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The Fringe Wives Club brings together physical comedy queen Tessa Waters, musical comedy star (and one half of EastEnd Cabaret) Victoria Falconer and top comedian and storyteller Rowena Hutson for an all-singing, all-dancing cabaret extravaganza with a political agenda.

Promises the blurb for their show 'Glittery Clittery': "The Fringe Wives are ready to smash the patriarchy with the full force of their combined, unquestionable talent and an empowering live soundtrack". Following successful runs at festivals in Australia, the Club has come to the Edinburgh Fringe and we had to find out more. Read the interview here.

'Fringe Wives Club: Glittery Glittery' is on at Assembly Roxy until 26 Aug.
Don't forget, we are putting together a TW:DIY Guide To The Edinburgh Fringe this month based on interviews with lots of people performing and working at the Festival and packed with practical advice on how to get the most out of doing a show in Edinburgh.

We've already heard from some producers, some PR people, a comedy promoter, a director, a stage manager, a production manager, a street performer, a Free Fringe performer and no less than eight venue directors. Look out for more interviews going live over the next week.

Plus you can check the guide we've compiled so far here on the website.


Replay | Soho Theatre | 21-25 Aug

"When a fiercely independent, workaholic police officer receives an old cassette tape with a message from her big brother on it, she is propelled back to her vibrant childhood and forced to confront a tremendous loss". You might have been lucky enough to see this show by Nicola Wren when it was on at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2017. If you didn't, then here's a chance to see it now. Hurrah, see this link here.

Into The Deep | Etcetera Theatre | 20-23 Aug

We're into the last week of our beloved Camden Fringe now, and so we've selected quite a few shows from it for the next few days. This, of course, is one of them, the tale of a fishing family held back by poverty and inter-generational struggle, in which a father "attempts to balance the dreams of his children with the realities of their family life in a village in Cornwall". For more info, see the festival website right about here.

Izzy Mant - Polite Club | The Bill Murray | 20-23 + 26 Aug (pictured)

Another that's on as part of Camden Fringe, but to be fair we selected this without quite realising it was part of Camden Fringe, when perusing up and coming offerings on at The Bill Murray. Anyway, Izzy "has been pathologically tactful all her life" and is determined to conquer her politeness addiction. "If you've ever smiled through a car-crash date, apologized for your boss's mistakes, or gone to a sex party just out of good manners, join the club". So, this sounds fun. Details here.


Black Cat - Bohemia | Udderbelly Festival | 22 Aug-30 Sep (pictured)

The Brilliant Black Cat Cabaret return, threatening to turn London's Southbank into a new Bohemia, and bringing a host of "world-class acrobats, aerialistes, fire-breathers and other gloriously talented reprobates". MCd by Frisky of Frisky & Mannish reknown, soundtracked by a live band, and selling tickets pretty quickly, by the look of things (not hugely surprising). Quickly, head to this link here to get yours.

Twelfth Night | Tristan Bates Theatre | 22-25 Aug

"Viola survives a shipwreck and washes up on the shores of Illyria, quickly becoming embroiled in a story of romance, trickery and disguise, when she enters Duke Orsino's service, and starts carrying lovelorn messages to the Countess Olivia. The ensuing story raises contemporary questions of family, love, gender, desire, and madness". Yes, you know all about it. But have you seen a production of it lately? Here's a promising looking one for your consideration. Details here.

Carmen The Gypsy | Arcola Theatre | 22-25 Aug

"This is Carmen's story, and she wants to break free. Free from a brutal husband and the shackles of tradition". So, not only are we waving goodbye to Camden Fringe for another year this week, Arcola Theatre's fabulous opera fest Grimeborn is also winding down, and this is one of our last couple of picks from it. This looks like an interesting version of 'Carmen', set in the British traveller community. See the venue website here for more.


Jarlath Regan - Organ Freeman | Soho Theatre | 23-25 Aug

I think we have probably tipped performances of this show before, and that's a) because Jarlath Regan is generally fabulous, but also b) because this particular show has won a lot of love and acclaim. The listing describes this run as "three very special, final performances" so if that's the case, you should make sure not to miss it if at all possible. So, haste ye this way to get your tickets sorted.

We Should Know Better | Camden Comedy Club | 20-23 Aug

And here's something else not to miss: all the shows you can still see before Camden Fringe comes to its sad, yet inevitable, and somehow hopeful end this weekend. Today, because we're doing quite a few tips from the festival in these last few days, we've got two comedy options for you. Starting with this, from Sikisa (BBC New Comedian 2017 finalist) and Adrian (who was cut out of the TV show The Night Manager). Last night tonight! See this page here.

Joe Jacobs - Cracker | Aces & Eights | 23-24 Aug

I've only just noticed that it's absolutely all comedy today, but that is not a bad thing. Our final tip for the day is a set from comedian/rapper Joe Jacobs, who you may be well aware of via his live, TV and radio appearances. If you haven't, then take it from us and all the critics who say that he's brilliant, that he is actually, er, brilliant, and that you should head this way to find out more.

FRIDAY 24 AUGUST 2018 >>

Xerse | Arcola Theatre | 24-26 Aug

Get out your hankies, not because this show is tragic, but because it's the last of our picks from Arcola's Grimeborn opera fest. I suppose we should look on the bright side and assume that it will definitely be back next year with loads more good stuff, and console ourselves that it's not too long until Christmas or something. Anyway, here it is, Cavalli's 'Xerse': "With a story that intensely revolves around jealousy and unfulfilled love, beautiful music and gripping recitatives, this dramatic comedy will keep you entertained in another minimalist production by Marcio da Silva". Click here.

