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This weekend we gathered in the Fellow's Library at Surgeon's Hall to present the ThreeWeeks Editors' Awards for 2018, celebrating the ten shows, performers and companies that we think made this year's Edinburgh Festival extra special.

This year's winners included: Zoo Co, Dyad Productions, Andrea Baker, Maddie Rice, James Rowland, Zach And Viggo, Flabbergast Theatre, James Dangerfield, Indepen-dance 4 and Andy Zaltzman. Find out more about each winner here.
We've been busy chatting to all sorts of people at this year's Edinburgh Festival, with 55 interviews in total, including the Caro Meets interviews, the Chris Meets interview, and the Q&As with backstage people for our all new TW:DIY website.

In many of those interviews we discuss the wonders of performing at this, the world's biggest cultural event, and from those conversations we now present ten top reasons why Edinburgh is the only place to be in August. Check it out here.
This summer we launched a new website called TW:DIY which will be providing tips and advice galore for people pursuing careers and building businesses in theatre, comedy and culture at large. And to get things going, we've been interviewing people performing, producing and working at the Edinburgh Festival.

Along the way we've spoken to some producers, some PR people, a comedy promoter, a director, a stage manager, a production manager, a stage designer, a lighting designer, a playwright, a street performer, a Free Fringe performer and no less than eight venue directors. Plus the people behind two of the Festival's award programmes.

We've pulled out practical insights from many of those interviews to create the TW:DIY Guide To Doing The Edinburgh Fringe, which you can access here.


The Beautiful Game | Drayton Arms Theatre | 28 Aug-1 Sep

"One of biggest stars in world football suddenly announces their retirement from the game, at the age of twenty-five! As everybody comes to terms with the shock decision, the football world and the media look for answers as to why this has happened, and begin to discover how damaging it could be not only to the player, but to the game itself..." An interesting sounding new play by Kevin Lee, perhaps one to attend with the footie lover in your life. See this page here.

Ivan Aristeg-Uieta - Juithy | Soho Theatre | 28 Aug-1 Sep (pictured)

I suspect many of you won't be familiar with this name, but there's every reason to think that could change. Here's the helpful blurb explaining exactly who he is: "The Third-World meets the First-World when this award-winning Venezuelan makes his UK debut. After escaping Venezuela and immigrating to Australia, Ivan Aristeguieta became one of the hottest comics Down Under. Say 'Hola' to your new favourite comedian! He's one happy immigrant squeezing all the privileges the First-World can give him. The mango truly is juithier on the other side". Book here.

Sky Blue Theatre - Five New Short Plays | Jack Studio | 28 Aug-1 Sep

And a show of the kind that we always love to tip - one packed with lovely new short plays. This collection has been created via Sky Blue Theatre's annual theatre challenge, to which 274 plays were submitted and five - as you might have guessed - were picked to be staged. The five are '2045' by Scott Lummer, 'Tagged' by Jim Moss, 'Teatime' by Sheila Cowley, 'Accident of Birth' by Trevor Suthers and 'Bunnies and Wolves' by Elspeth Tilley. More info right about here.


Caterpillar | Theatre503 | 29 Aug-22 Sep

"Bayview is the only B&B closed for business on the busiest weekend of the year in this faded seaside town. Greasy fish n chips, sticks of rock and pot-bellied Spiderman is throwing himself off the pier. The annual 'Birdman' competition is in full flight. Caterpillar is a darkly funny, searing and tender drama about when we find ourselves standing on the edge, do we dare to step off?" A fab sounding new play from Alison Carr, see this page here for more.

New Nigerians | Arcola Theatre | 29 Aug-15 Sep
Oladipo Agboluaje's hit comedy returns for a short run ahead of a national tour. "Nigeria: 'The Giant of Africa'. Conservatives rule over the biggest economy on the continent, and one of the largest and youngest populations in the world. What if the people wanted something different? What if they got it? As time runs out to build a coalition, can Greatness win power without losing his integrity? Could this be the beginning of a new Nigeria?" Info here.

