're afraid to live in. In an attempt to escape, they travel to their scariest memories but get trapped once they discover parts of their identity they never knew existed". For more info on this show, see this page here, and for all the other Last Word listing see this page here.

Austerity & Me | Ovalhouse | 14-16 Jun (pictured)
"The big word we're told so little about. It's reported to have caused over 120,000 deaths in the UK to date. It's arguably the most pressing socio-political issue of our time. But what exactly is it? How does it actually affect us? And can we do anything about it?" The big word is of course 'austerity', and Ovalhouse Performance Company, a brand new performance collective for 18-24 year olds from South London, presents this debut performance, a spoken word and physical theatre piece based on personal stories and experiences. See the venue website here for more .

Insomniac's Fable | Jacksons Lane | 14-16 Jun
Part of the much-previously-mentioned Jacksons Five season of visual theatre and new writing, this has a non-verbal narrative inspired by the art of printmaking, and is performed by circus artist Sakari Männistö and dancer Emma Lister. The show, complemented by specially commissioned woodcuts as projections, promises to be an "intimate contemporary circus piece about the realities - or unrealities - of love". Click here for details.

FRIDAY 15 JUNE 2018 >>

In Search Of Dinozord | The Place | 15-16 Jun (pictured)
"Dancers and actors move through a landscape of ruins in the post-apocalyptic Congo as they search for forgotten dreams. With elegant, haunting and highly political energy they delve into the wrenching history of the Congo, recounting legends from their childhoods and mourning the loss of a friend as they attempt to create a myth that truly reflects their lives". Another fab show on as part of the LIFT 2018 lineup, See the venue website here for info.

Mamzer Bastard | Hackney Empire | 14-17 Jun
The world premiere of this opera by young Israeli-born composer Na'ama Zisser, which utilises Jewish cantorial style music and is set in the New York Hasidic community in the 1970s: "It is the night before Yoel's wedding, an arranged marriage within his Orthodox Hasidic community. He is wracked with doubt. A chance encounter with a stranger reveals truths about Yoel that change everything". Details here.

Last Night I Met You Dreaming | Ovalhouse | 14-16 Jun
"When mysterious documents are blocked by her editor she is transported to 'The Region', a lush green place on the verge of collapse. There she uncovers the truth about a dangerous mining operation with the help of the spirit world and an extraordinary young woman who opens her eyes and unlocks her heart". This is described as a "magic realist story" and magic realism is one of my favourite things, so of course I want to see it. Head this way for more if you do too.

SATURDAY 16 JUNE 2018 >>

Double Act | Polka Theatre | 15 Jun-5 Aug 
"Meet Ruby and Garnet. They're twins, identical and inseparable - and do absolutely EVERYTHING together. But their lives are about to change. Recently, Dad's gone a bit weird. He's been acting strange ever since he started dating that frizzy dizzy Rose. And now he's only gone and bought a bookshop in the country..." Vicky Ireland's adaptation of Jacqueline Wilson's book, first staged back in 2003 and back at the Polka Theatre. Head this way for info.

Ashley Storrie | Underbelly Festival | 16 Jun
We first found out about Scottish comedian Ashley Storrie through the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, but since we first heard about her she's gone from strength to strength, and you've probably seen her 'If The Handmaid's Tale Was Scottish' thing. Anyway, this is her London debut, a show in which she'll discuss her belief that we should all be more honest about the "myth of adulthood" and that "nobody really grows up, we're all just great at pretending!" Which I kind of relate to, in that I've never grown up, but I am not sure I am any good at pretending. Anyway, this will be good, more here.

Lol, Inshaallah | Roundhouse | 16 Jun (pictured)
"Based on Suhaiymah's musings and experiences, 'LOL, InshaAllah', is an insight into the anger, despair, and yet also optimism and joviality that comes with being a young Muslim in Britain today. The performance invites you to deconstruct the lazy binaries we apply to each other - radical/moderate, extreme/liberal, oppressed/liberated - and to explore the potential of our full humanity". Another pick from the excellent Last Word Festival, see this page here for details.

SUNDAY 17 JUNE 2018 >>

Arr We There Yet | Underbelly Festival | 10 Jun-1 Jul (Sundays)
"A scallywag pirate, a muscular sailor and a chef with a seafood allergy make for a hopeless crew as they fight for the title of Captain aboard the ship. These acrobatic pirates turn ship-life upside down. Walking the plank becomes the high flying teeterboard, cooking for the crew involves juggling knives and steering the ship spinning upside down in the roue cyr". Great family show from the excellent Head First Acrobats. Click here to book.

A Buried Time | Roundhouse | 17 Jun
Another great looking show from The Last Word Festival. Poetry collective None Of The Above present this storytelling show about the various inhabitants of a strange street: "This street has had many names but none anyone can remember. They don't know why the lady at 53 writes postcards to herself every day. They don't know why the old man at 84 is digging his way to the centre of the earth from his basement. They don't know why no one leaves and why no one ever arrives". All the information is right about here.

This Is My Bed | Polka Theatre | 13-24 Jun
So, two family shows to choose from today, this being the second, and it's the work of a company I am always wanting to tip and talk about, English Touring Opera. It's performed by three singers and two players, and promises fabulous songs, characters and animation, all on the theme (perhaps unsurprisingly) of beds. In this show, it seems as though the bed develops a life of its own in order to whisk its owner off on a bit of an adventure. See the venue website here for more.

MONDAY 18 JUNE 2018 >>

MacBeth | Wilton's | 18 Jun-2 Jul (pictured)
Another 'MacBeth' over at Wilton's (there was a different one we recommended back in Feb/Mar) and this is the work of the very brilliant and award winning Flabbergast Theatre, who bring their experience in physical theatre, puppetry, stage combat, clowning and mask work to this version of The Scottish Play featuring live music and bespoke human voice effects performed live by the ensemble. See this page here for info.

I Knew You | Roundhouse | 18-20 Jun
"Angela is edging closer to retirement. Then it will just be her, her cat and ready meals for one. Her son Nathan is struggling with being a stay-at-home dad. It's not as if he's had a role model for it. The closest he's got to his dad in 20 years was a Google search. When Angela has a chance encounter with 'her Patrick', she is torn about whether or not to introduce him to the son he walked out on and the grandson he's never met. But Patrick has some news that may force her to decide". The latest play from spoken word artist and writer Polarbear, on as part of the much mentioned Last Word Festival. Details here.

Crick Crack Club - Crow Blood Snow | Soho Theatre 18 Jun
And more story-telling for you now in a different part of town, as Sally Pomme Clayton weaves forgotten folklore and fragments of myth from Ireland to Italy, Scandinavia to Siberia to create this tale. "Crow was there at the beginning... Crow warns of dangers, makes you  fall in love,  flies over the battlefield, brings the dead back to life, keeps the memories, counts time, waits for  doom, is the echo of the land itself". Head this way for more.
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