It's going to be another unusual Edinburgh Festival this year, with a streamlined programme of in-person events and plenty of online shows in the pipeline. ThreeWeeks will - once again - be covering it all via our website and weekly bulletin.

With August now appearing on the horizon, this is the annual call for performers, producers and companies staging shows as part of the Edinburgh Fringe this year - whether that is in person in Edinburgh itself or online anywhere else in the world - to let us know about what you have planned.

Some COVID restrictions have now lifted in England so we have lots of in-person shows to tip in this bulletin - but plenty of online experiences too, many featuring performers and companies we first enjoyed at the Edinburgh Fringe.


Scaramouche Jones | Wilton's Music Hall | 15-26 Jun (pictured)
Right, loads of theatre this week - most of it real live theatre which you'll be partaking of as a real live audience member - so let's get stuck in, starting with 'Scaramouche Jones' over at Wilton's Music Hall. I've tipped this before, in a recent online staging, I think, and I feel pretty sure most of our readers will be aware of Justin Butcher's hugely acclaimed play, but in case you've managed to somehow never come across it, here's a bit about what to expect: "11pm Millennium Eve: centenarian clown, Scaramouche, breaks fifty years silence to give his final performance charting a bizarre odyssey through crumbling empires, comic misadventures and the 20th Century's darkest episodes, revealing the loves, brutalities, ecstasies and tragedies beneath his seven white masks. As Scaramouche unveils his life, he takes us on an epic, poetic, profoundly moving voyage". Details here.

Shedding A Skin | Soho Theatre | 17 Jun-17 Jul
Full disclosure: although this tip is appearing in a set of recommendations telling you what to see this week, you can't actually see this show this week unless you have already booked a ticket. For yes, all the early dates have sold out. But I thought I would mention it anyway so you can book your tickets (if you don't already have any) this week for a date further on in the run. There are very good reasons why it's selling out quickly, of course: it's because it's ace and people don't want to miss it. It's by Amanda Wilkin, who won Soho Theatre's acclaimed Verity Bargate Award with it, and here's what it's about: "A play about finding kindness in unexpected places. A play about connecting with what our elders can teach us - new skin honouring old skin. A play about joy, healing and protest. And having a good belly laugh". More here.

Psychodrama | Never For Ever | until 3 Jul
This is another show for which tickets are selling like hot cakes (if I remember correctly, extra dates have been added) so again it's a case of get your skates on if you want to go. Written and directed by Matt Wilkinson, and starring Emily Bruni, 'Psychodrama' is a witty and gripping revenge tale focused on an actress in her forties who is being investigated for the murder of an auteur theatre director. "From her initial police interview, through the world of her flat, shop work, auditions, to landing - against all odds - the role of Marion Crane in the director's stage adaptation of Hitchcock's iconic film 'Psycho', 'Psychodrama' is filled with smart takes on what it means to be middle-aged and female in an industry captivated by stardust and beauty". Sounds compelling, huh? Head this way to book your tickets.


Hurricane Michael | Greenwich Theatre | 19-20 Jun
"On the 15th October 1987, the absent-father of all storms was about to vent apocalyptic fury upon the south-east corner of the Kingdom of United. In a televised address to the nation, celebrity weatherman and rising national treasure Michael Fish relays a different forecast. Why did this critically acclaimed winning Titan of meteorology foresee its arrival, but choose to tell a different story? Welcome to this world exclusive. The truth behind the Great Storm of 1987. Is the BBC fit for purpose? You decide!" A funny and lighthearted show that does not require you to have been alive and/or interested in the weather events of 1987. Got to say, as someone who was alive then, I have no recollection of the actual storm. But I do have memories of the Michael Fish related furore that followed. See this page here for more information.

