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This coming Saturday we will once again present the ThreeWeeks Editors' Awards. We have been presenting these every August since 2005. They go to the ten performers, shows or companies that the ThreeWeeks editors feel made that year's Festival extra special and are presented at a small gathering on the final weekend of the Festival.

Look out for details of this year's winners in the TW Bulletins - and to find out more about the awards and past winners click here.
At last year's Festival, 'Armour: A Herstory Of The Scottish Bard' really impressed our reviewer. An innovative new piece of musical theatre written by Shonagh Murray, it put the spotlight on two key women in the life of Robert Burns, his wife Jean Armour and mistress Nancy Maclehose. As the show's blurb notes, maybe the cliche that "behind every great man is a woman" should be rewritten. Because sometimes it's two women.

Though a third key character also appears in 'Armour', that being Burns' granddaughter Sarah. Having researched her story while writing last year's piece, Murray felt that Sarah Burns probably deserved her own show. And that is 'Burns: A Lost Legacy', which premiered at this year's Festival alongside a second run of 'Armour'.

Both are produced by Fearless Players, the theatre company Murray runs with producer Lydia Davidson. Given how much we loved the first production, and with the second sounding so interesting too, I decided to question Murray about her plays, the women they feature, and the company she co-founded that has brought these important stories to life.

CLICK HERE to read today's Chris Meets interview.

'Armour: A Herstory Of The Scottish Bard' and 'Burns: A Lost Legacy' are on at Gilded Balloon Rose Theatre on alternating days until 25 Aug. Listings here.
This summer we are asking some of our favourite Fringe people to offer their advice - sometimes sensible, sometimes silly - for getting the most out of the Edinburgh Festival in eight steps, by answering our eight quick quiz questions. Today, it's comedy group Just These Please on hand with the tips.

CLICK HERE to read today's TW:DIY interview.

'Just These Please: Suitable' is on at Gilded Balloon Teviot until 26 Aug.

Torch Song | The Turbine Theatre | 22 Aug-13 Oct 

A staging of Harvey Fierstein's acclaimed landmark 1982 work is the inaugural production over at the new Battersea Power Station venue Turbine Theatre. For those of you who haven't yet seen a production of this, or the late eighties film starring that Matthew Broderick, it's about Arnold Beckoff, a gay Jewish drag queen and torch singer, and his quest for love in 1970s New York. For more information and to book your tickets head right a-this way.

Skin In The Game | Old Red Lion Theatre | 20 Aug-14 Sep 
"Nechells, Summer, 2019. The family flat isn't selling. Dad's been moved into a care home that needs paying for. Three estranged siblings meet to fix the problem. But the reality of the situation is more terrifying than any of them can imagine..." This sounds good, a thriller that "lifts the lid on gambling addiction, survival on the edges of society, and what happens when you lie to those who know you best", a debut play from Paul Westwood that's already won acclaim. See the venue website here for more.

Macbeth | Temple Church | 20 Aug-7 Sep (pictured)

The excellent Antic Disposition take on one of Shakespeare's darkest and grimmest plays and stage it in a rather brilliant venue, so I'd venture to suggest that this is one you should try your hardest not to miss. And you know what happens, but you know, just in case: "Inspired by supernatural promises, a powerful nobleman and his ambitious wife carve a bloody path to the throne of Scotland. But as the true horror of their crimes begins to be revealed, both the realm and its rulers are plunged into madness". Details and booking info here.


Shake It Up! A Shakespeare Festival For Shoreditch | various venues | 23-24 Aug 
This is actually less a 'short run' and more a weekend festival of free Shakespeary stuff, which you'll already know, because you read the header above this sentence. Anyway, there's all sorts of fab events, including Elizabethan and Jacobean choral works from The Sixteen, Elizabethan ruff making, walking tours, talks, workshops, and even Shakespearean yoga. See this page here to browse through everything and see which things you'd most like to attend.

Falling Man | Wilton's | 19-20 Aug (pictured)
This sounds like a difficult but important piece, dealing as it does with "depression, suicide and meaning in the modern world" and in particular providing what's described as a hard-hitting response to the statistic that 84 men die by suicide every week through dance, music and film. Expect an unflinching look at the different factors causing this, an exploratory meditation on mental health and masculinity. Head right this way to find out more and book tickets.

Target Man | King's Head Theatre | 20-24 Aug 

"19-year-old Connor has just signed for a Premier League team. Fame, fortune and the World Cup squad are within his reach. He just needs to play up and keep his head down. But Connor has a secret which football isn't ready to hear. When he crosses paths with Joel, England's No. 1, together they make a decision which threatens their careers, private lives, and the very foundations of the game". A great sounding new play that's part of King's Head Theatre's Queer Season 2019, which comes to an end this week, head this way for all the details.


My Other Self; The Evolution Of Shakespeare's Richard III | The Cockpit | 19-23 Aug 
We have entered the last week of Camden Fringe (sob) so obviously we must see some events there this week, and, on viewing what shows are on in these last few days, it seemed only right and fair to select one with a Shakespeare connection, because I love symmetry and there's a Shakespeary tip in each of today's previous two sections (re-read it if you don't believe me). So my first choice is this: a play adapted by Simon Stewart to explore " the mental and physical abuses, the tormentors and inspirations that led young Richard Plantagenet to become one of literatures most infamous villians, Richard III". Info here.

Oddball | Upstairs At The Gatehouse | 20-24 Aug 
Next we are headed for Upstairs At The Gatehouse for 'Oddball', from Musical Comedy Awards 2019 Finalist, Francesca Forristal, who offers an insight into anorexia, inpatient treatments, and a heart attack at the age of 19. And yes, despite that, you can expect it to be funny. "All Oddball has to do is behave like a normal person on a date. Easy. It's in a restaurant though. Restaurants have food. And other people. Food and people. She might pull her skin off with pliers. That's normal... right?" Details here.

Girls With Jokes | Camden Comedy Club | 24-25 Aug
Finally, we end our Camden Fringe tippage for the year with 'Girls With Jokes', which, as you might expect, is a stand up night featuring funny women. Four of them to be precise, going by the names of Sarah Tattersall, Kat Ronson, Katerina Robinson and Victoria Garofalides. Here's what they say: "Attention: Girls With Jugs! Oh, sorry, jokes. Girls With Jokes. And a mic. And some secret stuff that we can't say but is absolutely real and fabulous. Four of London's hottest female stand-up talents join forces for a night of (not too) long, loving, consensual comedy". Sounds like the perfect way to end your Camden Fringe experience. More here.
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