The very excellent Rhiannon Faith brings her latest work to Ovalhouse this week, and we're very excited about it. 'Smack That' sounds brilliant, and tackles a really important issue, while offering genuine support to those affected by said issue.

To find out more about the show, and about the creative force behind it, I spoke to Rhiannon, ahead of the upcoming run. Read the interview here.

'Smack That' is on at Ovalhouse from 27 Feb-16 Mar, see the venue website here for more information and to book tickets.


Galvanise | Vault Festival | 27 Feb-3 Mar (pictured)
Yay, rejoice Vault fans, rejoice one and all, for it be time to focus on the Vault Festival again, not least because although it's far from over yet, we are definitely over half way through, and I don't want you all to go missing things and then regretting it in late March. Anyway, here's the first tip, for 'Galvanise', a show about three south London schoolgirls whose friendship is tested by tough times, whilst the stories of women of the past become relevant to their present and future lives. See this page here for info.

Alcatraz | Vault Festival | 27 Feb-3 Mar
"It's Christmas Eve, and things look bad. Mum's left, Dad's drunk, and Granny's been locked up. But Sandy's seen the movies, and she knows what Clint Eastwood would do. She's made a decoy head, and she's borrowed Dad's bolt-cutters. Tonight, she's going to Alcatraz. And she's busting Granny out of there."An intriguing sounding piece about "social care, responsibility, and how far we will go to look after those we love". Head this way for more.

It's Not A Sprint | Vault Festival | 27 Feb-3 Mar 
This one's a goodie that had a successful run at last year's edfringe. "Meet Maddy, a typical millennial. Bad at life admin and celebrating her 30th birthday by running a marathon - tied to a balloon. But this is more that just a race. It's a battle. As a woman she is worn down. As a marathon runner, unprepared. By the finish line she needs to have made a decision. Yes or no". Click here for details.


Ben Target - Splosh | Battersea Arts Centre | 26 Feb-2 Mar
This week's comedy tips are replete with acts that we discovered via the Edinburgh Festival, and we have definitely published lots of positive words about them during the month of August. We start with Ben Target, whose work was described by one of our reviewers as "weird but really quite wonderful". And obviously it's not just our lot who think he's excellent, he has much critical acclaim and an Edinburgh Comedy Award newcomer nomination to his credit. See this page here for all the info.

Catherine Bohart - Immaculate | Soho Theatre | 25 Feb-21 Mar
Catherine Bohart wowed audiences at the most recent edfringe with this debut show and she's got all sorts of nominations and acclaim to boast of, should she wish to, as well as some impressive TV writing credits. As the blurb will tell you, she's "the bisexual, OCD daughter of an Irish Catholic Deacon and she's got a hell of a lot to say about it", and honestly, I think you all should go listen. Details right about here.

Lynn Ruth Miller - I Never Said I Was Nice | The Bill Murray | 27 Feb (pictured)
The TW team and Lynn Ruth Miller go back a long way, as we've hung out together at myriad Edinburgh Festivals, and we love her as well as her fabulous shows. We've sent reviewers along to most of them, and she's never had a bad write up. She's fabulous and funny and, now 85, an absolute inspiration for those of you who think you're too old to do anything just because you've hit middle age recently. See this page here for info.


Before 30 | Waterloo East Theatre | 26 Feb-3 Mar
Kicking off the short runs is this interesting and topical one man show from Tom Hartwell. "Before 30 follows Chris, a Deliveroo driver trying to make his way in the world. His previous struggles with depression and anxiety resurface as he faces the prospect of turning 30, comparing himself to his Grandad who seemingly achieved life's milestones so easily. A mortgage, a career, a family, where should we be at 30?" Head this way for more.

Kourtney Kardashian | Battersea Arts Centre | 27 Feb-2 Mar (pictured)
The third in an "accidental trilogy" which began in 2016 with 'Kim Kardashian', a ballet, and was followed by 2017 stage play 'Khloe Kardashian', and which all concern themselves with "high art and celebrity and our increasingly tenuous grip on reality in the 21st century". This latest show describes itself as "a love/hate letter to outrageous luxury and artistic genius, and also the joyous, dreadful punchline to a joke that's worn so thin that you can see right through to what's on the other side of it..". See the venue website here for details.

Aditl - A Day In The Life | Arcola Theatre | 3-6 Mar 
"A young black man wrongfully arrested. Ripped away from all he loves and left fighting not only against the system but also to keep his mind". And so to our final short run pick, and a staging of Akpore Uzoh 's award winning play about injustice in the justice system, on as part of Arcola Theatre's fab participation festival Creative/Disruption. For info and to book, click right about here.


In Search Of Applause | Old Red Lion Theatre | 12 Feb-2 Mar 
Yes, it's get your skates on time, especially in the case of the first two, as they are ending on Saturday. 'In Search Of Applause' is described as "a new, romantic comedy in the form of a one woman play that explores our human propensity to search for validation from the world around us for the rational decisions we've made...while our insides tear in two". Lorelei, bored of her relationship, examines all the reasons why it's unsatisfying, but will the desire for security win? See this page here for info.

Soft Animals | Soho Theatre | 6 Feb-2 Mar (pictured)
"Sarah gets spat at in the street. Frankie doesn't go to her lectures. In the aftermath of the tragic accident that brought them together, neither expects to find solace in the other's company. Between hate mail and novelty teddy bears, the two women become something like friends. They want to punish themselves. They might just save each other". A debut play from hotly tipped up and comer Holly Robinson. Head this way for details.

Timpson The Musical | King's Head Theatre | 18 Feb-9 Mar
You've got a bit longer to get along to this one if you've a mind to, so don't panic, but book your tickets soon, safe in the knowledge that this was quite the hit up in Edinburgh last summer. "Two warring houses. One ancient grudge. A whole lot of shoes. Can the warring houses of Montashoe and Keypulet be united by a pair of star-crossed lovers? Journey to Victorian London where Monty Montashoe and Keeleigh Keypulet, two young inventors bursting with ambition, strive to break free from the confines of their parents and follow their dreams all the way to the 50th annual 'Invention Convention'!" More here.
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