I've long been aware of 'Riot Act' - a verbatim theatre piece written and performed by Alexis Gregory and directed by Rikki Beadle-Blair - and we've tipped both live performances and opportunities to see it digitally in the last couple of years.  

The play, which has toured extensively, features the words - in three separate monologues - of three activists working in different periods of 20th century LGBTQ+ history.

As the latest tour comes to an end, the show heads to London's Crazy Coqs, I spoke to Alexis to find out more about the show, his past career and his plans for the future. 

CLICK HERE to read this Caro Meets interview.

Alexis Gregory performs 'Riot Act' at Crazy Coqs on 25 Jul, see the venue website here for details.
If you are a Fringe regular - or were simply in town in 2018 - you may well remember 'Passionate Machine', a hit show by writer and performer Rosy Carrick that won great acclaim, and even an award.

When I heard that Rosy would be back in Edinburgh this summer, I was keen to hear about her new show.  

Though, even if it didn't come with the pedigree of being by Rosy, 'Musclebound' would have definitely piqued my interest, not least because of its rather personal and somewhat explicit themes. 

But it wasn't just the show I was interested in: Rosy has such an interesting career, as not only does she perform and write plays, she's a poet and translator too. I spoke to her to find out more. 

CLICK HERE to read this Caro Meets interview.

'Musclebound' is on at Assembly Roxy from 3-29 Aug. See the edfringe listing here.
We are now busy planning what shows we'll review at Edinburgh Festival 2022.

We still actually have a few spots to fill on our review team - so if you work in the arts or have experience critiquing comedy, theatre, dance, musicals, cabaret or spoken word - and are planning on being in Edinburgh this August, why not do some reviews?

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We are also busy putting together the ThreeWeeks Preview Guide which will be available to pick up at venues as the Festival gets under way at the start of August.

Taking an ad in the Preview Guide is a really easy and super effective way to get your shows in front of tens of thousands of potential ticket buyers just as they are deciding what productions to see this year.

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Shows to see in person in London - including performances from people and companies we first discovered at the Edinburgh Festival.


Out Of The Wings | Omnibus Theatre | 19-23 Jul (pictured)
Another busy week, with lots of London festival stuff as well as edfringe related stuff on offer, so that means we've got a lot of tipping to do. First up the London festivals and we're headed to Omnibus Theatre for the sixth annual Out Of The Wings festival. If you've not come across it before, it consists of a series of staged readings of work from the Spanish and Portuguese speaking worlds, alongside a number of relevant free workshops. You can buy festival passes to see everything or tickets for individual readings. Head to the venue website here for more information.

IDENTITIES | Dulwich Park | 23-24 Jul
And here's one that's almost kinda a similar thing, well, inasmuch as there's a language connection, for IDENTITIES is a Latin America film festival, now in its second year. There'll be a pop up cinema screening films that challenge current narratives about gender roles, LGBTQ people, immigrants and other communities. As well as this, there will be pre-screening children's activities and post-screening dance workshops, plus regional food stalls so you can get something to eat and drink while you are there. Book your free tickets here.

Liberty Festival | various venues | 22-24 Jul
And another free festival for you, and yet another that's south of the river, it's clearly the place to be this week. This one is being staged in the Lewisham area, with lots happening in Deptford - especially at The Albany - as well as in lots of open air spaces like the High Street and Giffin Square. The festival shines a light on the work of deaf, disabled and neurodiverse artists, and includes comedy, art installations, theatre, walks, dance and workshops. Find out more about everything that's on offer, and plan which things to see, on the We Are Lewisham website here.


Songs & Stories From The Somerville Connexion | Stroud Green Festival | 24 Jul
And on to musical shows. Yet, we haven't quite left that festival theme behind because for our next tip we are focused on an event from the Stroud Green Festival. So, perhaps there is stuff going on north of the river this week after all. This is a really interesting event from Electric Voice Theatre, starring soprano Frances M Lynch, showcasing music by women spanning three centuries - some of it not heard for 200 years - alongside tales of brilliant Victorian women scientists, novelists, artists, philosophers and musicians. Find out more and book your tickets here, and find out about other Stroud Green Festival events here.

Yeast Nation: The Triumph Of Life | Southwark Playhouse | 22 Jul-27 Aug (pictured)
Well, it seems like an odd topic for a musical - I mean, it really is about yeast - but I have no doubt that the creative team - the one previously responsible for the critically acclaimed 'Urinetown'- can pull this off. "It is the year 3,000,458,000 BC. Living deep within the murk is the world's very first life-form. Behold, The Yeasts! With food growing scarce and resources dwindling, The Yeasts are forced to stay true to The Strictures enshrined in law. But when one Yeast decides to break the rules and seek new possibilities, a new emotion changes all they have ever known... love". It sounds pretty unique and rather compelling. Click here.

