You may well know by now that we here at TW Towers are big fans of Clean Break, a company whose exclusive focus is women and criminal justice, and whose output has been consistently excellent for the past forty years and more.

Their latest production is 'Favour', a drama about a woman leaving prison, written by Ambreen Razia, and co-directed by Sophie Dillon Moniram and Róisín McBrinn, the latter also Joint Artistic Director of Clean Break.

I was keen to find out more about the play and the creative team behind it, so I arranged a chat with co-director Sophie and cast member Renu Brindle (pictured right).

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'Triggered' is on at the Lion & Unicorn Theatre from 20-22 Jun. Find out more about the play on the venue website here.
Here at ThreeWeeks we look forward with anticipation to the arrival at edfringe of new companies and artists each year, and to seeing their early works. That being the case, we always have our eye out for new blood.

One act making her first edfringe appearance this year rather caught my eye because of the theme she'll be covering in her debut hour. That comedian is New Zealand export Alice Brine and her show 'Brinestorm' is partly focused on her own experiences of having ADHD.

I spoke to her to find out more about the show, about how ADHD affects her, and what to expect from her in the future.

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Alice Brine performs 'Brinestorm' at Gilded Balloon Teviot from 3-28 Aug, see the show listing and book tickets here.
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Shows to see in person in London - including performances from people and companies we first discovered at the Edinburgh Festival.


Flamenco Festival | Sadler's Wells | 21 Jun-2 Jul (pictured)
It's summer time and it's the rule that there are lots of festivals in the summer, so let's talk about some of them. Though yes, of course I know that there are festivals all year round, so don't write in! Anyway, let's start with one of my favourite things, flamenco, and a collection of fabulous shows on that theme all taking place at Sadler's Wells and the Lilian Baylis Studio. This festival features work from some of flamenco's biggest names as well as from rising stars of the genre, and involves a variety of classical, contemporary and experimental stuff. And as well as a really exciting line up of performances, there are a number of workshops happening too. Read more about it all here.

96 Festival 2022 | Omnibus Theatre | 26 Jun-17 Jul
Over now to the Omnibus for the line up of theatrical treats in store at their 96 Festival, a "glittering celebration of queerness and theatre under one roof", which includes shows like 'Common People', a piece about love, desire, intimacy and middle age, which sees a hospice resident "dreaming of leather sex" even as his life ebbs away; 'Hell Yeah!', a "supHer group of London's hottest queer improv talent"; and events like 'Tiny LGBTQ+ Shows', which is (as you might have guessed) a thing where artists come together to collaborate on lots of tiny pieces of theatre. But that's just three things from the line up, there's lots more. Head to this page here to read all about it.

Noh Reimagined | King's Place | 24-25 Jun
I think this is maybe more of a season, or a weekend, rather than identifying itself as a festival, but it's certainly a collection of events connected by a theme and so I'd argue that it belongs in this section, even if it's not officially a 'festival'. This, as you'll no doubt have divined from that title, is focused on the Japanese tradition of Noh plays, which can be characterised by a use of masks and elaborate costumes, of music and a chorus, and by stylised movement and depictions of space and time. Of course, there's more to it than that, and I reckon taking in a few of these events might give you the deeper dive understanding of the form that you may well want and need. Oh, and if you book into more than one event, there are discounts to be had. So head this way to find out more and book.


Unfortunate: The Untold Story Of Ursula The Sea Witch | Underbelly Festival (Earls Court) | 21 Jun-16 Jul (pictured)
And now for some musical stuff for fans of entertainment involving music! First up is this critically acclaimed parody musical from Fat Rascal Theatre that's taken the old edfringe by storm in recent times and is now poised to spend the next few weeks wowing London audiences over at the Underbelly Festival. It's another show that possibly needs little more introduction than its title - for yes, it's a show featuring Disney villain Ursula from 'The Little Mermaid' giving her own take on the events that occurred in that story's narrative. "Cruella told her side and Maleficent's had her moment. Now the legendary queer queen is ready to spill, in this tell-all tale of sex, sorcery and suckers". Book your tickets here.

Without | The Vaults | 24-25 Jun
This new musical by Ben Tomalin has been in development since 2019 and was released as a concept album with videos filmed remotely during lockdown. This is the next stage of the project: live performances at The Vaults. It tells the story of a man who has lost everything and is now living on the streets. "Haunted by his past mistakes, he sparks up a friendship with a young runaway. On a journey of talking, fighting, finding old friends and busking on the streets, they tread the line of what it truly means to be without, and how to find a new home". For more information and to book your tickets, head to the venue website right here.

Black Is The Colour Of My Voice | King's Head Theatre | 21 Jun-10 Jul
I feel pretty sure we have tipped this show a lot in recent years when it has turned up at London venues, because it's very much worth tipping, of course. Plus it's by a creative - Apphia Campbell - who we really admire and, in fact, interviewed about this very piece back in 2014. And gosh, that sounds a long time ago, but believe me, this show will never get old. If you haven't previously heard about it, be advised that it's inspired by the life and work of Nina Simone, depicting a character who is a singer and piano prodigy who lives through similar times and experiences to the legendary musician, featuring songs by her along the way. It's at King's Head Theatre for a nice long run of dates, head to the venue website here to sort out your tickets.


