When the latest lockdown was announced, many plans for cultural events had to be shelved, of course. Fortunately, the Together! 2020 Disability History Month Festival was this year planned as an entirely online series of events, so none of it has to be cancelled, which is great news.

The festival hosts a diverse programme that includes drama, poetry, live art, music, puppetry, storytelling and film.

To find out more about its history, development and what's happening this year, I spoke to Artistic Director Dr Ju Gosling.

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The Together! 2020 Disability History Month Festival takes place online from 11 Nov - 10 Dec. See this page here for more info about all the events, and to book yourself in to bookable events.
With the COVID-19 shutdown extending and expanding, we are currently tipping the best in digital culture from across the UK - including online shows from many of our favourite performers and companies that we first discovered at the Edinburgh Festival.


Mole And Gecko's Poetry Picnic | The Albany | 15 Nov (pictured)
Well, Lockdown The Sequel has hit, so this event - which was scheduled to be a live go-to performance with accompanying livestream - will now just be livestreamed. But on the upside, it's great news that it's still going ahead, because you will no doubt be looking for ways to entertain your older kids. "Where will we travel to today? The rhyme river. A Jazz Cave. Giggle town. It's totally up to you. And us a little bit to be honest. We'll play fun (and quite silly) games to build your confidence and skill with words, and then help you write a poem or a song". See this page here.

What A Carve Up | Lawrence Batley Theatre | until 29 Nov
"January 1991. Six people are dead. Murdered. One thing in common - they are members of one of the most corrupt, powerful and toxic families in the country. One prime suspect - the celebrated writer in the middle of compiling a history of the family. A simple open and shut case? Anything but". A murder mystery, accessed by digital means, written by Henry Filloux-Bennett based on the award-winning novel by Jonathan Coe, and staged by Huddersfield's Lawrence Batley Theatre. Details here.

In Dreams I; | Traverse Online Festival
Hmm, not sure whether I should have put this in the theatrical section now that I have come to write about it. That said, it probably doesn't fit into either of this week's other categories as it is a short film, so - on second thoughts - it's probably better off here. Anyway, another choice from the ongoing Traverse Online Festival, a piece from Natasha Thembiso Ruwona that "responds to black geographies and how black people fit into spaces - physically or metaphorically. It is a mediation on history, identity and memory, and how these can often be blurred into one". See it here.


The Zoom Comedy Club | Sober Is Fun | 14 Nov
Yeah, so you may have noticed that we've been very much on the hunt for stuff to cheer us up lately, what with winter descending and renewed lockdown conditions. And again, this week, we found some some things which we hope will make you smile in the comfort of your own home. We're starting with Sober Is Fun and the launch edition of their Zoom comedy night, which will feature a few comedians that our edfringe fan readers will definitely recognise. Expect to hear from Paul McCaffrey, Eleanor Conway and Mark Simmons; see more info and book right about here.

Chortle Comedy Book Festival | NextUp Comedy | 15-22 Nov (pictured)
Lots and lots of different possibilities for you here, as it's time for the Chortle Comedy Book Festival via NextUp Comedy, featuring book readings and live chats on Zoom with some of your no-doubt favourite comedians: lining up are the likes of Helen Lederer, Adam Buxton, Laura Lexx, Frank Skinner, Lynn Ruth Miller, Michael Spicer, Andy Hamilton and Arthur Mathews. You can buy tickets for individual events or a pass for the whole festival. Head this way to read about everything that's on, and to book.

Boothby Graffoe with Dean Friedman | 12 Nov
Long term TW comedy favourite Boothby Graffoe has announced he'll be doing three of his musical shows via the internet during November, each with a different guest. This is the first one, with internationally renowned singer songwriter and frequent Fringe flier Dean Friedman; the second, featuring high profile comedian Adam Hills takes place on 18 Nov; the third, with another renowned singer songwriter, Robyn Hitchcock, is happening on 26 Nov. To find out more about each event and to book tickets, click here.


London Fortean Society: Paleo-Fantasy And Ancient Alien Contact | Conway Hall | 10 Nov
"Do you imagine cavemen going out to club a bear while cavewomen stayed home with the kids? Did you learn in school that the Greeks invented civilisation? Do you believe that aliens built the pyramids? When you see the image of apes evolving into man, do you stop to question the idea that it represents a progression to the ultimate goal of contemporary Western civilisation? These are all myths about the ancient world perpetuated by the media, uninformed pseudo-scientists, and sometimes outright racists". Interesting sounding talk from archaeologist Stacy Hackner, find out more here.

Sustainable Leadership In The Arts | Cut The Cord Theatre| 16-19 Nov
This is one for those amongst our readership who work in the arts industry, rather than those of you who just like to watch what it comes up with: A trio of live-streamed panel discussions on 'Sustainable Leadership In The Arts', on as part of the Nordic Talks series with the Nordic Ministry For International Leadership Week, moderated by Camilla Gürtler of Cut The Cord Theatre. The first focuses on climate action, the second on diversity and inclusivity, and the third on artist development and the future of artistic leadership. All are free, but you will need to sign up. See this page here for more.

Thinking On Sunday: Pandemic Solidarity - Mutual Aid During The COVID-19 Crisis | Conway Hall | 15 Nov (pictured)
And to finish, another selection from Conway Hall's line up of digitally delivered talks, and one which is very pertinent to the circumstances we presently find ourselves in, by Marina Sitrin, co-editor of 'Pandemic Solidarity: Mutual Aid During The Covid-19 Crisis', and it sounds like the content will have a pretty hopeful message: "The world's media was quick to weave a narrative of selfish individualism, full of empty supermarket shelves and con men. However, if you scratch the surface, you find a different story of community and self-sacrifice". Details here.
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