The summer may be over, and the edfringe finished, but - as ever - the autumn months bring lots of opportunities to see companies and acts touring their Edinburgh shows. 

One such act - and she's a bit of a TW fave - is Harriet Kemsley, who is headed to Soho Theatre this week to perform 'Honeysuckle Island', a set that touches on the negatives of the beauty industry, as well as finding humour in the latest events of her life. 

To find out more about the show - and the comedian behind it - I spoke to Harriet ahead of her London run.

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Harriet Kemsley performs 'Honeysuckle Island' at Soho Theatre from 13-17 Sep, see the venue website here for info and to book.
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We surveyed Fringe performers, producers and promoters to put together a five-point plan for what you should do next.

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In the next edition of TW Backstage - out next week - we'll be looking at the Comedians' Charter that Equity launched at the start of this year's Edinburgh Fringe.

Plus we'll be asking our guests why now might be the time for the comedy community to organise in a way it hasn't in the past.

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Shows to see in person in London and online - including performances from people and companies we first discovered at the Edinburgh Festival.


Little Angel Theatre's Miniature Travelling Circus | Little Angel Studios | 16 Sep-13 Nov
Well, it's been quite a week for me, and - one could argue - for everyone, given some rather headline-grabbing events. But this coming week is a big one for the three shows in this section, who are all starting longish runs of their rather good productions. Let's start with something for the children, shall we? "George the ringmaster has quite the challenge on their hands. The circus isn't quite what it once was but, even still, George has curated a programme of acts more bedazzling than ever. But first they must make sure all of the acts are ready to razzle-dazzle. Where on earth is Flop? And why is Smelly Dog making all that fuss?" Click here.

Rose | The Park Theatre | 13 Sep-15 Oct
Over now to the Park Theatre for an acclaimed revival of Martin Sherman's 'Rose', starring Maureen Lipman. The play is more than twenty years old now, of course, but still as relevant, with themes that are enduringly important. If you weren't previously aware of the piece, it's a solo show that traces the story of Jewish woman Rose - from the horrors of Nazi-occupied Europe to life in America - and reflects on what it means to be a survivor, blending the personal with the political. "Her remarkable life began in a tiny Ukrainian village, took her to Warsaw's ghettos and a ship called The Exodus, and finally to the boardwalks of Atlantic City, the Arizona canyons and salsa-flavoured nights in Miami beach". See the venue website here.

Clutch | Bush Theatre | 19 Sep-8 Oct (pictured)
"Max is a retired cabbie who now prides himself on being the best driving instructor in Birmingham. Tyler is desperate to escape his suffocating hometown and start a new life in the big city. As Tyler gets to grips with clutch control and the highway code, he and Max find themselves navigating the challenges of manhood and personal regrets. Within the confines of a Vauxhall Corsa, the pair strike up an unlikely friendship they both needed more than they ever knew". This new Bush Theatre commission is by Will Jackson and is described as a "heart-warming story of acceptance", so that sounds nice, doesn't it? For more information and to book your tickets head to the venue website here.


The Noise Next Door's Comedy Lock In | Pleasance Theatre | 15 Sep
You can only see these for one night only, so for goodness sake don't get all complacent thinking you've got loads of chances to see them. Well, to be fair, The Noise Next Door might well do another 'Comedy Lock In' at some point soon, but even if they do, it won't be this exact one, which features special guest stars Laura Lexx and Eshaan Akbar. So, what to expect? Well, if you're not already aware of it, let it be known that The Noise Next Door are a fabulous improv comedy troupe and you can look forward to a lot of fun. "See your favourite stand-up stars dive into a world of ludicrous characters, witty one-liners and explosive physicality… Every show is totally unique and full to the brim with once-in-a-lifetime comedy curiosities". Click here.

Organ Reframed: Anna Von Hausswolff + Abul Mogard + Ipek Gorgun | Union Chapel | 16 Sep
Hmmm. Well, again, you could argue that this kind of isn't a one off, because it's part of a strand - Organ Reframed - and therefore you could, in fact, catch other events that are part of the same programme. But again, you can only see this particular show, featuring these particular musicians, just the once. This is the opening night of the aforementioned strand and features three brand new works composed and performed by Anna Von Hausswolff, Abul Mogard and Ipek Gorgun, which I reckon may well make you feel a bit differently about the organ as an instrument, if you don't love it already. For more information about this event see this page here - and to have a look at the other events in the strand take a look at the listings here.

