This week at Ovalhouse sees Fuel Theatre presenting 'The Dark', a piece from award-winning poet Nick Makoha that tells the story of the journey he made with his mother from their home in Kampala, to flee Idi Amin's violent rule in Uganda.

The show sounds amazing, and as soon as I heard about it, I was determined to find out more about this highly personal account. I put some questions to Nick, ahead of the imminent run. Read the interview here.

'The Dark' is on at Ovalhouse from 21 Nov-1 Dec, see this page here for details.


Garry Starr Performs Everything | Soho Theatre | 20-24 Nov (pictured)
We've already tipped this once this autumn, back in September when it was on at the Rosemary Branch, but now it's on again, for a longer run, and in a very central location, we felt it was important to tip it again. Basically because it's bloody brilliant. Our reviewer who saw it in August in Edinburgh thought it was marvellous, noted its cross-generational appeal, and praised the "clownish but clever comic chaos" dished up by Damien Warren-Smith. For all the details, see this page here.

The Knot | The Place | 20-21 Nov
This looks fab, a dance show focusing on matrimony and ritual, which promises to examine romanticised perceptions of marriage with a sharp and humorous approach. Thus runs the blurb: "You are cordially invited to a wedding celebration with a difference... the bride, groom, best man and bridesmaids are all world-class dancers and audience members are the guests". See the venue website here for more.

Super Duper Close Up | The Yard Theatre | 13-24 Nov
"We're all starring in the movie of our life. Selfie after selfie, post after post. It's exhausting. So take a break. Bask in the glow of the big screen as someone else has a go. See the heroine all dewy-eyed as the camera zooms in. And in. And in". We ran a Q&A about this last week, so you probably already know all about it, but I just thought I'd remind you to make sure you see it in these last few days if you haven't already. See this page here for all the details.


The Pirates Of Penzance | The Albany | 21-24 Nov (pictured)
"They may not be terribly successful, but the pirates of Penzance have impeccable manners: they think it's unsporting to attack anyone weaker than themselves, and their first thought upon capturing a group of beautiful young ladies is to propose marriage en masse. But when they discover they've been tricked into letting their captivating captives go free, they plan a grisly revenge... Can the cream of Cornwall's constabulary defeat them? Will true love triumph? And what is the pirates' guilty secret?" A jolly looking community theatre production of an old favourite. Cheer up your dark wintry night here.

The Dark | Ovalhouse | 21 Nov-1 Dec
Award winning poet Nick Makoha performs this autobiographical piece about his own experiences of fleeing Uganda in the late seventies: " On a November evening in 1978 after eight years of civil war Nick Makoha and his mother fled their homeland of Uganda. Many people were displaced, thrown into unfamiliar environments and forced to find their new home in the world". Head this way for more information and to book tickets.

Radiant Vermin | Jack Studio | 20 Nov-1 Dec
"Jill is expecting her first baby and she and her husband Ollie are desperate to find a home of their own for their new family... But HOW??" Described here as a "diabolically funny, vicious dark comedy", Philip Ridley's 2015 play sees a government department finding an new solution to the problems of housing shortage and homelessness. It's an ever more pressing issue of course, with homelessness rising, and home ownership an ever more distant prospect for so many. Details of this production right about here.


Nightclubbing | Stratford Circus Arts Centre | 22 Nov (pictured)
We tipped this previously, when it was on in the spring at Camden People's Theatre, but I thought I'd notify you all of this additional chance to see it. "1981: Grace Jones releases her landmark album 'Nightclubbing'; her body is brown and soft. 2015: Three women are refused entry into a London nightclub; their bodies are brown and soft. Grace Jones; a dark skinned, androgynous, Jamaican woman, transcending societal norms to become an international superstar. Then later, three young black women, discriminated against and excluded, their bodies branded: 'undesirable'". See this page here for all the info.

Clamour | Roundhouse | 22 Nov
"Sealand - a lone outpost surrounded by vast swathes of ocean, is a survivor of global catastrophe. Now faced with an existential fight for its future, its people must forge the tools they require. New rules must be written, paving the way for a new state of being. With their resourcefulness and through working together what could go wrong?" An interactive mixed media theatre experience exploring how social media influences our responses. See the venue website here for details.

Elsie Thatchwick | Theatre503 | 22-24 Nov
"After seeking the advice from her eclectic mix of Scottish comrads, Elsie takes the bus from Glasgow to Manchester. When she finally gets to meet her father, it is not at all what she expected". Skye Lourie is the star and writer of this coming of age comedy-drama set in Glasgow in the late nineties, which depicts the life of working class Scots, and explores themes of growing up, forming relationships, as well as " the decisions we are forced to take and our extraordinary ability to empathise even when we can't understand". See this page here for more.


Buttons - A Cinderella Story | King's Head Theatre | 23 Nov-5 Jan
Looks like we are entering that panto time of year, which is slightly scary, because where in the name of all that is holy did my autumn disappear to? But never mind, I freaking love Christmas so hurrah, it's panto season. Let's start with this one, over at King's Head Theatre, courtesy of the always excellent Charles Court Opera, who of course have previous panto form. See this page here for more.

