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When we first saw Robyn Perkins at the Fringe - what seems like a very long time ago now - we knew she had the potential to go far because of her sharp and intelligent material and funny delivery. A few years later, it seems as though her career in comedy continues apace.

When I read about the premise of her show this year, I knew it would be another very interesting set. So it seemed to me it was about time to do a Q&A: to find out more about this year's show and how it came about, but also about Robyn's interesting background, and what plans she has for the future. Read the interview here.

'Robyn Perkins: Mating Selection' is on at Edinburgh Festival 2019 at Underbelly from 31 Jul-25 Aug. Listing here.
ThreeWeeks Co-Editor Caro Moses recommends shows to see at this year's Edinburgh Festival, presented in handy sets of three.


Alex Kealy: Rationale | Just The Tonic At The Caves | 1-25 Aug (pictured)
There are always loads of political shows at the old edfringe, not least because - some would argue - all theatre is political. I'm not sure whether all comedy is political or not. I am pretty sure I can think of lots that isn't. But our first act definitely has a reputation for his political comedy. Alex Kealy's set this year focuses on rationality: how we prize it in arguments and in politics, but also how it's not really how our politics are informed. Instead we form opinions based on emotional responses and then try to justify them with the rational after the fact. Looking forward to seeing him talk about that. Listing here.

Sid Singh: Laughing Horse @ The Counting House | 1-25 Aug 
"The world is filled with hate. Good! There's nothing wrong with hate. The problem is you're bad at it. Let comedian, human rights lawyer and the guy who helped beat Donald Trump in court in January, Sid Singh, teach you how to hate! At the very least, even if you foolishly don't learn to hate, you'll laugh a lot!" OK, well I am mostly convinced by that blurb, to be honest, but also because we first noticed Sid Singh when he arrived at the Fringe last year and he's a very interesting guy. Absolutely one for your to-see list. Listing here.

Standard: Elite | Bedlam Theatre | 31 Jul-25 Aug 
And finally, in this Three To See of things political, we're leaving the comedy pages and heading over to the theatre section of the programme for this fun and interactive theatre experience about class and privilege. "There are two types of ticket. Everyone gets a Standard ticket. You have to earn an Elite ticket. Together, we're going to tell a story... of a girl from Lowground spun from spiderweb and a boy from Highground carved from clouds. Standards work to build the story, Elites control which path the story takes. That's fair, right?" Um, yeah, maybe. Listing here.
'Crystal Clear', which first won acclaim, and a West End run, when it was staged at The Old Red Lion back in the 1980s heads back to the same venue for revival this week. The play looks at how living with disabilities can affect a life, and, despite its initial success, hasn't been performed much since.

To find out more about the play, and why it's being staged now, I spoke to director PJ Stanley. Read the interview here.

'Crystal Clear' is on at The Old Red Lion from 23 Jul-17 Aug. See the venue website here for information and to book.


Violetta | Arcola Theatre | 29-31 Jul 
Hurrah, it's time for Grimeborn again, and honestly, if the logistics had been with me I would have done a full section full of Grimborn tips. Sadly, however, that was not to be, because of how the dates fall: only one show from the strand begins during our week, and this is it, a new and "daring" version of 'La Traviata', which promises to be an "intimate, claustrophobic adaptation, which draws out contemporary resonance of the characters' struggle for social acceptability". See the venue website here for more.

Mojave | Camden People's Theatre | 28 Jul (pictured)
"In the middle of the Mojave Desert, dozens of miles from the nearest pavement, alone phone booth stands on a dirt road. One evening, in the mid-1990's, the phone starts ringing... 'Mojave' tells the true story of the Mojave Desert phone booth: how it was discovered, how it rose to cult status and how it became a place where being miles away from civilisation was the only way to feel connected". Back by popular demand following a sell-out performance during Sprint festival, see this page here for more.

Uncle Glen's Menagerie | Soho Theatre | 25 Jul 

I imagine you might be thinking from that title that this might be a fairly standard piece of theatre or the ravings of a stand up comedian called Glen, but no, in fact, this show has a rather interesting format and I rather think you will enjoy it: two performers are thrown together for the first time, one has a script, the other has absolutely no idea what's going on. It's hosted by the excellent Alison Thea-Skot and guest actors include Neil Casey, Paapa Essiedu, Patsy Ferran, Jessica Gunning, Paterson Joseph, Ophelia Lovibond, Rachel Parris, Prasanna Puwanjarah and Rhys Rusbatch. Tickets going quickly, hurry, head right this way.


Passengers | Omnibus Theatre | 25-27 Jul 
Lots and lots of Edinburgh previews are going on this week in London, and here at TW Towers we are highly excited about that whole Fringe thing that's kicking off up north rather soon. I reckon those of you who won't make it up there this year might want to try taking in some Fringe fayre down here instead, so here are three shows headed up north very soon. We start with this one, which we are very much looking forward to, and which is one of a number of previews happening at this here venue. Do take a look at the listing for this - an excellent sounding show from the award winning Kit Redstone - but also take a look at all the other previews happening here via the venue's what's on page.

Splintered | Bunker Theatre | 28 Jul
"What we are about to witness, they-dies and gentle-them, is a cabaret of truths. This is a show about Caribbean people being queer. In our experience, it is damned hard". Another excellent show giving you a sneak preview ahead of its run in Edinburgh. "Carnival is a celebration despite and in spite of oppression. How does one deal with coming out in a homophobic culture?  With a party, duh. Expect a form-breaking, joy-inducing cabaret with plenty wining and a f*cktonne of glitter - "come free up yuhself"!" Click here.

Pits | Camden People's Theatre | 25 Jul (pictured)
Our final Edinburgh preview is on over at the Camden People's Theatre, and it's again one of a number of preview shows set to appear at the venue. I love the sound of this show from mostly female theatre group Meat Lab. "Part stand-up-set, part kitchen-sink-drama, Pits will take you on a massive Geordie bender of a night out on the Toon, make you laugh until you cannit breathe, and then corner you in the smoking area to put the world to rights. Outrageous, urgent, and disgracefully funny, Pits is an unflinching look at the ties that bind our communities together and the divides tearing our society apart". Info here.


Jim Campbell - Beef | The Bill Murray | 29-30 Jul
You know how I was saying earlier that we are super excited about the upcoming Edinburgh Festival Fringe? Well, we are, but you know what, we are also very excited about another Fringe festival that's much closer to home. For yea, verily, also starting soon is the excellent and genre-diverse Camden Fringe, taking place at lots of different venues in that North London area. We're starting with a comedian we actually first met and liked up at the edfringe, so there we are coming full circle, or something. See his listing here.

Euan | The Lion And Unicorn Theatre | 29-31 Jul (pictured)
"We've lost Euan. Euan's gone. No one can know that Euan's gone cus we're sposed to be looking after Euan. And if the boss finds out then she ain't gonna be happy. So we gotta find Euan. Which is all fine, if anyone actually knew what Euan was..". This show went down a storm in 2018, earning reviews which praised its hilariously madcap nature. Hurrah that it's back in London in 2019, and that you get to see it at Camden Fringe. See this page here for more.

Class | The Actors Centre | 29 Jul-3 Aug 
"Have you ever felt that your social class has hindered you from an opportunity or have you been stereotyped due to your accent?" I think this sounds like a really interesting event, in which you will hear stories from working class people from all ages and ethnicity performed by Alyce Louise-Potter and Kelsey Short in a headphone verbatim (or recorded delivery) performance method. "By using the magical words from people who we have interviewed, talking about social class, gives us an honest response to what they think their identity is. If you like humour and documentary theatre, then you will love 'Class'". More here.
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