Tobacco Road | Greenwich Theatre | 29 Aug-2 Sep

Here's a show that's come straight from the Fringe, and I mean, literally: they were performing in Edinburgh just a couple of days ago. It's about historical gangsters and will definitely appeal if you're a 'Peaky Blinders' fan, and this is what our reviewer thought: "The performances are staggeringly physical, the spectacularly choreographed dance and fight sequences making remarkably effective use of the space, fists and feet flying over the audience's heads. Beneath the spectacle, the living, breathing characters exude depth and complexity, all powerfully conveyed by the talented - and presumably very fit - cast". Read more in our Q&A here, and book your tickets here.


The Plague | Arcola Theatre | 30 Aug-29 Sep

This retelling of Albert Camus' 1947 story 'La Peste' by director Neil Bartlett won much acclaim when first staged last year, and now is back for a four week run. Which is great news for anyone who regrets not seeing it the first time around. As you might expect from the title, it tells the story of a plague sweeping through a city, and how those affected live through this time of crisis, and fight the despair of that situation. For more information and to book tickets, see this page here.

Yana Alana - Between The Cracks | Soho Theatre | 28 Aug-8 Sep (pictured)

"Yana Alana's divine and deluded career comeback is spiralling out of control. The only two of her band members that haven't been sacked or fled are inscrutable and unhelpful. The Costume Designer has pulled off an 'Emperor's New Clothes' heist, and the Xanax is wearing off. Yana Alana is having 'an episode'!" A slightly scary looking but award-winning and acclaimed show that you should absolutely definitely see. Info here.

Trilogy Of Horrors | Old Red Lion Theatre | 30 Aug

You'd be forgiven for thinking it was October but I assure you, it's not yet. However, I don't see that's reason not to partake of some scary storytelling, we don't have to wait for Hallowe'en. Anyway, that's what this is - three chilling tales by classy writers: 'The Signal Man' by Charles Dickens, 'The Mortal Immortal' by Mary Shelley and 'The Tell-Tale Heart' by Edgar Allen Poe. Bwa ha ha. Head this way for all the details.

FRIDAY 31 AUGUST 2018 >>

They Sailed Away | Southwark Playhouse | 31 Aug-1 Sep

"Welcome on board SS Paradise. You'll never want to leave! A motley assortment of passengers have snapped up 2028's hottest ticket - a trip on the SS Paradise sailing to... well, Paradise, surely?But why do they never seem to arrive anywhere? Why are crew so keen on making sure everyone takes their medication? And why does no one ever return from being invited to the Captain's Table. The passengers are about to find out that sometimes you can have a little too much of a good thing..." An intriguing sounding show from Southwark Playhouse's Elders Company, details here.

Found Footage Festival - After Dark | Soho Theatre | 31 Aug-1 Sep (pictured)

You've probably already heard of, and possibly even seen, Found Footage Festival, the acclaimed touring showcase of weird and wonderful found VHS videos, and here is a new show for 2018. Comedians Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher call in at Soho Theatre following a run up at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, with all their latest finds and where-are-they-now updates. See this page here for more.

Feral | Old Red Lion Theatre | 31 Aug

"Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, a dystopian society has formed as a result of the strict rules placed on what it means to be the 'ideal image' of femininity. How close are we getting as a human race to making this hypothetical future a reality? Using the myth of lycanthropy... yeah, that's right, as in werewolves... four women interrogate this question using real life experiences to tell a new version of a well known fairytale". This sounds interesting, see the venue website here for info.


Eros | White Bear Theatre | 28 Aug-15 Sep

"Ross used to take photos of women. He says it was about beauty. Now Kate's back in his studio after twenty years. She remembers things differently. She says she's there for justice. With one click anything becomes an image, and image is everything. What happens when fantasy becomes more real than flesh?" A play about the female body, consent and agency, at a time when these things seem ever more under threat. See this page here for more.

