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Matthew Greenhough previously grabbed attention at the Edinburgh Fringe for the original incarnation of his show 'Bismillah! An ISIS Tragicomedy', which has since evolved and toured to much acclaim, and which is back for another festival run at Underbelly this August.

But we're really here to talk about his brand new show 'It'll Be Alt-Right On The Night'. Also exploring the common experiences but contrasting worldviews of its central characters, this new project began when Greenhough realised that he'd grown up in pretty much the same community as prominent alt-right/new-right YouTuber Paul Joseph Watson. How had they ended up with such diametrically opposed political opinions?

'It'll Be Alt-Right On The Night' explores how people can respond so differently when faced with the same social problems, while also putting a critical spotlight on both the right and left of the political spectrum. And also finding time for some humour and jazz reinterpretations of punk classics.

I spoke to Matthew about the new show, his experiences working on 'Bismillah!', and the theatre company he now co-runs, Wound Up Theatre. Read the interview here.

Bismillah! An ISIS Tragicomedy is on at Underbelly Cowgate from 1-25 Aug. Listing here.

'It'll Be Alt-Right On The Night' is on at Pleasance Courtyard from 31 Jul-26 Aug. Listing here.
ThreeWeeks Co-Editor Caro Moses recommends shows to see at this year's Edinburgh Festival, presented in handy sets of three.


The Greatest Magic Show | Assembly Rooms | 1-24 Aug 
So, time to focus on some kids' stuff, but it's so so so hard to choose because there is so so so much promising child-focused fare at the Fringe this year. But you know, I had to pick this one, because, well, look at it. It's quite literally 'The Greatest Magic Show'. I suppose you could argue that a name doesn't mean anything and you'd probably be right, but this show also has an impressive CV of selling out, winning awards and being loved a lot by critics. It's the work of a pair of rather skilled Melbourne-based comic magicians and frankly, they're coming a long way to perform this show for you, so come on, sort out your tickets now. Listing here.

Doodle Pop | Assembly George Square Studios | 31 Jul - 25 Aug
Last year we sent one of our reviewers to a show called 'Boogie Woogie' and she thought it was excellent, proclaiming it to be: a "clever, thoughtful and well-structured show for young audiences, performed with gusto and accompanied by lovely keyboard jingles". So hurrah that the same company have returned to us (all the way from South Korea) with a new piece with a similar format. Brush Theatre use animated live doodling, projections, mime, physical acting, shadow play and puppetry to create the play, and it all works beautifully. Listing here.

I'll Take You To Mrs Cole! | Pleasance Courtyard | 31 Jul - 26 Aug (pictured)
The last two shows were suitable for those aged three and up, this one is aimed at an older demographic, with a recommended age of eight and over, and it sounds super, not least because it involves Ska music. It's a co-production from Complicité and Polka Theatre, based on the well loved book of the same name, which tells the story of Ashley, whose hard working and single mother threatens him with a visit to the titular terrifying neighbour. But one day Ashley is magnetically drawn to Mrs Cole's door and finds himself lost in a wild and imaginative world. Listing here.

Lunatic 19s | Finborough Theatre | 9 Jul-3 Aug 
"Recovering from a serious car crash, Gracie, an undocumented Latina migrant worker from Kentucky, is tracked down to her hospital bed by immigration enforcement officer Alec. Dragged from hospital, she is chained and forced into a van to begin the long journey to deportation..." A world premiere of this play by Tegan McLeod that tackles an ever concerning issue. "Discover, detain, deport. It's all legal. It's...I put them in the van, bats in a cage, and I just drive". See the venue website here for more.

One Giant Leap | Jack Studio | 2-27 Jul
You don't need to be especially eagle-eyed to notice that this run isn't actually starting this week, because actually it started last week. And my official line on this is that it's because I am an idiot who accidentally put the details of the show in the wrong place on the spreadsheet. And I am not about to cast it out just because it doesn't quite conform, you know. Difference is good. Anyway, this is a new comedy about the faking of moon landings. Details here.

Hive City Legacy | Roundhouse | 15-30 Jul (pictured)
Beginning on 15 Jul at Roundhouse is Fades, Braids & Identity, a season of theatre, photography, film and spoken word championing Black and Brown artists exploring race, gender and identity, and it looks like there is loads of good stuff to take in. And I am starting with this one, Hive City Legacy, a show we've shown some interest in before (see our interview with Krystal Dockery to find out more). I feel pretty sure we'll be recommending more events from the strand next week, in the meantime, for this show, see this page here.


Summer Fest | The Bunker Theatre | 10-13 Jul 
I was attracted to this one as it's by previous interviewee and Three 
To See-ee (ahem), 'Quarter Life Crisis' creative Yolanda Mercy, and, as you may deduce, we are quite keen. This play, the dramatic highs and lows of the highlight of the social calendar, is a commission performed by National Youth Theatre's Playing Up Company. And Playing Up, as you may know, is a free, accredited nine-month drama training course for 19-24s, aimed at young people who have fallen out of education and need access to further training or employment. Excellent stuff, see this page here.

Hidden Voice | Jermyn Street Theatre | 10-12 Jul 
This sounds rather interesting, and is described as an "emotional and uplifting experience that takes us into the hidden world behind dementia". It's a multi media piece, bringing together musicians from the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, a one-woman play by Trisha Duffy and a special new short film by Paul Whitehouse (yes, that Paul Whitehouse). "The lyrics and melodies of everyday life are transformed into a deeply moving performance that will change your perceptions of dementia forever". Click here for info.

Don Juan | The Other Palace | 15-20 Jul 
"Five flirtatious "French" performers meet you at the door. They bring you in, they show you to your seat, they flirt with you. Maybe they fall a little bit in love with you. Then they tell the story of Don Juan - with you". This reworking of 'Don Juan' from New Zealand theatre company A Slightly Isolated Dog won critical acclaim at last year's Fringe for good reason. Expect something highly energetic and rather funny. See this page here for details.


F.R.I.E.N.D | King's Head Theatre | 11-12 Jul
So, almost two weeks worth of new work coming up over at King's Head Theatre as part of their Playmill season, taking place from 8-20 Jul. There are loads and loads of shows I wanted to list here but because of the stupid format (admittedly one I was instrumental in creating) I was forced to pick only three. So I urge you to take a look at everything that's in the line up here, but will start by suggesting that you might find this rather fun: excellent character comedian Brendan Murphy tells the whole of the 'Friends' saga through the eyes of Central Perk's Gunther. Info here.

The Last Song Of Oliver Sipple | King's Head Theatre | 13-14 Jul 
Next up, this sad story from award nominated writer David Hendon: "He saved the life of the President... Then his country turned against him. This is the true story of Oliver Sipple, a US marine decorated for his service in Vietnam, who in 1975 intervened as a would-be assassin pulled a gun on President Gerald Ford. He was hailed as a hero and invited to the White House but, after he was outed as gay in the press, the invitation was revoked. Oliver had never come out to his family but was now a public figure, hounded by the media and his private life was no longer his own". Details here.

Illusions Of Liberty | King's Head Theatre | 15-16 Jul (pictured)
And our final selection for this week, a darkly comical one woman show: "Liberty Jones is a Principal Cellist, for five years she has been plagued with an increasing number of bewildering symptoms. Five days ago, Liberty received a diagnosis of an invisible illness. 'Illusions of Liberty' follows her in the four days following her diagnosis as she struggles to maintain her equilibrium in her new status and relationships. How does she feel when the dust settles? How does she deal with her new normal? And how many new 'normals' will she have to adjust to?" Head this way for more.
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