When I first heard about 'Adventurous' - a new show available online this week via Jermyn Street Theatre and - I thought it sounded like just the kind of theatrical entertainment we need during lockdown spring: a comical piece about two people looking for love, set in lockdown and starring Ian Hallard and Sara Crowe.

Hallard is not just the star of the show, however, he wrote it too. I spoke to him to find out more about the play - which is his first produced piece - as well as life in lockdown and his hopes for the future.

CLICK HERE to read this Caro Meets interview.

'Adventurous' is hosted by Jermyn Street Theatre and streamed via from 16-28 Mar, for info and to view, see this page here.
With full-on COVID restrictions still in place, this week we are tipping the best in digital culture from across the UK - including online shows from performers and companies we first discovered at the Edinburgh Festival.


LAUGHNow Comedy Club | LIVENow | 19 Mar-23 Apr
As ever, we are always on the look-out for lovely online funny things to cheer you up through lockdown and this week - as is often the case - we found some great options for you to choose from. Let's start with LIVENow, who've announced a series of six comedy nights featuring line ups full of famous faces and TW favourites. The first one is on 19 Mar and features Russell Kane, Jo Caulfield, Andrew Bird and compere Jarred Christmas, while subsequent line ups will include appearances by the likes of Spencer Jones, Nina Conti, Ed Byrne, Jonathan Pie, Reginald D Hunter, Paul Foot, Daisy Earl, Daliso Chaponda and Tez Ilyas. You can book a season pass for all the shows, or individual tickets, see this page here.

Comedy For The Curious: Addiction | Laugh Train Home | 21 Mar
I think I might have become a bit addicted to 'Comedy For The Curious' (see previous editions of Three To Stream recommendations for proof), so it feels quite fitting that this week's instalment of Robyn Perkins' science focused comedy chat show is taking a look at addiction. On this occasion the TW favourite is joined by Marlon Davis and Stephanie Laing to ask and answer some questions about the topic at hand: "What makes us addicted to stuff? What happens in our brain? And can we kick it?" For more information and to book tickets, see this page right about here.

Cabaret Whore | Phoenix Arts Club | 19 Mar (pictured)
Another TW favourite to talk about now: the fabulous, TW Editors' Award winning Sarah Louise Young, who has delighted many of our team up at the old edfringe, as well as in other locations, obviously. "Brilliant musical character comedy packed with sparkling original songs, bitingly funny stories and lighting quick-changes. From tortured French chanteuse La Poule Plombée to washed-up lounge crooner Bernie St Clair, these fantastic character creations have delighted audiences around the globe". Amen to all that. See this page here to book.


Hear Me Roar | Burn Bright | 22 Mar (pictured)
We've recommended Burn Bright's output before, and indeed, done a Q&A with the organisation's founders Tori Allen Martin and Sarah Henley, which you can read here. Their latest event - 'Hear Me Roar' - is staged to coincide with the anniversary of the start of lockdown life, to reflect on the highs and lows of the last year, and feature work that "shouts in the face of social injustice and champions women facing adversity". Seven new plays will be performed, written by Chantelle Dusette, Gail Egbeson, Sophie Galustian, Tiwa Lade, Lauren-Nicole Mayes, Anna Morris and Pegeen Murphy. It's all rather exciting, see this page here to book your tickets.

The After Dinner Joke | Greenwich Theatre | 15-28 Mar
"A razor-sharp satire on the business of charity, 'The After Dinner Joke' follows Selby, a young woman who quits her secretarial job in a big corporation to pursue her passion for 'doing good'. In her new life as a charity worker she strives to avoid becoming embroiled in political issues - but when money is involved, is that ever really possible?" Directed by James Haddrell, this production of Caryl Churchill's 1978 'Play For Today' is performed by a large cast of recent graduates, allowing them a showcase for their skills during these difficult times for performers. See this page here for more.

Bump | Half Moon Theatre | 20 Mar-1 Apr
Here's one for families, now, but in particular for those about to bring new life into the world. This one-woman show is performed by an expectant mother in the third trimester, and celebrates the diverse experiences of those going through pregnancy: "Meet Inmaculada, seven months pregnant and craving cereal. With friends coming for dinner, will she be ready in time, or will her cherished tango shoes distract her? Follow a comedic, yet heartfelt, day in the life of first-time parents, with clowning, mad-cap physical theatre and tango infused music". See this page here.


