When I heard that Two Destination Language were to release an audio piece about home, migration and the nature of travel to coincide with Refugee Week, I thought it sounded like a brilliant idea, especially as it's designed to be experienced while out walking. And luckily, it looks like the weather this week is very much on our side for that kind of thing.

It's not the first time it's been performed, so I was keen to know how different a version this would be. To find out more I spoke to co-creator Katherina Radeva.

CLICK HERE to read this Caro Meets interview.

You can access 'A Journey Of A Home' here until 21 Jun.
We're still recommending great culture online while London's venues remain closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of these online shows are free to access but with options to make donations. If you can afford to support the performers and producers behind this entertainment that would be brilliant.


Wise Children | Bristol Old Vic | 19-26 Jun
“It's 23 April, Shakespeare's birthday. In Brixton, Nora and Dora Chance - twin chorus girls born and bred south of the river - are celebrating their 75th birthday. Over the river in Chelsea, their father and greatest actor of his generation Melchior Hazard turns 100 on the same day”. Another critically acclaimed production, available, as with other Bristol Old Vic streams, for one week only. Click here for info and to watch.

Declan | The Actors Centre | 19-28 Jun (pictured)
A new play, written and performed by first time writer and recent RADA graduate Alistair Hall, directed by Alexis Gregory. It's a contemporary ghost story set in a Wiltshire suburb, exploring themes apt for the lockdown we've all been going through: isolation, fear of the outside world and the distance between two friends. For more info and to watch from 19 Jun, see this page here.

The Murderer | Clown Funeral
I have been meaning to alert you all to this one for a while but it somehow got forgotten. Which is a bit of a travesty - sorry! - because it's great. And actually, while you are on Clown Funeral's YouTube channel you could also watch 'Things We Chose To Save', a show we tipped in the past when it was actually happening in real life. So that's all very good news. Head right this way forthwith.


Mr Maglump | Bristol Old Vic | until 19 Jun (pictured)
Another offering from Bristol Old Vic, but I forgot to warn you about it ahead of it going live, so you now need to get a move on and watch it by Friday. This one is a lovely show for children that won lots of fans when staged, a "magical musical" involving a marvellous secret, and it's suitable and delightful for anyone aged four and over. Visit the venue website here for info and to watch.

Tara Tales | Tara Arts
If you're looking for some lovely online storytelling for your little ones, the Tara Arts website has exactly what you need. The tales are taken from The Panchatantra, an ancient collection of Indian animal fables, believed to have originated more than 2500 years ago, written in Sanskrit by Vishnu Sharma, and the three currently available are performed by Nitin Ganatra, Medhavi Patel and Sita Thomas. I hear more are to follow, so keep an eye out for updates, but start by heading to the website here for the first three.

I, Cinna (The Poet) | Tim Crouch/RSC
To be honest, I am really surprised to be recommending this to you this week, because I thought I had already mentioned it, early on in the lockdown. But I didn't! I think perhaps I made that mistake because not long before lockdown, Tim Crouch did some performances of it at The Unicorn Theatre and we tipped those. Anyway, this is for older children - eleven plus - and, as you may already know, focuses on one of 'Julius Caesar's lesser characters. Click here to view.


Foodies Festival | via Facebook | 20 Jun
Foodies Festival had to cancel their plans for this summer, a number of live festival events. But here's some good news for those who are fans of this sort of thing or who maybe even had plans to attend in person: they're going to present events via Facebook Live, and the first one takes place this weekend. See this page here for info and to donate to the fundraiser.

London Fortean Society Events | Conway Hall | 20 + 23 Jun
There are two online events from the London Fortean Society via Conway Hall this week and I am interested by both of them. So I am mentioning both of them here, because I decided I am allowed to do that, because I make the rules! The first - from Dr Lynne Kelly - is about ancient monuments and how information was passed down in ancient times, the second - from Sarah Scoles - is about UFO culture. See this page here for the first and this page here for the second.

Deadclub | The Place | 18-22 Jun (pictured)
"Between two heartbeats, the light creeps closer and closer to your number. It won't be everyone, it can't be everyone tonight, but it might be you. Someone is looking for their teeth, someone else is in brilliant pain, all of them are spinning like gods and then something happens that is irreversible". Requardt & Rosenberg's weird and wonderful dance theatre piece 'Deadclub', about which we interviewed the collaborators back in 2017, will be available to view via The Place's website for a short period this week. Click here.
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