Baby Show | Unicorn Theatre | 15 Jun-4 Jul
One for the kids now. Well, strictly, just for the babies. Unicorn Theatre brings back its hugely popular 'Baby Show' for socially distanced audiences, and I expect tickets will be disappearing quickly. The show has been performed off and on since 2016 and the blurb proudly notes that it's been performed to more than 5000 babies (and their parents obv) during that time. And obviously, because it's for babies, it's a very specific type of show: a sensory performance with captivating images and intriguing sounds that promises to "keep little ones rapt", with a chance at the end for them to play in the performance space. Might depend on the type of baby you have as to whether this works for you, I think: mine was disinclined ever to be kept 'rapt', but you know which kind you have. See this page here for details.

2020: Collection 1 | Tara Theatre | 15-19 Jun (pictured)
"Zoom calls. Trump's America. Online dating. Black Lives Matter. 2020 was the year none of us will forget. Hear intimate stories of love, politics, tragedy, family and even football as the international becomes local in these specially commissioned new works from twelve writers in the UK and around the world". This sounds excellent, twelve plays divided into three collections, each being performed over the next three weeks. This, as established in the title, is the first collection and features 'Love In The Time Of Corona' by Hassan Abdulrazzak, 'Never Been Away' by Shahid Iqbal Khan, 'Backbencher' by Amina Atiq and 'Change' by Erinn Dhesi. Themes and subjects include post-divorce online dating, caring for vulnerable parents, and the experiences of a football fan. Read more about it and book tickets here.


Out Of The Woods: New Plays From The Balkans | Tamasha / Miran Hadžić Productions | from 17 Jun
This is a new audio drama podcast that Tamasha Theatre Company is launching in partnership with Miran Hadžić Productions, the first series of which features four new dramas (performed in English) from or inspired by the region of Kosovo. 'On Kosovo Field' by Fin Kennedy is about two Kosovan-born, Manchester-raised siblings, Dardan and Rebeka, who fled their homeland as unaccompanied child refugees in the 1990s and return home to find out what happened to their parents. 'Fifth Dimension' by Miran Hadžić is a dark satire on a dystopian UK about Tom, a musician caught between two worlds. In quirky comedy 'Nude', by Ulpianë Maloku, a proud middle-aged mother takes her best friend to a landmark exhibition by her artist son Guri, whose painting career is starting to take off, and both women are surprised by what they see. And 'Where Is Mr President?' by Agnesa Mehanolli is another satire in which the president of Kosovo goes missing, and officials find an unlikely candidate to replace him. And you might think that a podcast isn't an 'event' as such and be wondering why it's in an events section. Well, that's because the podcasts are available from 21 Jun, but following a series of listening parties via Zoom, happening as part of Counterpoints Arts' Refugee Week programme. Find out more here.

Windrush Festival | Crystal Palace Park | 19-20 Jun
Well, I've checked the weather forecast for the next few weeks and it's looking generally quite good, which may come as a surprise to you, even despite the fact that it's summer. Who, after all, can truly trust UK weather? Let's keep our fingers crossed for this coming weekend, though, despite the possible threat of a little rain amongst the sunshine. Anyway, I should stop rambling on about weather and get to the point of why I'm talking about it, instead. It's because we are tipping an outdoor event. The Windrush Festival, taking place in Crystal Palace Park on Saturday and Sunday is, as you may well know or have gathered, an event celebrating Windrush history and "the Caribbean generations who became black and British afterwards". The focus is on music, arts, food and culture and elements include a mural display, a range of live performances, food and drink stalls, vintage village and Curlytreats hair expo. Find out more here.

We Cover The Universe | Stratford Circus Arts Centre | 18-19 Jun (pictured)
"We first meet Dot when she's feeling small. She's stuck in a grey room until, one day, she starts to draw and dream. Plucking up the courage to venture out, she encounters a glorious new world of colour. And learns there's more to life than she ever thought". Finally, we have this charming sounding digitally delivered show aimed at children aged five and under and their carers, performed by Rachel Lincoln and Remmie Milner, who guide little ones through simple movement and inventive art-making activities. "With magical music, vibrant visuals and playful poetry that appeals to children and adults alike, 'We Cover The Universe' takes families on a journey together, wherever they are, transforming items and spaces before their eyes". For more information and to book yourself into the Zoom, see this page here.
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