The Humans | Hampstead Theatre | 30 Aug-13 Oct

I am pretty sure the tickets for this will be going super quickly, so if you're interested, I'd get organised and get your skates on: The UK premiere of the Broadway production of Stephen Karam's 'The Humans', winner of four 2016 Tony Awards. It's about the Blake family, three generations of whom assemble for Thanksgiving in a pre-war Lower Manhattan apartment. "As they attempt to focus on the traditional festivities, fears of the past and pressures of the future seep into the reunion and the precariousness of their position becomes increasingly evident". Info here.

Live At The Chapel with Tom Allen | Union Chapel | 1 Sep (pictured)

Hurrah, Live At The Chapel returns to, um, the chapel. The Union Chapel to be precise, of course. And it's as great a line up as you'd expect, given previous form: Tom Allen's the headliner - and you all know how good he is - but the other confirmed acts aren't what you'd call slouches either: the excellent Mae Martin, and TV panel show botherer Ed Gamble. Plus, more to be announced it says. Can you afford to miss it? See this page here.


From The Lab - A Sharing Of New Work | Etcetera Theatre | 2 Sep

We love new and growing cultural things so of course we like the sound of 'From The Lab'. The Scenic Route are the group behind this sharing of "innovative, expressive storytelling" from a diverse range of new voices, part of their drive to provide accessible opportunities to nurture new talent. The work on show has been put together through a series of masterclasses, practical exercises and rehearsals, during which a cross-disciplinary piece was devised, incorporating physical theatre, text and music. Info here.

Nathaniel Metcalfe - Chameleon, Comedian, Corinthian and Caricature | The Bill Murray | 2 Sep (pictured)
We rather liked Nathaniel Metcalfe's first two hours here at TW Towers, and noticed his absence from the ye old edfringe in recent years. This year he came back, with his third solo show. If you missed his new show up there, or if you didn't go to Edinburgh at all, here's your chance to see him in action. In this show, he "investigates what it means to be an "artist", taking inspiration from such notable figures as David Bowie and Jeremy Irons". See this page here for more.

Shoot From The Hip Improv Night | The Bill Murray | 2 Sep

And as we are at The Bill Murray for Nathaniel Metcalfe, I thought we'd stay on for this, one of those shows that's on very frequently, and therefore is the kind of show that gets a bit ignored by this kind of format. New Year's Resolution (or, new school year resolution): to make sure long running and regular nights aren't left out. Starting with this, from a improv troupe, who've won much acclaim from people I know, as well as other people I don't know, and various official critic-type people. See this page here for info.


Private Peaceful | Leicester Square Theatre | 3-8 Sep

There are lots of shows that were on at the Edinburgh Fringe doing dates in London this month, and here's one of them, Scamp Theatre's adaptation of Michael Morpurgo's novel about a young WW1 soldier awaiting the firing squad. The company have been staging this show for a while (I think we first saw it back in 2011), and of course it's as relevant (and as heart-breaking) as ever. I don't think I could bear the sadness right now, to be honest (I am tired and emotional), but it's a great family show, and one that really brings home the reality of a brutal war. See this page here for more.

That Girl | Old Red Lion Theatre | 3-15 Sep

"Hatty was a child actor, picked from obscurity and thrust into the limelight when she was aged just ten. As the young star of the film Madeline she travelled the world and became the toast of Hollywood. She's now approaching 30, works in advertising and enjoys jogging. She's also being kicked out of her flat because her housemate is getting married". A new play about female friendships, based in part on writer Hatty Jones' own experiences. See the venue website here for details.

Dilruk Jayasinha - The Art Of The Dil | Soho Theatre | 3-8 Sep (pictured)

You probably won't have seen this chap in action yet because this is his London debut, though if you were up in Edinburgh this summer, you might have, as he made his Fringe debut this year too. He's originally from Sri Lanka, but Australia is his adopted homeland, and he's been doing rather well there in recent years, selling out shows at comedy festivals and garnering loads of very complimentary reviews. Head this way to book tickets.
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