Jacqueline Novak: Get On Your Knees | Leicester Square Theatre | 24-26 Jun
And now, time for some comedy, for those of you who need a little laughter in your lives. Or you know, would just like it. And I suspect laughter will be guaranteed at this already acclaimed show by Jacqueline Novak, which is on at Leicester Square Theatre for three nights, and which I further suspect will be perilously close to sold out by the time you read this. "Comedian Jacqueline Novak's 'Get On Your Knees' is the most high-brow show about blow jobs you'll ever see. Novak spins her material on the femininity of the penis and the stoicism of the vulva into an unexpectedly philosophical show that's part feminist outcry, part coming-of-age tale of triumph". Quick, head this way.

Chris McGlade - Forgiveness | Conway Hall | 25 Jun
"Chris's father was murdered in 2011. How do you forgive your father's murderer? Only Chris knows..." The murder of a parent doesn't sound like the best recipe for comedy, but Chris McGlade's show focusing on the shocking killing of his father, and his own journey towards forgiving the perpetrator, has won much acclaim for both its hilarity and its insights. Among the many positive critiques of this show was one from our own reviewer at the edfringe a while back, who described McGlade's performance as both electrifying and moving. For more information and to book tickets, see this page here.

Siblings: Edinburgh Preview | Pleasance Theatre | 24 Jun + 19 Jul (pictured)
"Character comedians and IRL sisters Maddy and Marina Bye are back and physically bigger than ever. Watch clown, physical comedy and relatively high-level acting unfold before your tear-filled eyes. Tears of sadness or laughter? You decide! Prepare for a raucous hour of absurdist sketch comedy from two hot twins (not twins but can be for casting purposes)". This critically acclaimed duo are headed to London's Pleasance Theatre to preview their edfringe offering, which will be on later this summer at the Pleasance in Edinburgh, and we are very much looking forward to it. Expect very good things and head to this page here.


Evelyn | Southwark Playhouse | 26 Jun-16 Jul
And now, for some theatre. Possibly even some very serious theatre. I expect it will all be thought provoking and excellent in any case. Let's begin over at Southwark Playhouse with 'Evelyn' by Tom Ratcliffe, which stars the mighty Rula Lenska and is a story of mob justice in modern Britain - inspired by true events - that looks at the question of when and how justice is really served. "There are a few things that we know about Evelyn: we know what she did, we know that we hate her, and we know that she's still out there. Somewhere. She's just not Evelyn anymore. She could be anyone. Even you". Read more and book your tickets here.

Invisible | Bush Theatre | 27 Jun-16 Jul (pictured)
This sounds rather good, a new commission by Bush Theatre from Nikhil Parmar, who you have probably seen on the telly, who is both the writer and performer of the play. "Meet Zayan, an under-employed actor and over-employed dealer who sees himself as the hapless lead in the sitcom that is his life. Everyone else sees him as lazy, self-centred, and useless - if they even notice him at all. As Zayan attempts to transition from being neglected to being notorious, we see how a man whose brushes with oppression, grief, and the sneaking suspicion that he's become invisible have driven him to the unforgivable". For all the info you need, head to the venue website here.

Samskara | Yard Theatre | 27 Jun-23 Jul
"Four generations of black men are trying to understand themselves in a world that tells them that they have to be strong. They tell their stories, their bodies intertwine, they move for themselves and for one another. Inspired by real-life testimonies, Samskara is an explosive fusion of movement, hip-hop dance and text; an exploration of black masculinity, vulnerability, and the cycles of fatherhood. Moving through joy and suffering, laughter and longing, this soul-baring odyssey by award-winning artist Lanre Malaolu is an ode to what it means to be a black man in Britain today". We've tipped it before and we're tipping it again. Don't miss it this time, head to the venue website here to book your tickets.


Thinking On Sunday: Charged - How the Police Try to Suppress Protest | Conway Hall | 26 Jun
Right, three different events, two of which are theatrical, though this first one is not that. I thought it might be nice to start this section with a visit (possibly a virtual one - this is accessible online as well as in-person) to Conway Hall to do some thinking, and not just because it's Sunday. 'Thinking On Sunday' is of course a strand of events featuring clever people talking about things, and on this occasion the clever people are criminal defence solicitor Matt Foot and award winning documentary maker, writer and lecturer Morag Livingstone, and they'll be talking about government and police overreach when it comes to dissent and protest. Read more and book yourself in here.

The Committee | Drayton Arms Theatre | 26-27 Jun (pictured)
This sounds fun, even if it does carry trigger warnings for mental health and suicide. And that's not me being callous, it's me reading about the plot of this show and thinking it's both amusing and interesting. Here, you read it too and you will see what I mean: "A regular office on a dreary day. 'HR' is insisting on putting new Health & Safety measures in place, 'Marketing' is hungover and 'Records' has lost last night's expenditure file... again. Except this isn't a normal office. This is the committee of 'experts' that reside in the brain of 26 year-old Ben. And they're running the show. 'The Committee' is a black comedy following Ben's struggles to wrestle control from the unruly voices in his head". Head to this page here for all the details.

Girl On An Altar | Kiln Theatre | until 25 Jun
Okay, full disclosure, this is not a short run, as implied by its inclusion in this section. This is, in fact, the final few days of a longer run that began on 19 May, and I am drawing your attention to it now because I want to make sure you don't miss it before it is gone. It's a re-telling written by Marina Carr of the Greek myth of Clytemnestra, and you may already have heard all about it because it's had very positive reviews. "Clytemnestra's world is torn apart when her husband, Agamemnon, sacrifices their daughter for the sake of war. Ten years on from this unthinkable tragedy, the couple are reunited. What follows is a dangerous battle of love, grief and power". Find out more and reserve your seats here.
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