Little Women | Opera Holland Park | 22, 24, 28, 30 Jul + 3, 5 Aug
We only recommend occasional opera here at TW towers - largely because we prefer generally to seek out stuff happening in smaller venues, and opera is more likely to happen in big venues, and also be rather expensive - but we do like it, and we especially like the idea of seeing it in the park. Anyway, this week's opera tip is for something with a storyline that will be familiar to many, as it's an operatic adaptation of Louisa May Alcott's classic novel. And I think this highly acclaimed work by composer Mark Adamo might be a great stepping stone to the operatic form if you're not already an opera buff. See this page here to book.


The Awkward Silence's Big Break | Hen & Chickens Theatre | 19 Jul
Well, we have reached that stage in the year when you can't move for Edinburgh Festival Fringe previews in London. And I maybe made that sound like a bad thing, but of course I think it's a good thing, because I am a Fringe fan. Let's begin with some comedy and a performance from much acclaimed award winning comedy duo The Awkward Silence with their father and son, um, prison musical. "Louis Voler wants his dad, Mike, out of his life - which is difficult, as Mike's just got them sent to jail. Can Louis navigate life inside without his old man to guide him? Can Mike win back his son's affection before it's too late?" Click here.

Pear | Camden People's Theatre | 22 Jul
"You have a one in 250 chance of being an identical twin, so for Hugo and Patrick McPherson, they started life by being a bit unusual. And that's not all: 6'8″, benders of the truth, and standing at 6'7″, these enormous twins now launch their debut show, 'Pear'." I have to say I am all kinds of excited about the notion of being entertained by giant twins, even serious ones, but I also love funny things, and this pair promise to be funny. Expect a "riotous, absurd and hilarious collection of sketch comedy and wacky characters". Find out more here.

Experiment Human | The Cockpit | 19-20 Jul (pictured)
"Blending dark comedy with the surreal, 'Experiment Human' tells the story of Monkion, a non-human creature, curious to understand the world outside their laboratory in the attic. Having kidnapped the actor Benedict Cumberbatch at the height of his fame to protect him from the media, Monkion sets out to answer the ultimate question: what makes humans happy? Will the experiment succeed this time? What will happen if it doesn't? We'll find out..." If absurd dark stuff is your thing, this may well be the show for you. Find out more here.


Sobriety On The Rocks | Bread & Roses Theatre | 21-23 Jul (pictured)
And now for some edfringe previews from the theatre category. And actually, we're not altogether departing from the theme of comedy because the next two are funny plays, though this first one, a one woman show inspired by real events, is a piece with serious themes. "Is alcoholism a disease or a choice? Or is it both? A battleground with one actor, four characters, and a drunk driving accident involving a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle watch. Can you help an alcoholic who doesn't want to be helped?" For more information and to book tickets, head to the venue website here.

In PurSUEt | King's Head Theatre | 19-20 Jul
Another show about addiction, and obsession, with a definite tragi-comic bent: "'Woman' is sat in a therapist's office. She's been sent there to deal with her drink problem. But she doesn't have a problem and she doesn't need help. She just needs Sue Perkins. They're meant for each other. If only Sue could see that too. But how can she? She's too busy being a celebrity. So 'Woman' sets out in pursuit of her love. From following Sue's every move online - to breaking in backstage at the BBC, there isn't anything she won't do. But can she keep it all together whilst battling her out of control drinking?" See this page here to book tickets.

Surfing The Holyland | Drayton Arms Theatre | 24 Jul
I've just realised that this section could have been titled 'three edfringe one woman show previews', for yes, this final tip of the section is for another solo show featuring a lady. Well, a woman, obv. I just didn't want to say woman twice in one sentence. But now I've said it in two consecutive sentences. Okay, let's forget that and just talk about the show, which is by actor-writer Erin Hunter, and is about Heather, who is bored of her life in Ohio and decides to move to Tel Aviv. Expect "twelve colourful characters, four comedy ukulele songs and one woman searching for her inner chutzpah on a surfboard". Click here for more.


Everything Has Changed | New Diorama Theatre | 24 Jul
And now for some family entertainment, and it couldn't come at a better time, could it? As all the little darlings have been set free from school and need something to do to while away the really large number of hours that make up the summer holiday. This show would have been at home in the previous section - because it's another production that's headed to the old edfringe next month - but first it makes a stop at New Diorama. It's a show about the chaos of the last few years, and about hope for the future, and it's the work of award winning theatre company Rhum + Clay. Read more and book your tickets here.

The Importance Of Being Earnest | Westferry Circus | 24 Jul
This one isn't a children's show especially (as you'll all surely know, because you definitely know about 'Earnest') but it's a fab version of the Wilde classic and is suitable for children over eight. Plus it's being performed outdoors, which is definitely a good thing given all this nice (and one might argue slightly too sunny) weather we've been having lately. This adaptation is a promising energetic two hander, with each performer taking on multiple roles, and it's presented by the excellent HandleBards. It's a free show and is on as part of yet another London festival, Canary Wharf's Festival14. There's loads of other stuff on, of course - music, comedy, cabaret, and more kids' stuff. Find out more and download a programme here.

