You're all surely familiar by now with Big Telly Theatre and Creation Theatre - the companies behind some of the most innovative lockdown theatrics we've seen, delivered with aplomb via Zoom - because we have been featuring them here a lot.

The latest production to come our way from Big Telly is a new adaptation of 'Macbeth', to be digitally delivered as part of Belfast International Arts Festival ahead of a further virtual run via Creation Theatre. To find out more I spoke to one of the stars of the show, Nicky Harley, who plays Lady Macbeth.

CLICK HERE to read this Caro Meets interview.

Nicky Harley plays Lady Macbeth in Big Telly Theatre Company's digital reboot of Shakespeare's 'Macbeth'. It headlines the Belfast International Arts Festival from 14-17 October then has a 'virtual transfer' as a co-production with Creation Theatre from 21-31 Oct.
As the COVID-19 shutdown extends, we are currently tipping the best in digital culture from from across the UK - including online shows from many of our favourite performers and companies who we first discovered at the Edinburgh Festival.

PLUS as real world socially distanced shows slowly return in London we'll be tipping some of those as well here in the TW Weekly each Monday morning. Whether you are in London, Edinburgh or anywhere else for that matter, there'll be something for you!


Laugh Train Home | The Four Thieves | 7 Oct
Well, live comedy does seem to be happening quite a lot again now, even if it is in a socially distanced manner which means fewer tickets and often having to bulk buy. But I know you lot are definitely willing to jump through the hoops for the right show and here's a candidate: the line up includes Scott Capurro, Ria Lina, Larry Dean and MC Robyn Perkins, who you'll no doubt remember we did a Q&A with fairly recently. See this page here for more info and to book.

Showstopper! The Improvised Musical | 9 Oct (pictured)
For those of you who are currently avoiding attending the live stuff, or for those of you who want to do all of it, here's an online comedy event for you. It's one we've tipped at least a couple of times before, but it will always be on our list for consideration, given that improv is one of our favourite things here at TW Towers and this troupe has a special place in our hearts earned at edfringes of yore. If this date doesn't suit, more are coming up, see this page here to book tickets for any/all of them.

Friday @ Backyard Comedy Club | 9 Oct
Another comedy night with a fab collection of acts for you, and yes, this is another one that's out there in the real world, with social distancing measures: you will have to buy four tickets though, so you need to get a group together. A number of TW faves are amongst the acts appearing, in a line-up that comprises host Abi Roberts, Dave Chawner, Paul McCaffrey, Ninia Benjamin and Mad Ron. See this page here to book.


Streatham Festival | 9-18 Oct
The Streatham Festival begins this week and offers a wide variety of events, many of them online, but lots of them involve leaving the house too. Events from the first few days I am looking at with a favourable eye include: an online comedy fundraiser featuring Tom Ward, Juliet Meyers, Yuriko Kotani, Ania Magliano and Siôn James; digitally delivered flamenco classes; a downloadable 'Saints And Sinners' walk; and loads of stuff for kids. Browse the listings here to see what interests you.

Dazed New World Festival | 12-24 Oct (pictured)
Another festival for you, but this one is entirely online, a collection of theatrical events from Applecart Arts with narratives that "explore some of the most difficult conversations facing our society", aiming to highlight issues such as social injustice, inequality and environmental concerns. There's a wide range of different stuff on offer, including shows that are suitable for children. Read more about them all here.

Tools For Change: A Coin In Someone Else's Pocket | Traverse Online Festival | until 28 Nov
You may be well aware of the Traverse Online Festival that's been going on since… around mid August, if I remember correctly? Not least because we have mentioned it a couple of times. Well, the latest stream to become available is this short but sweet monologue by Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan: 'A Coin In Someone Else's Pocket' is part of the arts venue's 'Tools For Change' strand, digital re-imaginings of three plays from the Theatre Uncut archive that explore racism, censorship, power and identity. More here.


That Was All | The Space | 8-10 Oct
An actual show that you can actually go and see in a socially distanced manner, but which also offers the chance to book into a livestream for one of the performances. 'That Was All' is a one-woman show about families, memory and how to make sense out of the unspoken. "The endless pints, the samba dancing, the drunken philosophy and the look in dad's eye when he got a free round on the house". For more information and to get tickets head to the venue website here.

Mr Gobble's Garden | Little Angel Theatre (pictured)
"Scoop The Junk Lady and Bertie The Bottle welcome you back into their special space, where they make things out of the stuff other people throw away, and use them to tell stories. This time, they'll tell you the story of Mr Gobble's Garden". If you're looking for stuff to entertain the small ones at home, this latest online accessible theatrical offering from Little Angel Theatre might be of interest, but so might the short shows released earlier in the year that are still available to view: see all that's available here.

Seeds | No Stone Theatre | from 7 Oct
This is theatre for your ears only, a podcast series from No Stone Theatre that's been adapted from a stage play that was in development before the pandemic hit us, and it stars the excellent Nina Sosanya. It's based on the true story of the world's first seed bank, established in St Petersburg in 1921 by Nikolai Vavilov, the existence of which was threatened when the city was besieged during the second world war. See this page here for more info and how to access.


Border Tales | Luca Silvestrini's Protein Dance | 9-15 Oct (pictured)
We talk about Luca Silvestrini's Protein Dance quite a lot round here, and obviously that's because we are fans. If you are not yet a fan, then prepare to be converted by this much acclaimed work, a good humoured commentary on multicultural Britain performed by an international cast that gives stereotypical thinking and casual racism a hard stare. We actually ran an interview about it back in 2015, so have a read of that, and find out more about how and when to view it here.

Visitors | Darkfield Radio | from 6 Oct
Here's another audio event for you, an immersive audio experience for two people to experience in the comfort of their own home (though you are asked to sit quite far apart for the duration of it), in which a deceased couple look for a temporary solution to their permanent condition, described in the blurb thus: "It is a reflection on our irrepressible desire to touch and why the dead find so little comfort in the world of the living". Which sounds a little sad and spooky but at least you'll be going through it together. See this page here for info and to book.

Wait For Me | from 5 Oct
"Angels dance away the millennia in the realm of Heaven, two ethereal beings, entwined for all eternity and wrapped up in euphoric bliss until the moment they are split. Separated, they are sent to Earth with half a mortal soul wrapped in their arms. To fulfil a sacred vow, each must now act as the guardian of a mortal,  destined to find their soul mate". A new British dance musical, written and composed by Sam Cassidy with choreography and direction from 'Greatest Dancer' finalist Ainsley Ricketts. You can watch a trailer here and link to the pay per view hosting site from this Facebook page here.
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