Around The Block | Etcetera Theatre | 24-26 Aug (pictured)

The company behind this show have been appearing at Camden Fringe for twelve years, according to my sources, and according to my brain, Camden Fringe was set up about twelve years ago so it seems like they've been around from the get go. Anyway, I am highly interested by this "Cityscape of Female Voices", the rotating stories of five women, each sharing their funny and/or sad tales of surviving in the capital city. See this page here for more.

Sam Fletcher - Live In Tufnell Park | Aces & Eights | 21-24 Aug

And, because, as you know, dear dear Camden Fringe is ending soon, let's stay with them for some excellent comedy from the very good Sam Fletcher, who purports to have made a bit of a mistake about the name of his show. "So, that title is wrong. There's meant to be an 's' after 'live'. It's supposed to say 'Sam Fletcher - LIVES in Tufnell Park'. Because that's where I live. Anyway, what's done is done..." Lol. Info right about here.


Regenerate | The Bunker Theatre | 25-26 Aug (pictured)

"What choices do we have when the seemingly unattainable is all we have left? The only option is new growth: regeneration". An evening of dance, theatre and music brought you by Anthony Matsena and Amukelani Matsena in collaboration with playwrights Charlie Layburn and Shane David-Joseph and composers Stelios Antoniou and Lara Agar. See this page here for more.

Lydia Hirst - I'll Be Your Dog | Camden Comedy Club | 23-26 Aug

Hurry up, hurry up, go and immerse yourself in the Camden Fringe because it's very nearly over! And you can start with this, not least because it has a slightly disconcerting dog picture in the listing, but also because it sounds good: "Arrested and kicked out of France, Lydia Hirst tells stories about refugees, migrants and anarchists. Back in London, its breadlines, activism and Wetherspoons. Like Orwell's 'Down and Out in Paris and London' with jokes and a bit of techno". Details are here.

Silk Road (How To Buy Drugs Online) | Trafalgar Studios | 20 Aug-1 Sep

"Meet Bruce Blakemore, a struggling young Geordie tech-head and the unlikeliest international criminal mastermind you can imagine. From his base in Whitley Bay, Bruce and his Nan will find themselves sucked into an Underworld Wide Web of new-age pirates, local gangsters and tea-cosies". You might remember this play having a critically acclaimed run at The Vaults. Whether you do or not, definitely one to add to your to do list. Head this wayfor info and to book

SUNDAY 26 AUGUST 2018 >>

Train Journey | Etcetera Theatre | 22-26 Aug

Today is the last day of the Camden Fringe, so for that reason, we're staying there for all three tips. Starting with this one: "Work. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. A Journey on the train takes an unexpected detour. A Passenger finds himself trapped on a Hellride through the borders of reality, as everything about his life is brought into question. A Conductor desperately tries to keep his train from unravelling at the seams and to control the one person who could tear everything apart". Intriguing, huh? Info here.

The Battle Of Frogs and Mice | The Cockpit | 24-26 Aug (pictured)

So, we're staying at Camden Fringe but we're switching genres, for this is a show aimed at children, which may be handy for some of you, given that it's a) a Sunday and b) the summer holidays. It's an interactive adaptation - using traditional storytelling, improvised music and toy-box puppetry - of a story originally used to as an introduction to epic poetry for the children of Ancient Greece. See this page here for more.

Who Killed Franz Ferdinand? | Etcetera Theatre | 22-26 Aug

"An Archduke assassinated. Europe on a knife edge. Four academic cocaine addicts trying to solve a murder. An idiotic killer. Death cult deception. Sword fights and feminism. Forensics and future queens. Politics and potatoes. Hilarious historical satire". Yes, this is it. Our final Camden Fringe pick, and it's a goodie, I reckon, especially for those of you with an interest in history. Or satire. Or theatre. Quite a lot of you, probably. Click here.

MONDAY 20 AUGUST 2018 >>

Echoes | Tristan Bates Theatre | 27 Aug-8 Sep

"A few years from now, in the aftermath of a devastating, deliberate bomb blast which has ruined a nation, two men stare each other down across a table, deep underground. In a world where false logic gives the cruellest of plans its defenders, where fake news is more believable than the truth, these two unlikely survivors face off against each other: polar opposite sides of an argument". This sounds rather interesting. See this page here for details.

Morgan & West's Utterly Spiffing Spectacular Magic Show For Kids (and Childish Grown-ups)! | Underbelly Festival | 27 Aug (pictured)

Yes, I've definitely tipped this show before, and last time I did it, I probably said "I've tipped this show before" (maybe) but I don't really care, because I would tip this show again and again until every child of the right sort of age has seen it. To be fair, I'd go and see it without a child, no problem. Anyway, if this doesn't convince you, what will? Maybe heading to this page here to find out more.

Welcome Home | Old Red Lion | 26-27 Aug

This is only on for a couple of days, but it caught my eye with its really interesting subject matter - where our relationship with artificial intelligence is headed. To be fair, it's one that's getting a lot of exploration in media and culture these days but it's an interesting topic, and one that deserves the attention. Anyway, this is about two women living in a house that has a "home assistant" installed, one of them embracing the technology, the other feeling sceptical about the notion of "sentient tech". See this page here for info.
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