Actor Hannah Norris and her mother Angela are appearing at the Soho Theatre this month with a fascinating show that grew out of Hannah's interest in her mother's past.

In particular, the fact that her mum had appeared in the first ever Australian production of 'The Sound of Music' as a teenager, but did not pursue a career in theatre, at least in part because of the expectations placed on women at the time.

I spoke to Hannah, to find out more.

CLICK HERE to read this Caro Meets interview.

'After You' is on at Soho Theatre from 17-22 Feb, see the venue website here for more information and to book tickets.


Sticky Door | Vault Festival | 11-16 Feb (pictured)

As ever, it's really tough to make choices from the wonderful Vault Festival because there is such a vast range of really great and diverse stuff going on. So, I've made three choices for the coming week, but please take a look at the listings on the website and see what else there is on offer. Though definitely don't ignore this one, 'Sticky Door'. It is the third part in Katie Arnstein's 'It's A Girl!' trilogy and she's actually doing the whole trilogy for the first time this month, so if you need to catch up, you can. Hurrah, info here.

The 4th Country | Vault Festival | 11-16 Feb
"Misunderstood, neglected and under-reported, Northern Ireland is just across the water but feels a million miles away". 'The 4th Country' is set in contemporary Northern Ireland and takes a look at the ways in which global political decisions affect the lives of its population. "Most of the stories that inspired 'The 4th Country' only earned a single article in the British press. As old wounds heal, and new ones open, we see the extraordinary changes facing Northern Ireland through the lives of ordinary people". See this page here for more.

Ken Cheng: To All The Racists I've Blocked Before | Vault Festival | 12-14 Feb
"Using racism he's received from Twitter trolls as a jumping-off point, Ken explores racism in all its forms from the unique position of a British-born Chinese, ex-Cambridge mathematician dropout and professional poker player". You're no doubt aware of Ken Cheng, given all his Edinburgh success and TV and radio appearances, and you also know that this set sounds rather interesting, so head this way to book your tickets already.


The Dog Walker | Jermyn Street Theatre | 12 Feb-7 Mar
"As a professional dog walker, you meet all sorts of people, and Herbert has met more than his fair share. But he's never come across anyone quite like Keri, alone in her flat surrounded by empty ouzo bottles. And where exactly is she keeping her Pekingese dog?" An interesting sounding play from Paul Minx, directed by Harry Burton and starring Victoria Yeates and Andrew Dennis. For more information see the venue website right about here.

Wolves In The Walls | Little Angel Theatre | 14 Feb-26 Apr (pictured)

One for the children now, which is handy, given some of you will be beginning the half term holiday at the end of this week, and it's an adaptation of 'Wolves In The Walls' - the graphic novel by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean - featuring puppetry, songs, and shadow-play. "When Lucy hears noises from behind the walls, she tries to warn her family that there are wolves lurking inside their house, but her family doesn't believe her. Then one day, Lucy's fears come true when a pack of wolves comes bursting out of the walls..." More here.

Netflix And Chill | Drayton Arms Theatre | 11-29 Feb
"Have you ever wondered what goes through a person's head in certain situations? What do you think about during a date? Or the random thoughts that go through your head during sex? What about when someone's mental health is deteriorating?" A play about Ben - a chef whose life spirals out of control - dealing with the theme of male mental health and the pressures faced by men when dealing with the modern dating scene and toxic "lad culture". All the details are on this page here.


Romeo & Juliet | Orange Tree Theatre | 8-22 Feb
"There's violence out on the streets. Passions collide. And the world changes in an instant. Experience Shakespeare's darkest love story up close, intense, and in the round. Following the success of previous Shakespeare Up Close productions, we're back with a brand new take". An abridged version of the classic, perfect for teenagers, especially if they are studying the text. Info here.

Chaplin: Birth Of A Tramp | Jack Studio | 4-22 Feb (pictured)
"For over 100 years, Charlie Chaplin has been the world's best-loved clown. His brilliant comic creation of 'The Little Tramp' is the first and most recognisable cinematic icon in history. But his remarkable story of stardom and success has a darker side". Arrows & Traps present this exploration of how Chaplin "spun personal tragedy into universal comedy", see the venue website here for more.

The Paper Dolls | Little Angel Theatre | 6 Feb-18 Apr
Another show for kids! Hurrah! This one is based on the book written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Rebecca Cobb and is aimed at children aged three to eight. "When a little girl cuts out a string of paper dolls she takes them by the hand and together they go on a fantastical adventure whirling through their home and garden. Ticky, Tacky, Jackie the Backie, Jim with two noses and Jo with the bow fly through time and tear across worlds of fun and excitement". Details right about here.


Monolog 3 | Chickenshed Theatre | 11-22 Feb
Chickenshed Theatre present another season of monologues consisting of nine different pieces from diverse creators, which have been split into two groups, which will be performed on a rotating basis. The listing on the website details each of the plays and links to more information about each one, and there's a schedule explaining which monologues play on which night. The first night is sold out already, so make sure you get along to this page here and book your tickets before your chosen night also sells out.

Everywoman | The Bunker Theatre | 17-22 Feb
"During childbirth, there's a moment called the point of transition. It comes just before you have the urge to push. And it often brings with it a fear of death... In raw detail, one woman confesses her darkest thoughts about motherhood. It's personal. But she challenges everyone to relate to what she has to say. After all, why is it that only stories with men at their hearts are seen as universal?" This sounds amazing and offers great provisions for those of you who need to attend with young children. Details here.

Blowin In The Wind | Rich Mix | 13-14 Feb (pictured)
Another event from the CAN Festival, and its a fab-sounding contemporary and hip hop dance theatre piece from Daniel Phung and Company Nil, which addresses the complexity of patriarchal society and challenges our perspective on power. "It is an emotional response to these following questions: What is masculinity? Does masculinity exist? What is cultural masculinity? Does cultural masculinity exist?" See this page here for more.
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