Robinson Crusoe | Greenwich Theatre | 23 Nov-13 Jan
And go on, as we're starting the panto season, let's really go with the panto season and tip another. This time it's the turn of Greenwich theatre, whose production of 'Robinson Crusoe' stars renowned and regular dame Andrew Pollard and promises an "action-packed adventure awash with pirates, romance, exotic creatures and songs-a-plenty! Hit the high seas with Robinson as he battles the wicked Pirate Queen to find the lost gold". Hurrah, time to get buckling the swash. Details here.

Fringe Wives Club - Glittery Clittery | Soho Theatre | 23 Nov (pictured)
I wanted to tip an earlier performance of this award winning cabaret show, actually, but when I came to write the tip it was all sold out, so I postponed it until today. At the moment it looks like there are tickets left for this one but you know, don't delay. Anyway, this was quite the hit at the most recent Edinburgh Festival, and in fact we ran a feature on it. See our Q&A here, and head this-a-way to get booking.


Landscape (1989) | New Diorama Theatre | 24-25 Nov (pictured)
"A razed forest, a cluster of blooming mushrooms, and two people journeying towards the horizon. One foot in front of the other. As of 2018, The Doomsday Clock is the closest it's ever been to midnight. In an age of climate change and nuclear anxiety, we like to tell stories about apocalypse, disaster, endings. This isn't quite one of those stories". An intriguing looking meditation on "forgotten histories and lost futures". See this page here for info.

Really Want To Hurt Me | Theatre503 | 22-24 Nov
This one had an acclaimed run up at the old edfringe in 2018, so hurrah for this short stop at Theatre503: "Devon, 1984. Constant pressure to be straight and act 'masculine' makes a schoolboy feel like he's living in George Orwell's "1984". School bullies. Teenage heartache. Suicidal self-hatred. That accidental first orgasm with your best mate. Trying to tape the Top 40 off the radio without the DJ talking over the songs. Dancing defiantly to your Walkman to stay alive. A long time ago... But have things actually changed all that much?" All the details right here.

The Crumple Zone | King's Head Theatre | 24 Nov-9 Dec
A production of US playwright Buddy Thomas's turn of this century comedy, which won a lot of acclaim when it first premiered off Broadway, drawing comparisons with the work of Neil Simon. It's about three gay flat mates living in Staten Island, and is set during the Christmas period, so might get you in the mood for Chrimbo. But even if you don't want to get in the mood for Chrimbo, I bet you're in the mood for something hilarious, so step right this way.


Renaissance Men | Old Red Lion Theatre | 25-26 Nov
"In a squalid London flat, Irvine (bookish, but not musty), has been having the dreams again. Something happened at The Brass Cat. But Irvine doesn't want to talk about that. Winston's giving up drinking. Once he's had his last beer for breakfast, last rum and coke for dinner - and wasn't there a bottle of wine that needed finishing? And Quentin's discovered a lost masterpiece in a charity shop in Streatham. All his dreams are about to come true". This is described as a "bleak and bitter" look at toxic masculinity. But don't worry, it's a comedy, so hopefully it won't be too depressing. See this page here for more.

Seussical | Southwark Playhouse | 22 Nov-29 Dec
The weekends are getting colder and grimmer. Now more than ever, it would be a great idea to take the kids to a fun family show, wouldn't it? Yes, I hear your pain, and here's a possible solution: A production of this well loved musical based on the stories of Dr Seuss. And of course you don't have to have a family to go, feel free to go all by yourself. Seriously. Book your tickets here.

Showmanship | Theatre503 | 25-26 Nov (pictured)
What promises to be a new and funny one woman psychological thriller based on the doings of "charlatan psychics", from BoonDog Theatre. "1935. Dust Bowl America. As the worst recorded dust storm in history is about to hit, a tinpot circus rolls into town. Myra Collins, the fortune-teller, is plying her trade, for there is trade here to be done. People are desperate for even the smallest sign of hope, but these are desperate times, and hope comes at a price..." head this way for all the details.


A Night Of Small Things | Pleasance Theatre | 26 Nov
This is just the kind of night we really like, an evening filled with a variety of brand new work of all different types. The blurb promises an eclectic line up of playwrights, musicians, poets and performers, and a wide range of entertaining turns: "unique theatrical vignettes, juicy nuggets of joy from longer projects as well as superb individual offerings". Head right this way for info and to book.

Lucy Pearman - Fruit Loop | Soho Theatre | 26 Nov-1 Dec (pictured)
We first discovered Lucy Pearman because of a previous show that she performed at the Edinburgh Festival - 'Maid Of Cabbage' - and absolutely loved it. Of course, we weren't the only ones to like it, she got an Edinburgh Comedy Award newcomer nomination because of it, if I remember correctly. Anyway, sadly I wasn't able to see this follow up when it was on in the Scottish capital in the summer of 2018, but I bet it's flipping brilliant. See the venue website here for more.

Hypocrisy | Theatre503 | 26-27 Nov
Another one of those edfringe success stories heading its way south, this, a collaboration between spoken word artist, Imogen Stirling, and Scottish musician/composer, Ross Somerville. "Lost in the bliss of foreign travel, Imogen joyfully succumbs to the spoils of Western privilege. Returning to Scotland, a harsh society confronts her. Dangerous politicians prevail, the media sells fictions masquerading as reality, an ocean of social media sympathy pours forth for Western terror victims, yet backs turn on the migrant crisis. What staggering hypocrisy". See this page here for more information.
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