Empty Orchestra | The Place | 13 Sep (pictured)
Now, this might sound like another music event - and in some ways it is - but, as you might expect from a show on at The Place, it's all about the movement. It's choreographed by Lewys Holt, whose work, while focusing on dance, also spans comedy, visual arts and devised theatre. "Three dancers perform their favourite karaoke hits. As each dancer takes their turn at the mic, the remaining two take to the space, becoming backing dancers, lip-syncing and encouraging each other into the spotlight. Through the revealing act of singing, 'Empty Orchestra' creates a safe space to embrace both the wild, diva-like highs and deep, uncomfortable feelings of cringe inherent to karaoke". More here.


For A Palestinian | Camden People's Theatre | 13 Sep-1 Oct (pictured)
Yay, more theatre, and it's all high quality stuff. To begin with, let's head over to the lovely Camden People's Theatre for 'For A Palestinian', a show by WoLab, the company who also brought us 'Rainer' and 'Eng-Er-Land'. "Bilal has always been obsessed with love stories. Here he tells you his favourite: the true story of Palestinian translator Wa'el Zuaiter. Join Bilal as he ventures through the orange groves of Jaffa, Rome's piazzas and the Duty-Free aisles of Luton Airport, piecing together this untold story, and asking what it means to be a Palestinian in the West". For more information and to book your tickets head to the venue website here.

Mary & Mietek | The Space/livestream | 13-17 Sep
"After discovering his grandparents' old love letters, Ben makes a last attempt to secure the future of his relationship with Alma. Separated by borders, Brexit and their own uncertainty, they come together for what might be the last time, to discover the love letters of Ben's grandparents, from World War II". Based on letters exchanged between a real life couple, 'Mary & Mietek' explores past and present relationships and their parallels in a piece "filled with hopeful romance, exploring how separation by distance and in culture can either divide, or bring us together". And this is one of those shows you can see via livestream too - on 15 Sep - which is a bonus for those who can't make it in-person. Click here for the in-person show and here for the livestream.

Salt | Theatre503 | 13-17 Sep
And now let's be moving onto Theatre503 for a play about a water crisis, which was shortlisted for the venue's 2020 International Playwriting Award. "Save London, one drop at a time: Lewisham MP Alan Powell is the paragon of virtue, fighting to save the city in the midst of a water emergency and political storm. But when Alan dies unexpectedly, his three daughters (Rhu, Tess and Eve) must deal with his loss, legacy and the ever mounting London water shortage. When their father's murderer is found, the truth begins to leak and a conspiracy grows. Will this family stay together as the world around them changes?" See the venue website here to find out more.


Siblings: Siblage | Soho Theatre | 14-17 Sep (pictured)
Hurrah, more shows. And we are starting with some comedy that was on at the old edfringe this summer, and I heard it was pretty good and sold out and stuff. "Put your pens down, loosen your ties and join Marina and Maddy Bye as head girls (and everyone else) in Siblage High, the school of talented siblings. Expect sketch comedy, clown and relatively high-level acting. Let these strange and out of control women bring gentle tears to your eyes. Will those salty balls of water escaping your face be from sadness or laughter? You decide! Strap in and hold tight, it's one hell of a ride". More here.

The Benefits Of Disabled Sex | King's Head Theatre | 13-17 Sep
Another theatrical thing for you now over at the King's Head Theatre, and it's one with rather an interesting title. It's also semi-autobiographical, a one man show written and performed by Sonny Howes which promises to explore disability, youth, crotches and crutches: "In 2012, boy lost the use of his legs but that's the least of his worries. His school crush doesn't know his name, his mum won't stop shouting and he still can't afford a prostitute. Boy is ready to talk about it all. From walking to wanking, girls to god, nothing is off limits. This is the truth, his truth - apart from the bits that aren't". For all the details and to book your tickets click on this link here.

Abigail | Etcetera Theatre | 14-15 Sep
"A man in his forties and a woman in her twenties meet on a trip to Berlin. Across a fractured timeline where past and present collide, the story of their relationship, their love and their struggle unravels". Our final tip for this week is yet another bit of theatre. And of course we are not remorseful, we love theatre and exist to tell you about it. Here we have a production of award winning playwright Fiona Doyle's 2017 play 'Abigail', directed by Mandi Chermak, offering an intimate staging of the piece which "presents the fractured timeline of a romance and the stark differences between a couple in crisis". For more information and to book, head to this page here.
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