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I first noticed 'Man In The Moon' - created and performed by Keisha Thompson - when it did a one off show in London: I really wanted to see it but wasn't able to make that date. So, of course, when a press release for an Edinburgh run turned up in my inbox, I was naturally quite excited.

Drawing on Thompson's own experiences and her relationship with her reclusive father, it sounds like a fascinating piece of theatre, dealing with both difficult and intriguing themes, and benefiting from a very interesting approach. I spoke to Keisha to find out more.

CLICK HERE to read today's Caro Meets interview.

Keisha Thompson performs Man On The Moon at Edinburgh Festival 2019 at Summerhall from 20-25 Aug. Listing here.
This summer we are asking some of our favourite Fringe people to offer their advice - sometimes sensible, sometimes silly - for getting the most out of the Edinburgh Festival in eight steps, by answering our eight quick quiz questions. Today, it's comedian Sukh Ojla on hand with the tips.

CLICK HERE to read today's TW:DIY interview.

Sukh Ojla is performing 'For Sukh's Sake' at Edinburgh Festival 2019 at Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose until 25 Aug.

Go Bang Your Tambourine | Finborough Theatre | 6-31 Aug 
"Young David Armstrong misses his mother. Following her death, he now lives alone in their North Country house, a devoted member of the Salvation Army. But tongues start to wag when David advertises for a lodger, and good-hearted, attractive Bess, a local barmaid, moves in. But when David's estranged Casanova of a father decides to move back in, uninvited and unwanted, the impossible situation quickly comes to a head..." Great British playwright Philip King's 1970 play, given its first London staging, which is surprising, but welcome, obviously. Details here.

River In The Sky | The Hope Theatre | 6-24 Aug (pictured)
A promising new play about fertility, grief and loss: "Young couple, Jack and Ellie were trying to have a family. Then after the sudden loss of their child, they both start to struggle coping with reality. While one hides away in a dilapidated caravan, escaping to wondrous, childish adventures through their imagination, the other tries to forget the painful event and move on with their day to day life. Unable to heal separately, they both come together to drink Earl Grey tea, argue over biscuits and tell each other magnificent stories, as bittersweet escapism from their mourning. Will they spiral further into grief or can these stories somehow bring them back?" Info here.

Actually | Trafalgar Studios | 6-31 Aug 
American playwright Anna Ziegler's 2017 play gets a London staging (you'll probably remember a previous play of hers being staged in the capital: 'Photograph 51'), and this one takes a look at the thorny issue of how, in the context of incidents like rape and sexual assault and conflicting accounts of events, we can ever really know what actually occurred. "Amber and Tom hook up at a party at their elite American universityand spend the night together. They agree on the drinking, they agree on the attraction, but what actually happened between them?" Book here.


Willis & Vere: The Starship Osiris | Soho Theatre | 7-10 Aug 
Well, as we are as busy as we possibly can be covering ye old edfringe for the umpteenth year running, it's fitting that we should be able to recommend an absolute Festival favourite of recent years for your London delectation. "Expect skimpy costumes, pop songs, hilariously poor special effects, and quite a lot of swearing! Possibly one of the funniest shows running at the Fringe!", wrote our reviewer. So, I expect after reading those glowing words you'll be wondering just how to get your tickets booked. If so, head right this way.

Blood Orange | The Hope Theatre | 11-12 Aug 
This sounds really interesting: "Amy is a young Junior Doctor in Swansea A&E hoping to transfer to Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. Helping others is at the heart of her career but perhaps this is to make up for the one person she couldn't save? Her skills and strength are put to the test when teenager Luke, suffering from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia is admitted under Amy's care causing her flashbacks revisiting her childhood and the question if she can ever let go of her past". See the venue website here for more information and to book tickets.

Abigoliah Schamaun: Do You Know Who I Think I Am? | Soho Theatre | 5-6 Aug (pictured)
Hurrah, the hilarious and brilliant Abigoliah Schamaun, who, in common with Willis & Vere above, we first met at the excellent and currently convening Edinburgh Festival Fringe. "She's a myriad of paradoxes. A hardcore yoga bunny with surprisingly squishy thighs. A boring heteronormative disguised as a luscious lady lover. She grew up in the conservative Midwest of America to become an unabashedly liberal UK-based comic. Nothing is what it seems. Especially Abigoliah Schamaun". Details here.


Villain, Interrupted | Etcetera Theatre | 7-11 Aug (pictured)
In the olden days I used to feel slightly sad for London (though to be fair, not all that sad) when all the Fringe fun was going on up in Scotland and less of note seemed to be happening down south. Not any more, though, because, well, Camden Fringe. Starting today's section is this rather interesting looking play exploring  redemption, rehabilitation and the nature of evil. "Meet Gina, a therapist working in a prison for super-villains - determined to turn every last one of them into a Hero. Things don't go exactly to plan..." More here.

White Nurse | The Lion & Unicorn Theatre | 7-11 Aug 
So, as was already evidenced by that super villains show, there are loads of really interesting shows at Camden Fringe, and this next one is another one, quite frankly. "Have you ever wanted to fall out of love with someone? After battling with her boyfriend Joe, Layla takes the plunge and visits LARC, a rehabilitation centre with a difference. Join Layla on her first steps to recovery, battling with Nurses and inner demons. An empowering tale of the blurred lines of love, addiction, hate and all things in between". Info here.

You Have Absolutely No Sense Of Time | Hen & Chickens | 2-11 Aug 
"An accident with a time machine brings three very different people together in a way no one would've expected. But do they realise what they've got themselves into? Arthur and Scott, an unlikely pair to work together, visit the Professor in her lab to examine the newest release for their company "SciCorp": a product to store and release time. A very safe machine... in theory. But an unthoughtful move leads the unfinished device to be used and the three find themselves in a situation they didn't expect". This sounds really fun, a light comedy perfect for sci-fi fans and families. See the festival website here for details.
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