Professor Slug's House Of Bugs | Crossrail Place Roof Garden | 23 Jul (pictured)
And now for something that kinda continues the outdoorsy theme, in the sense that it's being staged in a roof garden, albeit a kinda covered one. This is another free (but ticketed) production, from The Space theatre, also on as part of the aforementioned Festival14, and is an interactive show involving puppets, song and educational info. "'Professor Slug's House Of Bugs' is a show all about bugs. Professor Slug is an eccentric expert on invertebrates who helps bugs out with their buggy problems - and you can too! Get as strong as an ant! Teach a bee how to buzz! And help a dung beetle make a pooey perfume for its big date..." More info here.


Oh Mother | Soho Theatre | 19 Jul-13 Aug
And now for some more theatre, but not festival related theatre, no no. We're giving that a bit of a break now, so it's time to head over to Soho Theatre for a date with the, um, multi Fringe First winning company RashDash. This isn't part of a festival, though, and it's not on its way to Edinburgh, so there. It's an exploration of having, and being, a mother. "This show is a fever dream made in the heat of the love, the exhaustion and the chaos. It's for our friends, our parents, our partners, our babies and for any of you that are making a family. What a transformative thing it can be to take care of someone else, completely. How it rearranges you. How you might yearn to do it". Click here.

All The Happy Things | Theatre503 | 21-23 Jul (pictured)
"Sienna and Emily are sisters. Complete opposites in every way - hyper organised and super messy, determinedly ambitious and extremely laid back, alive and dead. Sienna is trying to deal with her grief by clinging on tightly to what she knows. In short, she is seeing her dead sister everywhere she goes. Not only seeing her, but having full on conversations with her. How do you truly let go of someone when you imagined they'd be there forever?" Another promising play for your consideration, a dark comedy exploring "the power of black sisterhood and grief", which is by writer and actor Naomi Denny, and was shortlisted for Soho Theatre's Tony Craze Award 2020. All the details are right about here.

It's Always Sunny In Dundee | Golden Goose Theatre | 21-23 Jul
Well, I am pretty sure it's not always sunny in Dundee but I am also pretty sure this is going to be a really interesting piece by actor and writer Mark Rannoch. It's set in the aftermath of the 2018 announcement of the planned closure of the Michelin tyre company in Dundee, which marked the end of an era, and caused the loss of more than 800 jobs. The story is focused on Colin Mackenzie, who is set to lose his job, and his wife Elaine, who is haunted by past misfortunes. "This family is forced to come together to survive, however, it all becomes too much for Colin's wife Elaine as the haunting of past events drives her to the edge". Book tickets here.


Bangers Comedy | Streatham Space Project | 22 Jul
This week's final section is definitely a mixed bag genre wise, and we start with a comedy night at Streatham Space Project which, I have just discovered, is completely sold out (with good reason, obv). Why then, are you telling us that we have missed out, I hear you all cry. Well, it's because this is a show you can catch through the power of the livestream via the platform that is NextUp Comedy, and it's included with your membership if you're already a member, and costs a really quite small amount to access it if you're not a member and want to see just this one show. Anyway, back to why this is sold out already: it's got a great line up comprising 'Britain's Got Talent' finalist Kojo, plus Felicity Ethnic, Andrew Mensah, Victor Daniels and Travis Jay. Click here to watch online.

The West | COLAB Tavern | until 1 Oct (pictured)
Anyone in the mood for something immersive? Because immersive experts COLAB Theatre opened a new show a few days ago and based on their previous form this is surely going to be a goodie. It's a "free roam" experience set in the world of the Old West: "Will you become a gun-slinging outlaw or a law-abiding marshal as you build up your town and battle for control? Turn your hand to classic cowboy tricks to earn your keep; gamble, prospect for gold, catch bandits, rob a bank, and play to win. But beware, for there is a traitor among us. The foes of the wilderness lie not just beyond the boundaries, but within... The Snakebite Bandit roams this saloon and could change your life forever". Info and booking here.

Twisted Tales | Lion & Unicorn Theatre | 22-24 Jul
Well, it's been a bit of a marathon this week, I must say, but here we are at the end, poised to talk about our final tip of the week, and it's for a rather intriguing show. It's a 'platform theatre' piece, which means that the six actors in the play perform within the confined space of a not very large gym mat, as they deliver four folk tales that end with a twist. "'Twisted Tales' relies solely on the actor's arsenal to create props, set, costume, and characterisation to drive the story forward, our series of choreographed movements transport the audience from the cosy fireplace hearth of a woodland cottage to the bloody and violent battle of Wessex". I want to see this. Click here if you do too.
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