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With the Edinburgh Fringe programme launching next week, we're already picking out some of the shows we are most excited about this year with weekly Edinburgh Festival interviews here in the TW Weekly bulletin. All alongside the usual Monday morning helping of Q&As and Threes To See for the cultural week ahead in London. Read on for more!
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We're always on the lookout for the new and unusual stuff when it comes to covering the Fringe, and it sounds like 'There She Is' definitely falls into that category. It's a recently developed piece with a rather quirky central conceit - a whale being beached on the London underground - that tackles themes of migration and displacement.

It's the work of talented multi-tasker Gabriela Flarys. I spoke to her, to find out more. Read the interview here.

'There She Is' will be on at PQA Venues @ Riddles Court from 2-26 Aug. Listing here
Headed to The Yard Theatre this week is a production of a new play from 'Mumburger' author Sarah Kosar, which focuses on one woman's relationship with firearms.

Kosar's works always sound appealing to me when I hear about them, because they take some really quirky ideas and use them to explore pertinent issues. To find out more about her latest play, and what to expect next from her, I arranged a quick chat. Read the interview here.

'Armadillo' is on at The Yard Theatre from 30 May-22 Jun. See this page here for more information and to book tickets.


Precious Little | Jack Studio | 29 May-15 Jun 
A staging of US writer Madeleine George's well regarded 2009 play. "Brodie, a gifted linguist, is expecting her first child. When she receives unsettling news about the baby she carries, her girlfriend is unsympathetic and the medical profession provides few answers. Her search for guidance leads her to two unlikely sources: the elderly speaker of a vanishing language...and a gorilla at the zoo." See this page here for more.

Country Music | Omnibus Theatre | 29 May-23 Jun 
"1983, Gravesend. Jamie has committed a crime. What he doesn't know is that this event will shape the next 20 years of his life." Another 21st century play for you, this time Simon Stephens' 'Country Music', first staged at The Royal Court back in 2004. "A play about protection, atonement, but also about how our experiences and circumstances can define who we are, but not necessarily who we become." Details here.

Wife | Kiln Theatre | 30 May-6 Jun (pictured)
And now for a premiere. This play by Samuel Adamson takes a look at love, gender and identity, using the themes of Ibsen's 'The Doll House' to explore the institution of marriage. "It's 1959. Daisy is at a crossroads. Married to Robert but in love with Suzannah, her moral compass tells her to go one way, society the other. What she chooses to do next will have consequences for generations to come." See the venue website here for more info.


Peter And The Wolf | OSO Arts Centre | 28-31 May 
"Peter is a mischievous boy living with his grandfather. Against the old man's wishes, Peter goes into the meadow to play with his animal friends. Despite his grandfather's warnings of a wolf in the nearby forest, he fails to heed the advice and soon finds himself in peril." You know the story. But don't worry, things will end well, because it's a kids' show. Helpful for those who are trying to entertain a child over half term. See this page here for more information.

Myra Dubois - We Wish You A Myra Christmas | Soho Theatre | 28 May-1 Jun 
Well, I love Christmas. Everyone knows I love Christmas. So why not have a Christmas show in the summer? I'm up for that. And I've a feeling the claim that this is "undoubtedly the best Christmas show you'll see this summer" will be borne out... expect "an evening of off-season seasonal sing-a-longs and summertime yuletide anecdotes from her Christmases past". Head this way for details.

Freya Slipper - Linda | Soho Theatre | 30 May-1 Jun (pictured)
And we are sticking with the Soho theatre for another fab looking show from Funny Women Award winner Freya Slipper, who takes a look at social media, and what happens when an ordinary person does something extraordinary. "Linda has been catapulted from working at the library to rubbing shoulders with Silicon Valley billionaires. She's gone galactic and become a bit of a political hot potato. Meet the people that want to send her into the stratosphere and the people she's leaving behind". Info here.


Friday Night Love Poem | Camden People's Theatre | 31-1 Jun 
You may remember that last week we did a first pick from Calm Down Dear, CPT's lovely festival of innovative feminist performance. That got the ball rolling, and this week I decided we'd pick up said ball and run with it, by devoting a while section to the strand. We begin with this: "Friday Night Love Poem tells a trio of poignant coming-of-age stories about virginity, pleasure, and identity as three young women discover sexual empowerment for the first time." See this page here for more.

Girl World | Camden People's Theatre | 2 Jun (pictured)
"In this playful and provocative coming-of-age comedy, Tilly and Inga exist in a surreal bubble called Girl World where the only rule is "No boys allowed!" It starts off a pop-tastic, musical playground where the best friends wreak anarchy, hilarity and imagination. But when Tilly thinks the unthinkable and asks "is there anybody out there?", Girl World descends into a foul-mouthed, sex-obsessed battleground with both girls vying for dominance against each other when they discover there is a hole in their world..." Colour me intrigued. Details right about here.

Dumped | Camden People's Theatre | 2 Jun 
And finally, this one: "We are so geared towards LOVE and finding THE ONE and as such, there is SO MUCH MATERIAL on break-ups. But for Emily, a lot of this break-up content just wasn't helpful. She didn't want to watch rom-coms where the cis-gendered, white, heteronormative protagonist cries into a bucket of ice cream, eventually finding love in an unexpected series of quirky events. She didn't want to watch motivational speeches on how this would make her a stronger person. She wanted to be pathetic. Break-up songs let her do this, with 0% perspective and absolutely no shame." All the info on the venue website here.
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