Lamplighters | Vault Video Club | 18-21 Mar
When I decided that there'd be two sections of theatrical things in this week's recommendations, I deliberately put these three tips in the same theatrical section together, because none of them are what you'd call traditional theatre experiences. This one because it's interactive, part game, part theatre and part improv comedy: "Neil Connolly, your Spymaster, has lost an agent in the field. There's a mystery to solve, villains to thwart and secrets to be stolen. But he can't do it alone. He needs his spy network. That's where you come in". See this page here for more.

Outside The Box: Hot In Here (A Carbon-neutral Dance Party) | Camden People's Theatre | 21 Mar (pictured)
Another show that's definitely theatrical but also doesn't quite fit inside that box. And actually, it's from Camden People's Theatre's Outside The Box season, so that's quite apt: "The global climate crisis is disproportionately affecting people in the Global South and nearest the equator. 'Hot In Here (A Carbon-neutral Dance Party)' is a multidisciplinary theatre show about climate justice. Led by interviews between young people in Camden and climate advocates across the world, it explores the UK's place in the global climate crisis, and amplifies some of the incredible action taking place to mitigate the crisis. The show's technology is powered by energy generated by the performers' collective bodies, through an energy-harvesting dance-floor". Click here.

Eggstraction | Morpheus | from 20 Mar
You may be aware of theatre company Morpheus, whose online and interactive theatrical experiences have been winning no small amount of acclaim. There are are number of them available to you via their website, for adults and children, but the reason we are drawing your attention to them this week is because they are about to begin a new one, which is suitable for all the family, including younger members aged eight and over. "As a crack team of detectives, you are challenged by the eccentric billionaire Frederick Hampton to test the security at his museum. His challenge, use whatever means possible to break into the building and steal his new treasure, one of the fabulous lost Faberge eggs of the Romanov Empire. Unfortunately you are not the only ones after the prize, the Master Criminal who calls themselves 'The Easter Bunny' is hot on your trail and they will stop at nothing to get the egg. A fabulously funny Easter escapade for families, friends and furry felons". See all available shows here.


Plays For Today | Southwark Playhouse Elders Company
A somewhat eclectic mix for this final section, starting with a nice aural experience for you in the form of six short audio plays. They were commissioned by Southwark Playhouse to be performed by their Elders Company, and when the pandemic hit, the theatre worked with the playwrights to adapt their scripts to suit the aural medium. They were recorded over the summer and released earlier in the year, and now they are all available together to listen to. There's 'Puffins' by Sophie Ellerby, 'Time Lapse' by Stewart Melton, 'Red Tide' by Justina Kehinde, 'Melancholy' by Abraham Adeyemi, 'They Also Serve' by Wendy Buckley and John McRae, and 'How To Kill Your Mother' by Georgia Green. Listen to them here.

Alula: Hyena | Jacksons Lane | 15-22 Mar (pictured)
"Boisterous and wild, 'Hyena' is a synchronised display of sisterhood, strength and power; the culmination of two years research fusing circus, dance and song. These wild women epitomise their truthful fierce friendship and tribal solidarity with this creation of thrilling physical ritual and a heart-wrenching need to belong". One for fans of circus stuff from London based Alula Cyr, renowned for the innovative and experimental approach to their use of the cyr wheel. You can watch it online for a short period this month as part of Jacksons Lane's Women's History Month line-up. See the venue website here.

From Ibiza To The Norfolk Broads | from 21 Mar
Those of you with good memories might recall the stage show of 'From Ibiza To The Norfolk Broads', an homage to, and celebration of, the late David Bowie, first performed around the turn of the century. You may even recall the fact that we interviewed its creator Adrian Berry about a revival back in 2016. If you do, you may well be interested to hear that an audio-book version of the play is launched this week. If you remember none of this, take it from those of us that do, that this is something that will definitely be worth taking the time to listen to, especially if you're a Bowie fan. It will be available via Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and all streaming services as of 21 Mar.
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